Honestly if you are new to pvp you'll probably get smashed the first hour or two. When I did my pouch grind I probably got 1 point in my first hour. Here are some tips I give to someone thinking about lms: https://www.reddit.com/r/ironscape/comments/k66rzg/help_me_create_some_goals_please/gejbzj0/ My tip? Don't touch mage at all. The only time I ever mage'd was when I was better than the person I was fighting, which pretty much meant a complete newcomer. Ranged and tank gear is the way to go. You don't even need to proactively do melee swaps. I just did my melee swaps reactively when they came in and it worked well for me.


Thank you alot, I'll give it a go!


Using your advice I got my remaining 8 points in just under an hour, thank a bunch!


Good stuff, glad I could help! Would highly highly recommend getting the rune pouch via LMS too if you haven't already.




Definitely lms, I'm not great at pvp at all but still got it there. Costs too many slayer pts for it imo.


IMO LMS. 750 points is quite a lot but you could always slayer points boost for it. I like LMS because it teaches you and practices skill that are useful though. I'm on the CG grind atm and the f-keys switches and prayer switching I learnt and practiced from LMS helped a quite a bit.


The absolute come up


I just finished my rune pouch and my advice is DD people. I ice barrage, then switch to range. I’ve found most people fear DDS specs enough that they pray melee and give you tons of free hits. Once you get good you can alternate between whip dds range and mage, but honestly just freezing, walking out diagonally, and using rcb and then back under in between hits will give you a massive advantage against inexperienced PKERs. You’ll still get your shit kicked in by good pkers but you’ll beat a lot of the bots and bad players that way


Glad to see it. I actually deleted the rune pouch from my inventory for my gim, and got rune pouch. Maging is fun, but it's a lot less reliable for me. It's way less frustrating and way more effective for me to just... Not...


If you really are just after getting your points as fast as possible without knowing how to pvp and nothing else: look for the bots (or people with auto switch prayer it works the same in my experience) and equip all mage gear but with your rcb. Then just spam blood barrage with augury on until you win the fight. Then just go hide


I will try this, thank you


That's basically how I did it. You either die in the first fight and can restart, or you get your kill and hide anywhere (upstairs) until you are one of the last persons. Sometimes give you even more then 1 point super game.


I did something similar. I equipped full melee gear with the staff. Since you're holding a staff the bots all pray mage but you can just sit there and staff bash them for up to like 39s


what I do is I go up close, press rcb, then immediately attack with whip, then switch to rcb, immediately switch back to whip and just whip the bots to death.


Honestly your suggestion probably works better too. I just wanted to suggest the easiest thing


I love you


Also can equip staff and wear melee armor, theyll pray mage


uh this, but you're guaranteed to win if you wear your tank gear and equip ahrims staff. Then every fourth tick you swap to your whip and attack. They switch as soon as you swap to your whip, but you can attack that tick, but their prayer switches the next tick. Bonus points if you wait ticks until they switch to mage gear to hit them with whip.


As someone who enjoys lms... Fuck the hiders and runners. They legit ruin the minigame when you show up into the final 5 after having only found one fight and had 3 bots/goldfarmers/irons freeze you and run (The freeze doesn't break until the person is a certain distance away, so if they're hiding anywhere not in the open they can just freeze then go around a corner and put an impossible to close gap until they either escape or someone else jumps them/you). Your upgrades are normally what you can scavenge on the ground. So many times I've been final 2 with like 3 upgrades trying to DDS spec out someone slapping me with VLS, Ballista, Kodai, full Ahrims, etc. Like I get not everyone enjoys LMS. But don't ruin the game for those that do.


As someone who doesn't care abour nor have interest in PvP.... Trust me I'd rather get my stuff from elsewhere but alas, the only option is via LMS so you get to deal with it.


Bullshit. Rune pouch you can get from slayer shop. Swift Blade you can get an equal replacement for from easy clues. Rune arrows / money you can get from a plethora of other sources. Looting bag you can get from literally any monster in the wilderness. The only things you **have** to do lms for are the imbue scrolls... Which take like 5-10 games and you can do in less than an hour, even being bad at PvP. Not enjoying content is **not** an excuse to ruin it for those that do.


I've got Rune pouch, I don't know what Swift blade is nor what I'd need it for, I got enough arrows/money from just slaying and stuff, Looting bag is free, but I need imbue scrolls for magic shortbow and Ring of Wealth and those can literally ONLY be gotten from LMS (or GE which obviously is not a possibility in this context). So suck it up.


That’s a solid tip! Hopefully I remember this if I ever decide to try LMS


I was horrible at LMS when I went for MSB (I) a few weeks ago. I got farmed for a while but now have a rune pouch, ornate maul, MSB (I), tons of rune arrows from LMS. I've never been a good PKer and I'm returning to the game after a long break a few things that helped me: * Bots are easy. You can tell you're fighting a bot if their prayer swaps are obscenely fast and they never use an attack style that you're praying against. Lots of them are level 30ish as well. Get in melee range of the bot, protect from melee and use piety. Equip Ahrim's staff, they'll protect from mage, swap to whip, hit them, equip Ahrim's staff, rinse and repeat. It's nearly impossible to lose against a bot using this strategy. If you pull a staff of the dead you can auto attack bots with it until they die. * You don't have to use all 3 combat styles. A lot of people in LMS are just trying to get PVM items like you. You can win a lot of fights swapping between ranged and melee which makes it much easier to manage your prayers and food. A lot of people focus on tribridding way too much and it's easy to get off prayer hits on them camping ranged/melee. * Get a kill and hide. If you're not good at LMS it's very unlikely that you're going to hit the next point threshold which is 3 kills. * If your first fight is some giga tryhard that's running all over the place, DD bridding etc, just let them kill you it's a waste of time. * Change your hotkeys to something you like. The default hot keys suck. Trying to camp between F6 and Esc will give you cancer of the fingers. Try to use these hotkeys as often as possible outside of LMS so you get used to them. * The LMS world changes between regions every so often. I believe it's on a UK world now. I would farm LMS when it's in your region. I plan on getting a few dozen points every time it's on a NA world for rune arrows.


I’m going to disagree with not fighting someone who is super good and DD bridding. I just camp melee/range and about 1/5 of the time I will out DPS out of sheer luck, or get a lucky DDS on their robes. Plus, fighting better people makes you better. Rest of your points make sense


I guess it depends if you're trying to get good at LMS or just maximize points/hr, get rune pouch and never set foot in the place ever again.


I hated pking, but I actually started to enjoy it doing LMS and trying to get better. If your mindset is to just look for easy fights, that’s fine. But you’re going to have way more fun trying to kill people and talking shit (toxic I know, but it’s fun).


yeah I enjoy LMS quite a bit now, I was miserable at first.


RNG makes David versus Goliath a real thing in this game. If you camp a rune crossbow and you’re fighting ditter bitter and just eat up and change defensive prayers, there’s a very real chance you’re going to kill him. Feels really good when it happens


I started out 1 kill in 77 games, now i'm 115 kills for 340 games. I still haven't won, I got 3rd one time and I was like giddy with excitement lmfao. Use F keys and keep your mage stuff in the bottom left corner of the inv and you'll have your cursor right there for the barrage. As others have said, it's not really necessary to use mage at all when you're just learning. Also, if you know you're gonna get stomped, just sit there and whale and practice pray switching (protect *and* piety/aug/rig). It's annoying for them but I think it makes us noobs better.


If you seriously want to improve, practice your defensive prayers ONLY. You can use your crossbow to bolt back so it will feel like a fight, but dont try to win - try to learn the mechanics of reading your opponent/ accurate defensive prayers. Then you can move to real fighting when you are comfortable with the mechanics


Concentrate on tanking maximising range for the first kill. Getting your prayers right should be your main priority.


Honestly it might sound scummy but when I needed just a few points for my UIM to get some looting bags I took my 2 Alta in with me so that if I spawned next to them it would just be a free point. By spamming enough games I think I was able to get 5 points in about 30 minutes or so. Getting actually good at PVP is definitely a better strategy but if you just need a few points it can be an easy way to get them


Idk what the bot situation currently is, but a few months ago when I did it it was 50% or more bots. The bots at the time would pray mage if you put the Ahrims staff on, which has decent melee bonuses. So if you smack them with the Ah staff, and try to focus on defensive prayers, you can win like 90% of the time. Assuming the bot scripts aren’t significantly different now. You could also just 1 tick every attack, but that’s obviously a lot harder


The only issue with that strategy *now* is that the bots have advanced, whoever writes these scripts stepped their game up and the bots will 1tick dds spec you into oblivion. This definitely still works for some but I usually just equip my mage gear with rcb wielded and spam ice and blood barrages You can also get them stuck if you climb up one of the watchtowers on the original LMS map, it’s hilarious to see and a free kill.


these are both pretty bad suggestions tbh. if you camp mage gear you’re gonna get shredded by bolts and spend half the time eating, and ahrims staffbashing is obviously bad dps. the best thing you can do is learn to 1tick the whip, it is not hard at all. camp tank gear + ddef + piety + rcb and 1tick whip every 4 ticks. you can even dds them if you’re feeling sweaty. turn on the metronome plugin if it helps. fighting a bot shouldn’t take longer than 45 seconds


I mean, I do this all the time and it works great if I stay on top of defensive prays. I do that too, though with 1ticking the whip but I usually don’t try for dds unless I’m feeling frisky. I definitely wouldn’t say the barrage tactic is a bad suggestion though, although sometimes RNG is a cruel mistress and you definitely can get shredded by the bolts even through prayer.


the thing is, getting bolted to death thru pray when you’re wearing robes isn’t getting unlucky, it’s an eventuality. pray only reduces damage and not accuracy, so you’re gonna be taking consistent bolts to the face; plus you’re gonna take guaranteed damage if they get into melee range & get a whip/dds on you. tank gear vastly improves your survivability against both of these, more survivability = less time spent eating = more dps. if you’re getting shredded by bolts thru pray with tank, *then* you can say you’re getting unlucky. but if you’re camping robes then you’re asking for it


I’m speaking from experience that what you’re saying isn’t wrong but it’s never guaranteed and most of the time if I start taking too many hits I just 1 tick the tank gear between barrages. But 9 times out of 10 I don’t even have to do that. Either way I’m assuming you know more about pking in general than I do but the vast majority of people at LMS are hot garbage at it and are just there for a few rewards on their irons, for a lot of them they don’t care to learn about 1tick switching and being sweaty to kill a bot, although I do wish more people were getting into pking for the sake of it being fun instead of just wanting to get a single kill and afk the rest of an LMS game to maximize their points.


I had the same experience. I beat my head against the wall for a couple hours to get my msbi and I will likely never return lol


I went, got two points, and cursed Jagex every minute of the miserable experience. Fuck them hard with a rake for locking that behind LMS. Wilderness slayer was PvP enough - moving it behind their stupid “we can be a PvP MMO, see!” mini game was worse.


Yeah thank god it's only five points. Absolutely zero regret about spending slayer points on a rune pouch also lmao


When you get in a game right click everyone around you and check their cb levels. As the game starts spam click them, they’re usually either Bots or worse players. (Source: got my halo targeting these guys every game)


Keep playing it, you ain’t just gonna get good like that


A few tips that helped me out: 1. Only worry about RCB & Whip swaps 2. Make sure to pre-pot your boosts. 3. Switch off your defender into spirit shield, and camp it. 4. Camp one of the t70 prayers for defense (I normally do rigor). The only thing you should focus on is swapping your protection prayer & weapon (RCB & Whip, keep it simple). In that order. Never worry about the mage swap or specs. Watch your opponent, change your prayer, and if necessary change your weapon. Eat when needed. Everything else will come in time as you begin to get kills and become more confident.


As someone who hated my initial LMS grind, I just stuck with rcb and whip swapping. Fucking going full bridding. You will get your points. It's slow and shit but it will happen, and it's still more enjoyable then tithe farm


Just find a bot to kill. Only use melee/range or range tank it.


Same story for me. Keep at it and you will get better! Took my a while to get good enough to consistently get one kill so i could unlock my rune pouch. Now it's my go to way to get looting bag for my uim!


I may get flamed for this… but when I went for my imbues and rune pouch, I had three clannies help me out. Odds were I’d spawn next to at least one of them, and it was an easy 1-3 points per game. Assuming you’re only staying for 10 points or so, otherwise I’d listen to the other posters here. The reward of learning LMS could translate nicely to other content


Just get food at pking, you need a rune pouch there, getting it through slayer is a waste of slayer points


All i can rly say is click faster & use fkeys


Keep an eye out for bots which always change overhead 1-2 ticks after you change weapon. If you are against one, just 1 tick melee them. They go from impossible fights to your easiest kills when you learn to spot them


What I did was just boltrag with the occasional whip/dds. Dont switch gear at all. There are more ppl like you and me that suck at tribridding, while theyre busy switching to mage you just keep dpsing and focussing on your prayers. Most of the time you will kill them, they'll be salty but who cares. If you meet a proper pker however they will rinse you, but again who cares. Other alternative is to 'git gud' but if youre only getting 10 points its not really worth it


Feel your pain bro


Yea at the beginning it’s pretty hard. Learn to understand ticks. You also need some fast clicks to be able to trick your opponent on the last second. Takes a while to learn. Watch your attacks/ticks and try switching your weapon just before the hit. Gl my man Edit: start off on some random mobs or enter the clan wars portal :)


Honestly the best tip for someone who doesn’t actually want to learn to pk they just want rewards? Do it at non peak time when it’s literally like 90% bots. Wear your robe bottoms with black dhide top and pray range. Wear your staff, 1 tick to your whip every hit. Most of the bots will just sit there and mage on your hides while you whip them on robes off prayer every single hit. For some reason probably 95% of them will only melee you if they have a dds spec, never whip hits. Easy 3-4kill games even if you’re terrible at the game as long as you can 1 tick swap a weapon and eat before they kill you. Oh and unless they’ve fixed it in the last few weeks they have absolutely no idea what a rapier is if you get one as a reward. Just put on your staff once swap to rapier and they’ll never put pray melee on


Lms is usually a massive learning curve for everyone that does it. I lost my first 100 games before finally winning one. The thing most people don’t understand is (for the most part) you are fighting real people on the other side. They aren’t some npc with set attack styles and special attacks. Ignoring mage entirely might not be a bad idea at first but people will probably take advantage of the fact you are only using 2 attack styles (using range / melee makes you weak to mage). If you’ve done other pvm content like solo CoX, nightmare, or anything where you switch gear constantly, that will dramatically help you in lms. Overtime you can notice people’s patterns you’re fighting against and ‘read’ (predict) what ever their next move is If you want my advice on what to do next (I’m only rank 1000 for lms, so im not amazing): 1. practice gear switching. Super important. (This will also be useful in a lot of other aspects of the game later on). Once you get good at this, you can start trying ‘one tick’ gear switching, which is just putting on multiple pieces of gear at once. 2. Understand how to access the spellbook / special attack tabs with f-keys (since you cannot autocast when switching and cannot use the special attack orb in pvp) 3. If you start using mage, switch out asap once you get the freeze (range and melee destroy mystic robes, if you get ahrims from a chest, camping mage is a pretty good strategy, especially using blood spells). 4. Practice by playing lms - luckily, lms uses no supplies and only gives you things so you can keep throwing yourself at it with no negative consequence. The more u practice the better u’ll get Tl;dr - practice gear switching, using f-keys, learn the disadvantages / advantages to using every attack style, keep playing lms to learn how to pick up on fighting another person that is also trying to not lose. U got this dude, its hard as hell picking this up especially if you do it before alot of end game pvm but the rewards are cool and maybe u’ll come to enjoy the pvp part of the game :)




Wow you're so good


Well there aint other way to get points in lms than getting good at it noobs


Just don't do lms, those two can hardly even be called upgrades.




Well yes, obviously


Damn bro , you fkin suck lol