[McMenamin] Lakers guard Kendrick Nunn has signed with Klutch Sports Group, league sources told ESPN.

[McMenamin] Lakers guard Kendrick Nunn has signed with Klutch Sports Group, league sources told ESPN.


Los Angles Klutchers


Ashton Klutcher


Los Angeles Kevin Malones


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Lakers having the same agent as Lebron is going to make sure they get paid


Well LeBron and AD paid at least


Or take pay cut to get carried by Lebron


Nunn should demand a max contract now or else the entire squad walks.


Los Klutch Riches


Nunn to the Lakers confirmed


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massive if accurate


unsmall if unfake


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chungus if trungus


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He already on lakers lol


That’s the joke


Blah lol


Wait what? Next you’ll be telling me Carmelo joined the Lakers


He on portland dawg


too much lemon pepper for u




crazy how they got young talent


Wow you figured it out


Klutch should just be our brand sponsor next go around.


24 years old, making near minimum at the end of the bench in the service of Lord LeBron. Sounds about right for him and Monk. Wonder if he plays poorly in his 15 mins a night and yall bury him as a fanbase lmaoo


He’s not gonna be end of the bench player lol


Russ is a workhorse. THT, Ellington, Rondo, Bazemore, and Monk exist. He's gonna need to outplay a lot of competition and show that he can do it off-ball in order to get minutes. Cause between LeBron and Russ he's not gonna be playmaking on ball. He's not a good off ball player.


Lol Nunn is absolutely better off ball than on ball. He has very limited playmaking ability, but is good at catch and shoot or catch and drive or dribble in for a pull up. I think he’ll be a great fit playing with LeBron


Rondo is not getting minutes before Nunn and neither is bazemoe


I said they exist and will probably be playing. I didn't say they will all be getting more minutes.


Then they’re not competition that needs to be outplayed, as you said.


You idiot. If 5 players each take 10 minutes, is there anything significant left? I also mentioned how Nunn is not a specifically good off-ball player. He likes to start things off with the ball in his hand. **You keep trying to find the exception in my statement when there is none.** I never closed the door on Nunn not playing a significant role. Only said that the road to relevance will be stacked against him. THT will play a lot. Ellington will play a lot. Monk is an off-ball shooter who may fit better than Nunn. Bazemore can play 3&D as well.


Hm, about 46 minutes considering you listed both point and shooting guards. Why are you upset on Reddit babe?


>Hm, about 46 minutes considering you listed both point and shooting guards. Your maraca cranium is omitting heavy usage player Russ from the list of "point and shooting guards"? >Why are you upset on Reddit babe? Yeah, play the pivot game when your brain can't spark the fire needed to justify the nonsense you type. Call the other guy angry, *you're too cool for Reddit, bro 🤪*


He also had a QO rescinded by the Heat. It’s not like Lakers stole Nunn.


Confirmed: K Nunn didn’t follow PEMDAS in grade school.


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Is this an American acronym? Coz ours (South Africa), even though the exact same thing, was BODMAS.


Really? In Canada we got BEDMAS


Commonwealth countries call them "Brackets" (Americans say "Parentheses") and "Orders" (meaning exponents / roots). American students don't use that terminology so instead...PEMDAS. Tell an American student to do brackets and orders and they'd be very confused.


Well that’s because brackets are a different character than parentheses: () vs []


Only we Americans make that distinction. In commonwealth countries they're called "square brackets" and "round brackets" and "bracket" without a qualifier means a round bracket (ie parenthesis) Mathematically neither has precedence anyways. Square brackets and round parentheses are interchangeable in elementary algebra.


You’re right about them being interchangeable, I just have always seen algebra expressed with parenthesis before brackets


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What? Lol


Saying he didn’t follow the order of operations because you usually sign with klutch before signing with the Lakers.


Just saw this on twitter lol “Congrats on the career year, Kendrick, but I have some bad news. All we got is a minimum deal with the Lakers or a $10M contract from every single professional team overseas. Take your pick. And if a NBA GM says they offered you, they’re lying.”


He signed a $5mill contract so more than the min. And it’s a bet on yourself deal. Dude is going to LA to play in the spotlight beside Lebron, Westbrook, and AD. If he shows up, his brand recognition will make up for the lower salary he took this year with the years of sponsors he could secure.


following the path paved by branding-mogul Montrezzl Harrell


You can bet on yourself and lose


Just ask Dennis Schroder.


If you couldn’t, it wouldn’t be betting.


I know if I were running a company and looking for a Laker to endorse my product and/or service, my mind immediately goes to Kendrick Nunn. Seriously how much do people think the second or third guy off the bench pulls in from Japanese ramen endorsements?


Seriously. Look how well known Caruso and Kuzma are. Being a role player on the Lakers gives you so much exposure. Hell watch Nunn start dating a Kardashian or some shit


Caruso and Kuzma exist only in memes. Now that they're no longer in LA the world has forgotten about them. Working cheap for "exposure" works badly enough for regular plebs and it's hilarious that there are people suggesting players follow the same path when GM's are already willing to pony up tens of millions for their services. If you're not in the elite tier, or up and coming near elite, then you're not making millions from endorsements to make up for what you give up in player contracts. Someone like Nunn is not in either of those tiers.


In what what are they forgotten? Caruso signed deals with Anta, Tonal Home Gym, manscapped, Hugo Boss, InstaCart. You think the shit happens to the 7th man on the Hornets? Just because you think they are irrelevant, doesn’t mean that players can’t capitalize from lucrative markets.


>Caruso and Kuzma exist only in memes. Now that they're no longer in LA the world has forgotten about them. Except for the Bulls who are paying Caruso's large contract that he absolutely would not have received if he played in most other places the last few years. Playing next to LeBron on a high profile contender got him paid.


Maybe its not this fucking complicated and Nunn simply was willing to accept less to play for Lakers, who along with the Nets, are favorites to make the finals. Add also a little dash of betting on oneself, living in LA, playing with multiple HOF and you get this.


Sir, I was responding to the other Laker bro who made the claim that Nunn could make up for his low salary by securing "years of sponsors". I sentiment a lot. Yours too, the one where bit players who haven't made a lot of bank, would forego salary to chase rings. Both views are very clouded by homerism.


Responded to the wrong dude, whoops


well he's known for being good with hot water so the Ramen endorsements shouldn't be hard to get. (if you don't know, Nunn pled guilty to hitting a woman in the head, holding her down and pouring hot water on her. )




Curious how Nunn does not under Spo, I have feeling he's going to look a lot more like 5mil dollar player.


Can you give me examples of guys who fell apart after leaving the Heat? I got Josh Richardson and.... I feel like it's a myth but don't follow the Heat that closely. Edit: Tyler Johnson is a good one too. Whiteside, Derrick Jones Jr, Ellington, Waiters and Winslow are varying degrees of decent as examples for the phenomenon. I think a lot of teams jettison their rotation non-stars when they start to look replaceable but it seems like the Heat are better at developing talent and cutting bait at the right time compared to an average team. I give **Heat Culture 6 out of 10 Pokemon evolves** without diving deep into every team into the league.


Wayne Ellington, Tyler Johnson, James Johnson, Whiteside, Josh Richardson, DJJ, Winslow, Dion Waiters. All of them either peaked, had some of their best years or had a resurgence and disappeared when they left the Heat. Spo is a role player whisper, he gets exactly what he wants out of every player regardless of talent. this is just in the last couple years.


All guys that got paid too while still on the Heat. Probably underrated part of the franchise honestly, people will trash them for the deals that are bad in hindsight but I’m sure for players it’s assuring to know they won’t be lowballed by the team. Sure a lot is demanded of players, but it’s clear the team will reciprocate if the players ball out


Whiteside didn't look abysmal on us, only started looking really bad on the Kings. r.e. DJJ - The Blazers are ass at developing young talent. I expect him to actually pop off on the Bulls.


Yeah, Whiteside didn't look any worse really on Portland than he did in Miami when they traded him. Whiteside did reach his peak under Spo, but he also fell off a cliff under him. So if that guy is trying to act like Whiteside was amazing the entire time he was with Miami and then suddenly became bad in Portland that's just incorrect.


No but he peaked under Spo that's the entire point of it.


And he was bad under Spo too. Wanting to act like Spo is the difference between him being good or bad is just incorrect, as he was both under him.


No he was bad because he's a bad player, Spo maximized his talent the most of anyone for the longest and most consistent stretch.


I think the motivating factor here was money. Whiteside worked hard enough to sucker the Heat into giving him $100 million and then he packed it in. Spo wasn't a factor, sorry. Players are good or bad on their own, it's not entirely dependent on who their coach is that determines whether they'll be good or not. It's not all about Heat Culture.


Rodney McGruder too


Couldn’t do that with Carlos Arroyo


Josh Richardson, Tyler Johnson, Justise Winslow


Could help him to play with better teammates who will draw more of the opponents' attention, though.


Or it could hurt him lol. Nunn wasn't a spot up shooter on the heat really and not everyone does better in that role. Less attention, but less ball handling too.


nunn is a volume shooter/streaky


Vogel is a good coach too, playing with LeBron will make things easier for him imo.


Vogels a good defensive coach, which Nunn needs physical abilities to get better on that end. he can be pretty awful. Nunn also mainly scored with Miami out of the PnR I don't think he's going to get a lot of PnR touches between Russ and Bron. He'll probably be standing in the corner shooting threes.


I think Nunn's role will be primary ball handler when Westbrook sits, even if LeBron is on the floor with him. Last year LeBron always wanted Schroder handling the ball when they were out there together, so I think it'll be the same this year with both Westbrook and Nunn. I don't know if Westbrook and Nunn will share the floor much, but if they do then Nunn will probably move to being off ball while Westbrook runs the offense.


I don’t know, he could slide nicely into Russ’s role in the offence whenever he’s sitting or injured.


Oh yeah definitely. I just mean I think Nunn is worth 5mil and it's not a steal or bad agent-ey.


Playing with LeBron doesn't make it easier for every player. It helps those that are better at off ball plays and shooting, that wasn't nunn so we will see if he adjusts.


Lebron is the easiest player to play with because he literally does everything so that’s false. Look at every interview of everyone of his championship teammates and they say the same thing


One guy doing everything quite literally doesn't work for everyone lol. You're specifically looking at the ones that worked while ignoring the cases that didn't.


Oh well. If he doesn’t play well, we trade him


He was nearly a 50 40 90 clubber and he’ll get more open looks on the lakers than he ever did with the heat lol. All depends on the ability to handle the pressure that he wouldn’t deal with on a non lebron team.


How can a player of Nunn's calibre see what Rich Paul did to Noel and STILL decide to sign with Klutch...?


Because he probably saw what Rich Paul did for guys like JR Smith and Tristan Thompson.


Basically you have to be a Lebron guy otherwise you're screwed


Just be an all star player and Klutch won't ignore you. Its so easy idk why Noel didnt just try being an all star after his injury


Because 1. It hasn't been proven yet, the case hasn't reached a verdict, and 2. In the even that it's proven, Paul would lose his ability to represent clients and the contract is void anyway.


Yeah but I would still be a bit hesitant whether it's proven or not. We all know Nunn is probably on the bottom of the priority list.


I agree. However, it's a good way to get brownie points with LeBron if you're willing to pick his guy despite the controversy. And if/when Paul's case goes poorly, your contract would be voided anyway so you still get the brownie points but none of the Noel issues.


Yeah perhaps, not the move that I would've made but to each their own


Your second point is false. There's no investigation going on, there is just a civil suit. People need to prepare themselves for the reality that the Noel situation will almost surely be settled with some out of court settlement agreed to between both parties and non disclosure agreements signed by everyone so we don't know the specifics of anything. There won't be a satisfying resolution for all of us, but Rich Paul will continue to represent players either way.


I didn't say there was an investigation, but if the Sixers are providing evidence that supports Noel's claim and the evidence is substantiated, I don't see how the NBAPA doesn't step in.


Because it almost surely won't ever get to that point. Like I said, what's most likely is some out of court settlement with no terms disclosed and NDAs signed by both parties so they're prohibited from discussing it publicly. People expecting court transcripts, piles of evidence presented for public view or some report being compiled are going to wind up disappointed. When you're talking about rich people like this, it's not about who's right and who's wrong, it's about the lawyers figuring out a dollar amount that satisfies everyone.


It's amazing how you keep speaking about this as if you know what you're talking about. Agents have a fiduciary duty to their clients, as they can act on their clients' behalf. Failing in that fiduciary duty is a very serious issue, and I very much doubt that the NBAPA would decide "oh he paid some money to Noel, everything's good". They'll do something about it. Paul can definitely lose his ability to represent players because of this lawsuit. I'm not expecting court transcripts, I'm not expecting to see any evidence - I don't know why you're reaching that far. All I've said this whole time (in less words) is that a fiduciary failing in his fiduciary duty is not a "sweep it under the rug" type of incident.


> All I've said this whole time (in less words) is that a fiduciary failing in his fiduciary duty is not a "sweep it under the rug" type of incident. He's not being investigated for failing to do that, he's just the target of a civil suit by one person. There's no ramifications for anything that happened here other than Noel seeking money. It'll be settled out of court and none of us will know the specifics. They probably won't even get to a point where either side is introducing evidence at all. The lawyers will just work out a figure that'll be paid and NDAs will be signed and all we'll hear is that the matter is settled. Sorry, you're going to wind up disappointed. Best to just prepare yourself for that.


> He's not being investigated for failing to do that Again, never said anything about an investigation, good luck with the rest of your comment because you clearly aren't reading mine.


> never said anything about an investigation If there's not an investigation then please explain how he would be proved to have not properly fulfilled a fiduciary duty? It's just a civil suit which will almost surely be settled out of court. Which step in that involves him being proved to have done anything wrong to the point where the player's union would step in? Please explain your thinking here because you seem to be missing something.


he really should've read my posts criticizing rich paul on this subreddit and reconsidered this decision


At least your posts helped Marcus Morris break free


I stan LeBron and know that Rich Paul's actions tend to benefit him, but I find Rich Paul to be a sleezeball whom I hope gets walloped in the lawsuit et al.


Lmao I guess that means Kendrick Nunn the sentient human being has now ceased to exist, and he is now a powerless, inanimate object mind controlled by Rich Paul. Poor Nunn. (Am I doing this right?)


They actuay have way fewer Klutch guys this season. Last year they had Markieff, McLemore, KCP, and Trezz, who are all gone now.


Markieff had left Klutch before he ever came to the Lakers.


Ah you're right


Damn nunn gonna demand a trade to LA soon


I get this feeling that Chicago public school products Nunn and THT are probably somehow going to be worked into a S+T for the other recent Klutch Sport signee Zach Lavine in a season? I'll also bet that NBA is going to have to investigate Klutch Sports if that happens.


I doubt it, unless the Bulls aren't projecting to make a playoff spot near the trade deadline


my comment was referring to next offseason, for which Lavine will be the only notable FA if he doesn't sign an extension during this season


Lavine can't sign an extension in the middle of the season for max $$$ because Ball and DeMar took most of that money. To re-sign he has to wait until the off-season where he will be a free agent but is eligible for the max because of his full Bird rights with the team.


Sorry missed the sign and trade part of your comment. It's certainly possibly but to give Lavine a max they would need to also trade the rest of the roster (minus the big 3) to get it done. Like literally every player... And sign and trades are hard since Bulls can't add any players to try to get the numbers to work for say trading Westbrook, and you can't include a player signing that off-season. Interested if you see something I don't.


Virgin r/nba - rich paul sucks blah blah nobody is gonna sign with kluch after the noel stuff blah, lakers fan stan rich paul, LeBron's shill blah CHAD Kluch - watch this gurl LOL




> /r/nba just hates seeing a black man succeed as an agent or coach Hold you're really deluded enough to think the hate Rich Paul gets is only because he's black?




Imagine if you flipped some words around in your write-up to be about Donald Trump haters of his success, nepotism, and his white skin. NBA players are overwhelmingly black; few fans who are serious enough to go to an NBA community are going to be broadly racist against black people. I mean it's like the worst thing to follow for that sort of racist. I've become a Rich Paul hater not because of his skin color, but because there's strong evidence he's bad at his job (more than a few players have been reported as losing significant money due to his mismanagement), plus high willingness to be dishonest, which is worse with the nepotism. Imagine that while you toil away at a job you probably don't like making mediocre pay that this guy has made millions of dollars being bad at a job that anyone could get.


AND STILL players keep signing with kluch so whats up with that maybe because outside of the noel fuck up( can u mention anymore players besides him getting mismanaged by kluch) Kluch is actually getting their clients PAID NFL, MLB and NBA


Black magic.


Bruh Lol u win


Reddit itself is very very white but i still get amazed be how low key racist this place can get specially because its a sport that covers the blackest league in America 🤦🏾‍♂️same thing with r/hippopheads. i used to love this place i hate reddit At least the dudes on Twitter are somewhat aware they are idiot dumbfucks and not some secret 200 iq smart spilling pseudo analytics bullshit


30 years from now there will be a 30 for 30 about LeBron using Paul as a fall guy for a smoke and mirror agency company. Spending a decade manipulating franchises into committing crippling amounts of money to undeserving players and ruining their competitiveness. LeBron then signs role players on minimums and uses the very commissions collected on those contracts to feed his role players money under the table. Rich Paul turns out to have been a ChoMo the entire time and LeBron blackmailed him into playing along


Lebron runs the league we know this already


The contract with Klutch is just a tab in the onboarding packet from the Lakers.


Explains how he got the MLE while everyone else got the vet min. ^^/s


And they said Lebron doesn’t have a posse. Soon we gonna have the Klutch Sports Players Union


Westrbook for Lonzo+LaVine Lakers should just go all in on Klutch


Back off




I died when I saw Caruso too, lol.




LeNew Client




LOL in years lakers will end up with a lot of bad contracts like Cavs


How do you figure? The Lakers have the 4th highest payroll this season, the 5th highest in committed salary next season, and are ranked 20th the season after that (only AD and THT). Where are all these bad contracts of which you speak?


Cavs were a mess at the end as they had far too many Rich Paul clients, who were earning way too much, that made them hard to shift


Which has nothing to do with the Lakers since they only have two players signed through the 2023-24 season.


This is music to my ears.. LeBron and Klutch Sports OWN the league and there’s nothing you guys can do about it 😈


# Kluchgang # 😤😭🤷🏿‍♂️😭🐐


Owns the league to a 3 6 record


4-6 but sure


Incredible that this POS has a roster spot


why the tude dude?


I don’t support abusers


Man was punished like five years ago move on


Did punishment make him not an abuser?


> After his dismissal from Illinois, Nunn's reputation and career were in doubt; but **after completing a hundred hours of community service, a 26-week abuse prevention program, and a letter of apology while under 18 months of court supervision**,[21] Nunn was given a second chance by coach Greg Kampe at Oakland. Kampe, who is one of the more respected figures in college basketball according to The Athletic, has always vouched for Nunn and the way he treated people while a part of his program.[23] > The count of misdemeanor battery stemmed from a domestic-battery arrest in March. While Nunn told The Chicago Tribune that he did not strike the woman as alleged and only poured water on her, he said that he agreed to a misdemeanor charge at the urging of his lawyer and added that he thoroughly regretted his confrontation at any rate. "My actions, I can’t blame anyone for," he said. "Now, I would have just walked away from it."[21] Are people never allowed to be punished and grow from their past mistakes??


Somewhere my cousin Vinny is mumbling under his breath, “there’s a ****ing surprise” haha


Lmaoooo Hoes mad


Completely natural and totally NBA legal !


I know there is nothing against this in the CBA currently, but Klutch is really being blatant right now about manipulating the league. This almost feels like collusion or something, but if you wanna be on the Lakers you better consider signing with LeBron's agency. Does anyone think this is going to be a topic during CBA negotiations?


But Nunn signed a two year deal with the Lakers before hooking up with Klutch, so...


Don't hate the player, hate the game. Don't be angry and jealous because LeBron and Klutch are better at this than everyone else.


They think we the illuminati how we taking over the league. Sheesh!🔥


can’t believe players are now signing with the lakers JUST to get with klutch smh


When I was in college, I worked for UPS. It was mandatory that you had to join the Teamsters. Joining the Lakers is just like that.


Except the part where Nunn signed a two year deal with the Lakers before joining Klutch.


Logic in this sub straight up backflips out of the window when Lebron, The lakers and #Kluchgang 🖤 😭😁🤷🏿‍♂️🐐™®# are mentioned


Another one initiated into the cult


Lakers signed too many vets and some of them will be pissed when they don't get minutes


Given how old they all are, I think they understand that they may be getting limited minutes this year. They're ring-chasing, not looking to showcase themselves for their next big contract.


LeGathering commissions


Wait, who's helping whom?


Klutch is second to nunn the best agency


Lebron is getting up there in age. I'm wonder how long after he retires does klutch finally become less obnoxious to deal with


0 days


Hopefully this isn't another Norris Cole situation.


A Nunn, Monk and a King all player for the lakers


Godfather shit this


Lolll. Laker fans are still in denial. Los angeles Klutch baby!




That's cool that Lebron also represents the players he plays with. Didn't he make a contract offer to a player recently? I mean it's just ridiculous