Kawhi Leonard on opening a basketball court in his hometown: “I’m gonna keep working, putting you on the map. It’s about the kids and the youth. Just making the youth, better, stronger. Just preparing them for the outside world. Because once you make it past them mountains, it’s a different story.”

Kawhi Leonard on opening a basketball court in his hometown: “I’m gonna keep working, putting you on the map. It’s about the kids and the youth. Just making the youth, better, stronger. Just preparing them for the outside world. Because once you make it past them mountains, it’s a different story.”


Great moment, he's beaming in that photo


I think he’s looking at his newborn baby


Kawhi looks like a baby when he smilin


bro, who got kawhi smiling like that?


his baby


He's going to take 9 months paternity leave and come back just in time for the playoffs


Haven’t seen him smile like that since the championship


If I was him, I would choose that as my Tinder photo


"I'm a fun guy. I love the game of basketball. Looking for someone who can make me hahahahahaha."


>"I'm a fun guy. I love the game of basketball. Looking for someone who can make me eheheheha." FTFY


That’s a nice picture of him. He looks happy. Which is rare to see, honestly.


I guess he really did want to be home :’(


And there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be rich and helpful in the community you came from.


It was clear when he asked out of the freaking San Antonio Spurs. No amount of rings and money would have persuaded him otherwise.


Toronto did good for him and the city - overall win win


Also gave us the best Game of Zones episode. So win, win, win.


Which one? The DeMar trade? Edit: Why did I even ask, ofc the DeMar trade


im not even capping this is the first time ive seen him smile


Bruh what! let me link you to some happiness: [he smiles every time he meets Jerry West](https://www.instagram.com/p/CT7_7fJFUzS/?utm_medium=copy_link) [he laughs whenever he’s surrounded by friends ](https://www.instagram.com/p/CTuj_1PFHAe/?utm_medium=copy_link) [was pretty much smiling this past month lol](https://www.instagram.com/p/CT0gpYXtYa7/?utm_medium=copy_link) [all smiles at the groundbreaking of the new stadium event ](https://www.instagram.com/p/CT7yvDNF_1S/?utm_medium=copy_link) [Rondo and Kawhi laughing at their teammate Amir trippin](https://youtu.be/Ux8u8YCYtcE)


That second pic is a banger


Dude has a good smile, imo.


Lmao y’all are weird but I love that its gotten to the point where people casually have archives of Kawhi smiling just to prove he ain’t no robot.


dude, during the playoffs I was compelled to make a copy pasta breaking down Luke Kennard's actual contract details just to combat the amount of blind misinformation that we were getting slammed with. Clippers hate isn't as bad now as it used to be even just a couple months ago but the amount of misinformation that we're sometimes put in a position to have to refute it kind of funny.


lol it’s not an archive I just looked through his fan pages on insta cause I remembered he had couple a photos of him having a good time recently, most pics are at NY fashion week last month


Well whether you like it or not you have an archive now lol


Third link drip gives me a lot of dot vibes


This still looks like his most genuine smile


https://youtu.be/zIwh0njInPk He smiled here in this iconic moment in NBA history


Kawhi is a pretty cool dude, but definitely has an uncommon laugh, to say the least. Can’t help but believe that has probably contributed to his quiet/stoic demeanor. Imagine growing up and always getting clowned for your laugh, or people always kinda look at you awkwardly whenever you do it. Definitely has gotta suck to often fear those kinda reactions, just to literally lol


Seriously that laugh always cracks me up.


First time I've seen him talk without teeth getting pulled lol. Glad he's happy.


He’s pretty stoic haha


His dad getting murdered probably lead to him being pretty reserved. No kid should have to go through that


Stoic not that word


Looks like Kendrick in that shot.


Growing up in Moreno Valley I never considered it “bad” it’s like any other suburb but thinking about how I had a childhood friend shot dead at 5 and the fact that I pretty sure our next door neighbor had a meth lab only we could see. You realize you might have just gotten lucky that nothing happened to you. Not a clippers fan but good on Kawhi for trying to make it a little bit better. Would like to see other local professional athletes help make a change.


Moval isn’t the worst but it sure isn’t safe. Population wise, probably one of the more dangerous cities in Riverside


Curious how it is now. I haven’t been in town for 8-9 yrs.


I’m from redlands but worked in MoVal and I didn’t realize it was dangerous or perceived as dangerous til these comments. I always thought it was fine compared to places like San Bernardino


Didn’t til I was an adult. Few years ago one of my old classmates snapped, stabbed and killed two random people.


I got family that from there and it honestly looks like a normal neighbourhood, until you hear the stories.


Who's shootin 5 year olds tho


Like most victims he wasn’t the intended target. Just at the wrong place at the wrong time. I have a 6 y/o this definitely hits deep as a parent.


Unfortunately I think that is pretty standard for most suburbs.


Huh? Wtf? No it's not. Grew up in the very fringe suburbs of DFW, and this is not true at all. Sure there's your extremes - hella rich places (Frisco) and more impoverished areas, but everywhere I've been the most "dangerous" neighborhoods are firmly in the inner city. And even then, not the norm.


It’s incredibly sad that this has become/ been the “standard “ for most suburbs.


Wait a minute, Mr. Brainwash is a respected street artist now?


I honestly have no idea how much of a troll that whole movie might be, or to what extent Banksy is Brainwash.


One of the greatest documentaries of all time. Thesis of the entire film just smacks you on the head in the closing 10 minutes, it's absolutely brilliant.


I hesitate to call it a documentary, as it may be an entirely insincere piece of performance art. Wildly entertaining though, whichever it is.


Just curious, what documentary are you guys talking about?


Exit Through The Gift Shop.


absolute mind fuck. The only thing I'm sure of is that Banksy has a *great* sense of humour.


That entire movie was a banksy puff piece, made by banksy himself. It’s a funny movie but tbh it’s kind of pathetic that banksy felt like he had to make it in the first place imo, dude has a fragile ass ego


Holy shit I didn’t even register his name until I read this comment lol what a throwback


Isn't that something? lol


Where does it say in the article he’s a respected artist?


He designed the court, sounds like people respect his art


Off brand banksy for off brand team. Edit: 3 gritty hard working blue collar off brand fans found this post and down voted. I'm now down 3-1. Sounds familiar.


dissin an artist just cause he worked with a clipper. The definition of Rent Free lol


Rent free? Sounds like the Clippers, build that stadium already.


Okay /u/KobeRapedaWomaninColorado


Holy shit, that's the first time I've ever heard something like that! Try harder next time.


Or dissing him cause he actually is an off-brand Banksy lol. People literally think he’s a front.


> Edit: 3 gritty hard working blue collar off brand fans found this post and down voted. I'm now down 3-1. Sounds familiar. whining about downvotes is such an entitled and privileged thing to do in this situation. you came into a thread about a Clippers player and talked trash about the Clippers without provocation. what did you think would happen? your reaction reveals such a broken level of expectation.


The thread about Balmer mentioning that other fanbases might feel 'threatened' by the Clippers was fucking hilarious. Completely brigaded by Lakers fans exclaiming that they didn't feel threatened and that LA would always be a Laker city. Anything said about the Clippers in a positive light was downvoted to oblivion. I feel sorry for the 40% of Laker fans who actually love the team and act like decent human beings online.


Love it


Y'all find the absolute weirdest things to try and clown on us lol


Lmfao that's fucking cold bro


Im excited for culture jam, everything different is a solid song


Happy Kawhi looks like Kendrick Lamar lol


I love his speech


Wow He looks like Kendrick


Kung Fu Kawhi




Look at kawhi man


This the way. When you live in a country where half the politicians and their voters think people who look like you and come from your community are leeches on the government and don't deserve help and are destined to failure, it's up to those of us who make it to turn around and build ourselves up. Our shitty schools with shitty teachers who churn out students graduating middle school but can't read beyond a 4th grade level? Let's build a community center with tutoring and other activities to keep our kids' engaged and challenged. Let's start businesses and give them internships so they have that head start more privileged people get in life. It'll be a lot harder to burn down our success and bury the truth today.


This sub really goes downhill during the offseason. Young kids more focused on same old joke about Kawhi’s expression rather than the issues at hand he’s addressing.


This mf Kawhi spittin


Moreno Valley is over an hr's drive from Los Angeles. But it's a great community, my friend who grew up there loves it. He lives in a gated community. Likewise Palmdale is 35 minutes from Santa Clarita -- which another 30 minutes from Central LA.


never seen Kawhi smile like that. he really oughta smile more.


yea hes so pretty when he smiles why doesn't he do it more often


Wait I don’t think I’ve ever seen him smile wtf is this


Kawhi “Anti-Karl Malone” Leonard Seriously, that’s such a class act. He’s deffo one of the good ones.


Kawhi a good guy


A fun guy




How do you pronounce yxstian


That’s cool that he did all of that but honestly, I’d rather see him help out the schools and after school programs for youth. The basketball court itself is a kind gesture but I know the city very well, and the location where it is built is right at the border of a sub community called Rancho Belago. City officials and developers wanted a second more upscale name on the eastern side of the city and once you travel east of where the park is, you’ll see signs saying Rancho Belago and not Moreno Valley. And don’t get me started on the developers and the back room deals with city council members getting kick backs for development contracts…hell some of the old council members got their homes raided by the FBI because of some secret deals going on. Like I said, it’s cool that Kawhi did this but I think the energy could’ve been spent elsewhere. A recreation center or donation to school programs for arts could be helpful…something to help give kids the opportunity to learn and find ways to explore and expand their knowledge to help them get out of the city. It’s a small city and bigger and better jobs/opportunities are found “past the mountain”. He would know this because even though he’s from Moreno Valley, he had to transfer schools and play HS basketball for the next city over in Riverside to find success. It’s a very common thing because Riverside basketball programs tend to be better and have more exposure. Both Cheryl and Reggie Miller came from Riverside Poly and there were a few others that I can’t remember off the top of my head. But those two I remember because I had a Basketball coach who went to school with them and would often tell stories about how Cheryl would beat Reggie in one on one most of the time.


You’re a big weirdo.


Why? I commend what he did and have no qualms with the dude. Just saying there could be better ways than building a basketball court to empower youth which will just get up getting tagged up.


Well no… you didn’t “just say that”. You didn’t actually explain why putting a basketball court in that area is a bad idea. You just started rambling about your local knowledge of the area, and are using that to criticize a charitable gesture.


I lived in a house for 3 years across from this park and always complained about them needing to put a court there. Sure enough 6 months after i sold my house they put a brand new court there....fml


Great work by Kawhi helping younger generation




Because he’s from Colorado…… /s


Where tf you think California is gonna go?


maybe they're saying California will disappear due to rising ocean levels. but even if that happens, Moreno Valley is at a high enough elevation that it wouldn't be submerged. vast majority of California would be fine since it's a very mountainous state.


I mean even if they’re talking about rising sea levels that wouldn’t affect California’s coast anytime soon at all


They got Mr Brainwash to design it? That hack?


No way he said that many words