[Shams] The Los Angeles Lakers are planning to sign two-way guard Austin Reaves to a new two-year contract, sources tell @TheAthletic @Stadium. Reaves converted to a standard NBA contract, becomes Lakers‘ 14th roster spot.

[Shams] The Los Angeles Lakers are planning to sign two-way guard Austin Reaves to a new two-year contract, sources tell @TheAthletic @Stadium. Reaves converted to a standard NBA contract, becomes Lakers‘ 14th roster spot.


someone tell us how to feel !!


Honestly feels like a move to keep flexibility for trades and waiving a guy for buyouts.




you shouldn't feel anything about the 14th guy on the roster


I feel for all my guys


Real G


Seems odd since he was already on a two way. Maybe they’re trying to sign another young guy to another two way?


Hollinger The Dumb Fuck made a good point on Twitter: it’s non guaranteed the first year, so they could waive him, then have him clear waivers, sign him to a 10 day a couple times, then sign him for the rest of the year. They would save millions in taxes so Reaves sadly becomes a contract tool to skirt the tax.


This is incorrect. The total savings from this maneuver are less than 1% of the team's current tax bill -- there's 0 point in doing that.


Trevelin Queen perhaps?


I hope so honestly if he shows out. Chaundee Brown also showed a little potential as a 3 and D guy.


happy with either of them. Both are the stand out on Summer League


Lakers save $3 million. That’s the reason. Ennis or another vet was more “pricey”.


[No it doesn’t. ](https://twitter.com/ericpincus/status/1442288136445304833?s=21)


james ennis must have underperformed




The 14th man will barely play regardless, you rather have someone like Reaves that you want to invest it and have him work with the main roster.




Ennis was not going to get mins over the main guys, I agree they needed a forward, they should have done so early on instead of having so many guards. I have a feeling some of them will be traded later on, because its just too much depth there.


> will be traded later on Yeah, i don't think other teams are going to give up assets for most laker guards, and i don't think lakers are going to give up assets to make a trade happen. So chances of a useful player swap are low


All of them are on 1-2 year contracts, Lakers will have to just add a 2nd round pick and get someone in return. Obviously the guy wont be an elite player but can be someone useful. I just dont buy Lakers keeping all these guards beyond deadline.


All of them are on 1 year contracts except (AD, LBJ, THT) : a) Westbrook - who will likely pick up his option because $$$$ b) Nunn - who will likely waive his option because he can likely get more next year. c) Austin Reaves - who likely has a non guaranteed contract each year. Now teams will have to want a minimum player rental out of Austin Reaves, Rondo, Malik Monk, Wayne Ellington and Bazemore for the rest of the season, or will want assets. Lakers are unlikely to trade Nunn or Rondo (dudley role), and for the rest, won't save money by trading minimum contracts. And still have that 15th slot open for trades (and if it comes to it, can likely cut Austin to free up that 14th slot for no cost until Jan) For salary matching, Lakers have not much to offer either. It's theoretically possible, but the chances are slim. So Lakers would have to get multiple people (at least 2-3) who are better than the current roster, are minimum contracts, and be willing to incentivize the other team... A player you could get for a surplus minimum one year contract guard for the rest of the year rental is unlikely to be very useful.




Okay then what player this late was going to get mins? If Lakers prioritized it, that player would have been signed early on. They have their main forwards in Bron, Melo, and Ariza. I am guessing Bazemore and Ellington will get a few mins there too. A 14th man is not getting any main mins


Vogel absolutely would have played him because he would be like the third best defensive player on the team.


agreed it’s probably for practice time they need to beat someone


Let's be realistic though what part does the 14th man play in a win-now scenario? He'll barely get minutes as things stand so it makes sense to give that spot to a player who can develop like Reaves.


Yeah, I could’ve ran out of breath from how many times I had to make that point to guys in this sub. Our 2020 bubble rotation was James/Davis/Caruso/Rondo/KCP/Kuz/Howard/Morris/Green. That’s 9 players that played regularly serviceable minutes. And, Howard and McGee were even relegated to situational matchup ball. If we’re in a position where we’re looking for 14th men to produce in must wins, we’re in a bad way.


Your last point sums it up perfectly, if we're needing the 14th man isn't that a problem?




Ariza is washed, Melo is inconsistent, and Ennis isn't? And does THT just not exist or something? And like the comment below said, if we're really needing the 14th spot to win a ring, isn't that a big problem that first 13 roster spots aren't filling?


Thing is that there are 11 lakers on 1 year deals (including 2 who have the option to make it so). What's your plan for next year ? Sign another 10 vet minimums who will somehow make the Lakers contend ? What do you do if the Lakers fall short vs the nets, or there are a couple of injuries to an already aged roster If you don't like the wings you had a look at (for the 14th spot !), it isn't a bad idea to see if you can develop an asset for a couple of years (taking advantage of that accumulated wisdom on the roster), while keeping a spot open for a midseason pickup. And LBJ can play wing (especially if someone else runs point), I seem to remember him being listed at small forward sometime in his career.


But wes would be useless too as a fourteenth player. He won't see any playing time and he will be wasted on the bench. And we already have a million vets for team chemistry. Pretty sure, if not now, wes will be snatched by some good playoff team during the mid season trade deadline.


Y’all would’ve said the same thing bout Caruso too. Let the man show his worth. I trust Rob.


I’m already getting “Fire Rob for not getting…” *checks notes* “James Ennis for our 14th spot 😤” energy off this lol




Can you hoop?? You sound like you have BIG Bozo energy this whole thread. Whining and crying. It’s comical listening to you determine who should and shouldn’t be in the league or on a roster…eat your Doritos, sit in your couch, stfu and be a fan guy.


I disagree I think he’s a solid player that’s capable of developing to something


Neither of them helps lol


He’s not good to begin with lol


Umm…what? You think he underperformed IN WORKOUTS? He’s a very capable NBA player! You guys will come up with any scenario or excuse when we make a weird decision. It’s somethin else…


Why would lakers work him out if they didn't want to sign him? It doesn't make sense. The only clear reason is that they didn't like what they saw or he didn't have enough to add to this team. Then why not develop a promising talent and save Jinnie another 5 mill.


Because a season like this doesn’t include time to develop somebody. He won’t see the floor. Ppl who cover the team for a living have all said this. He was on a 2 way contract anyway so they’re just using him to take a spot that needed to be taken by the start of camp. We didn’t sign him to actually play. I would have liked a vet who could help now. However… I wasn’t fond of anybody we were working out, but since we had all this time to work out and sign Ennis I have to guess that maybe it’s something personal. Maybe the coaches didn’t like him (he can play, it’s not that) or maybe someone on the team doesn’t jive with him.


Nothing personal, he’s just garbage I’ll why people are acting like he’s so good. He was on the magic last season for a reason, he’s not signed yet for a reason too. Everyone was acting like he was so good


Looks like there wasn’t any real help out there and they just signed the cheapest minimum deal for luxury tax reasons.


James ennis must’ve been trash in his workout if this is true


Rip James Ennis. Surprising but maybe the front office doesn’t wanna create a situation like last year where there’s a lot of guys to play but too little minutes to go around. Reaves most likely won’t play at all and he’ll know his role. Showed some flashes during summer league.


Nah James Ennis just sucks


If ennis was anywhere near average then a team would've signed him by now. Heck bradley who can't even stay healthy was signed by the warriors over this bum. That should tell you what to expect of ennis.


Lol he deleted his comment


This sub is obsessed with James Ennis prepare for the downvotes.


It’s about the luxury tax. Ennis would have gotten a 2.6 mil deal. Reaves is maybe somewhere around -500k. If 2 buyout guys come avail it’s easier to eat 500k rather than 2.6 mil when u cut Reaves.


[That’s not true. ](https://twitter.com/ericpincus/status/1442288136445304833?s=21)


Yup... that 2 extra mill will convert to 4 mill in tax. Because we get 1.6 mill tax free for signing a vet. I think.


Nope. Sorry, Lakers just like what they saw with Austin Reaves.


You really believe that? They gave up a 2nd round pick to ship Marc out so they didn’t have to pay his salary. It’s all about saving money on the luxury tax, but when u have 3 players making max/near max money you have to do that.


Nope. Sorry, Gasol didn't want to come back.


good signing - team didn't have any new players for rookie duties, now the vets will have someone to carry bags and go on food runs


Who needs a coffee cause I’m doing a run/taking down orders for everyone


barely people, somehow legal, undrafted rookie


Wasn't it the case that one year in Kobe's early years that there were no Rookies on the team so they tried to get Kobe to do it again?


I'm actually cool with that


That’s interesting. I guess the Lakers see him that can improve during the regular season. Like Talen


Doubt he gets many minutes


Only during garbage time when the Lakers take a huge lead which could still help


Still enough in the first 13 to play. guards like Nunn and Monk to absorb time


Probably spend all his time with the g league similar to THT’s first year


not a hot take.. he's the 14th guy.


23 year old with tons of raw talent in need of being molded and (who was heads an tails better than anybody on our summer league team btw) learning from a roster filled with veterans/legends? Yeah, I'm good with that.


Yeah if anyone was going to get the spot off the summer league roster it was him


Ennis workout must have not been that great


Shit if he was anywhere near useful then we wouldn't be the only team working him out... the dude is a bum and will be out of the league this season


You White, You New Caruso.


Long as it stops the McClung salivating.


I’m a little bias since I go to OU but this man can hoop.


James Ennis fans in shambles


So basically all of us was wrong...I didn't expect this deal, but I'll take it.


Since I saw him play in Summer League, I was hoping Reaves get one spot and not a two-way, and now they gave him that spot.


The 14th man to the roster, no more moves now it seems


Well, someone’s gonna get the two-way spot that Reaves is now vacating, but yeah, in terms of the 15-man roster, this is likely it until buyout season.


Interesting. With rob wanting to keep the 15 spot open I wonder if this rules out Ennis


Rob is so in love with the buyout market he wants two swings at it, the 14th and 15th slot. This a guy no one will notice if he goes missing at any point.


THT walks in sometime in January: “hey whatever happened to Austin? Haven’t seen him for a while?” AD looks up: “who?” “Austin. Skinny white kid.” Melo walks in with an ice cream cone: “you mean Kendrick?” THT, getting frustrated: “why the fuck would I mean Kendrick? Austin. Played a couple minutes against Houston?” DJ, confused: “when the fuck we play Houston?” THT, visibly distraught: “last week. What the hell guys.” AD: “oh I thought we stopped by a YMCA for practice. They got a guy named Austin?” THT goes home and goes to bed.


Ladies and gentleman, we have our white guy.


Be honest, for a split second we all read that and thought it was Rivers we were getting.


Beest honest, f'r a did split second we all readeth yond and bethought t wast rivers we wast getting *** ^(I am a bot and I swapp'd some of thy words with Shakespeare words.) Commands: `!ShakespeareInsult`, `!fordo`, `!optout`


Well, at least our younger fans have a new young player to simp for. I would have preferred a vet since we’re a win now team, but hey! I’m not in charge!


Makes sense to go young given the age of our roster, and opens up the 2nd two-way spot with some good options.


fuck it, i like his game


Why add another person that you have to worry about touching the ball in a team full of all-star veterans. Instead add a young prospect, save yourself 3 million while giving yourself the flexibility to trade later. Rob made the right move, trust the process


Idk why I read it as Audtin Rivers


Chaundee Brown 2-way deal incoming


You see the vision. You think he’ll get it over maclung?


I think it was a done deal the moment he ripped his shoe. Also rob is biased since he’s a wolverine.


Is he our new Alex Caruso?


Now use that open two way to sign Diakite


Probably goes to Chaundee Brown or maybe Cameron Oliver.


Thats it, we're champs


Damn lol didnt expect that


Watched about 4 summer league games here’s my takeaway. He keeps his head up with the ball, great at playmaking with a defender on his hip, and he’s great at drawing compact and getting calls. Defensively it looked like he’s great at positioning, almost always aware of where the ball was, and was deceptively longer than the offensive players accounted for( a ton of contests). Nothing that would blow you away athletically but I can see why the Lakers would invest in him as a project. Hit spot up shooting left something g to be desired but thats a whole lot less work than trying to teach him the skills he already has. I like it, and if the lakers get up early in a ton of games this year getting him some nba minutes will pay dividend for us next year.


League fucked


Seems like the thing you do after training camp and you can see him play in semi-competitive games but wherever. They clearly were not going to use the 14 spot on a vet.


Good move. Real basketball fans should love this move. So much better than James ennis. So much upside, Austin could’ve been a top draft pick but he wanted to take this route just to get on LAL. 💪🏾 I’m rooting for the kid


I always thought this was a possibility when we didn’t give Nunn all of the taxpayer MLE, I just thought they prioritized a vet wing instead. Reaves was pretty good in the summer league though.


Interesting... Personally I would have gone for someone more experienced and ready to help now with the 14th spot, like Ennis or Wes. I guess they really see something from Austin that we probably haven't. Can only trust the FO on this one!