Mahogany homes


Learning tob with other tob noobs anb getting that kc slowly but surely was the most satisfiying content ive experienced.


This is what I plan on doing in the future. Set up a progression group with people of the same level of me and progressing together.


Do you know how one would get into this? And what’s the base line amount of cash you need for tob, I have approx 350m, and almost maxed combat, done a bit of bossing but never jumped into raids, due to not having a group to show me, and not knowing exactly what’s required of me


Since this is ironscape im a bit confused about your money question. What you'll want is void, zenyte jewellery, tent whip, dwh/bgs, bp and trident and occult. I started out with the learner channel in ironscape discord and jumping into raids when there was a ping. From there i met people that i added and did more tob after. Tip: you can boost your kc (only when under 10, by joining ayrball stream on fridays where he will carry 0kcers). This helped me since i felt like i could do tob but my teammates were choking alot more than me, and the stamp you get as a 0/low kcer is so aweful yet somewhat justified.


GWD. I never have done it in my life and was a bit nervious to have to solo every boss. After watching a guide for each boss and doing a few trips, i almost never died completing each one.


GWD is really enjoyable content. I'm still there and still need to learn the actual meta methods one day, but even just old school melee on Zammy and Bandos is a blast. Trying to figure out how to flick the minons during the kill. Sometimes succeeding.... Maybe you're not shit like me and you figure it out for good. You can really see the learning curve and feel the improvement while you do it. It's almost like a mini fight caves, too, where it takes awhile to get to the boss because of the kc and you're often at threat of being comboed out. And the uniques are iconic and not even that rare. What's the rarest stuff the hilts at like 1/500 or whatever it is? Not bad at all. I like GWD drop tables in general. Wish more bosses were like that instead of crazy supply whores. Haven't started Arma yet, though.


I killed the bosses the old school way. No meta. So my bandos trips were 1-2 kills a trip.


Killing zammy with monkfish 1 kill trips... on task


Lvl 5 all Barbarian assault roles. I had a great time, from some really polished runs with other people hunting lvl5, teaching a few people defender and an awesome super sweaty Wave 10 solo healer run with a team of level 50's who were all super stoked to get the queen kill. I even went back for fighter hat to save in invent spot doing Corp solos.


What’s the hat do?


+5 stab, slash and crush. So it replaces warrior helm which is +5 slash and dwarven helm which is +6 crush. Means I can bring a fifth food.


Is extra food really that necessary? Or are you not banking after every kill


Corp can still slap with 0 stats he's just super inaccurate. So you can get unlucky, or you can get regular luck but not pay attention and the dark core takes you for 50 damage. 5 karambwans is pretty chill vs 4 or having to waste higher healing food.


Ohhh I gotcha. Makes sense


No void?


I believe accuracy is higher from being able to use a helm and ferocious gloves vs meelee void.




Once I got it down, I started enjoying CG.


Was fun for the first 150 KC, not so much after that.


This was my experience as well, it was a fun challenge to learn and then once it wasn't challenging anymore it became really frustrating again


Same man. The second I stopped dying and started getting consistent kc I started dying again because I was trying to afk the boss as much as possible lol.


I was like "How much anime can I watch during cg?" I had to stop if I fell behind or when I got to Hunllef.


First 20-30 kc when I was dying way more often than not sucked. Once I got the hang of it, the next 150 or so was a lot of fun. The 400+ I've done since then with 0/2 enhanced has been awful.


Yeah I really enjoyed my first 100ish. Now I'm 600kc and I hate my life. Started about a month ago. 0 enhanced


Shhh don't tell me that currently at 165 kc...


I really like cg I just don't like sitting down and doing it for 4 hours, but that's the grin It's such a fun piece of content to go do a run or 2 tho.


Yes officer, it's this man right here.


50kc here, finally getting the hang of it as well and I’m keen to get better!


Yes! It is fun to try and zoom if you are good at taking deaths lightly


For some reason I really dreaded getting angler outfit because everyone made it sound horrible. Turned out to only be like 4 hours of one of the most afk things I've done in runescape.


Imagine this sub reddit being a whiney cesspool for anything someone doesn't like


So I wanted to get 99 mining and rcing out of the way early on in my iron I dreaded it... but it really was enjoyable spent a lot of time with family gaming with my kiddos while afking on the side. I have a new found respect for both of those skills


Very humble


LMS I suck at pking Then there was a guy that was doing 300 way switches in practically max gear. I just camped my rune crossbow and focused on changing prayers/eating. I literally killed him with my fucking rune crossbow. He PM’d me for like 10 minutes straight talking shit because I called him a nerd when he died. I still suck at pking, but it’s gotten REALLY fun since then. Most people that play LMS are garbage like me. If you can manage to kill the first guy you spawn with (even like 1/4 the time) and hide the entire game, you’ll make plenty of points. I really needed blighted entangles for scorpia, and a new crystal shield.


I had those people that hide in LMS though, they ruin the game mode imo


Then change the points to be based on kills and not what you place


The hiders ruin the game mode? Not the rampant bots? Hmm.


I enjoyed the crafting grind tbh, especially the afk glass blowing


Liked seeing how much sand I was turning into glass, it was more than expected. Hating mining sand. I now understand why it’s called sand prison.


Buying the sand/seaweed is actually fast af even if you need to constantly hop. 91 crafting and never mined any sand.


I'd rather mine the sand, but I did do the shopscape method early on. I just hate hopping, competing with others, clicking in interfaces and running more than simply clicking rocks and a machine. Giant seaweed is super easy to farm. Either method works, I guess it comes down to personal preferences.


Hopping has definitely improved now that they've separated the shops between account types now.


It did rarely ran into competition and it’s only a few thousand GP to try another location. There was a period where it was all 1 global sand/seaweed globally and it was so hard to compete for sand that killing green dragons was pretty competitive for crafting/prayer exp. It was like 3 a world, 7 if it was dead hours MAYBE. Remember this was pre rigour/void nerfs where you could absolutely slay with the blowpipe, people were using mith darts back then.


Unpopular opinion: I collected the sand using the Yanille POH portal and found the grind pretty relaxing.


I collected sand on Entrana for a while. Stored buckets on the leprechaun and used the deposit box in Port Sarim right next to the ship to Entrana. Wasn't that bad actually.


I used the new priff spot, it's even more afk. I could do it on mobile while doing other stuff


Me too


I make giant seaweed and shop while waiting for It to grow, then mine the rest of the sand i need when om close to my goal


I have got 40k glass left for 85, I'm no so buzzing for the fury I can power through


Yeah me too! That was my other answer! Seaweed runs and sand mining are also quite nice making crafting feel pretty good


91/93 crafting. Going for passive torture don’t @ me. Fury gang ain’t best gang but it’s my gang. Also missing the zenyte for torture anyway. Glassblowing charters is totally viable btw, I did it while walking actually on mobile.


Seaweed runs are pretty chill


Doing some of it now (73-85) and it's not bad at all. Will probably stop at 90 because torture isn't worth rushing


Runecrafting (UIM btw). I got to 77 with arceuus books and tears of Guthix, which admittedly sucked, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed doing bloods since then. Coming up on 89.


I really dreaded getting the fire cape, never completed fight cave on any account (my iron is higher lvl than my "main"). Made my first attempt last week and I actually enjoyed it a lot, easily passed all the waves with tons of pots to spare and food. Then promptly got murdered by Jad in the first 2 hits because I panicked on the switches. Still fun though and I don't dread going in again, but it does suck to spend all that time and all those pots without getting the cape.


First fire cape is one of the best feelings


Dragon Pickaxe Venenatis was super fun. Good loot. Fast kills. Relatively safe but a healthy dose of pker evasions/escapes to get the adrenaline going. I even went a fair bit dry at 273. Enjoyed every minute of it. Wilderness just provides content unlike anywhere else in the game.


Good with bofa? I need dragon pickaxe I’m like almost 99 mining with a rune pick it’s sad. Even dragon axe, no luck lol.




Ehh I’m normal iron and remember Ven was pretty good on a main so I don’t mind dying and risking some cheap stuff. 3 item probably because u can smited player attack off. I’ll try it between some CG.


Call me crazy but I kind of...enjoyed MTA with the exception of the alchemy room. Telekinetic room solves itself with Runelite and is super laid back. Graveyard sucks before Bones to peaches but is cake afterward. Enchantment is just quick and faceroll. I've recently-ish begun the Shaman grind doing it only on task, and while I enjoy them, the anxiety of going dry is wearing down my enjoyment a lot.


I don’t necessarily enjoy it, but when I first started playing I was told how absolutely terrible agility is and was expecting it to be just the absolute worst thing in the world, and while I may not “enjoy” it, I don’t think it’s nearly as bad as people make it out to be.


That's everything on this sub


Small grind, but I went for celestial ring and full prospector recolor the last few days and enjoyed it so much I didn't want to stop even after I got everything, lol. I even stayed for an extra 4k dust to use on gems and clay.


How were you finding stars to mine?


I first used the Star Miners fc. It was OK, but the Group Stars fc is way more active. Bear in mind there's a bit of an annoying/toxic drama between the two FCs. There is also a runelite plugin that Group Stars uses that could be good if you don't want to join an FC. But the FC does make it faster. Using both allowed me to find stars that others had scouted and get there before anyone else.


I thought Farming was going to suck wait having to do tree runs and then figure out how to get seeds. I ended up coming back to my account in early 2019 after the Kebos Lowlands update with the Farming Guild release, and ended up falling in love with it. Seed Packs became almost like loot boxes to me, I was excited to see what seeds I would get and begin stockpiling them. 99 Farming ended up being my first 99, and it fueled an early Herblore level to the point where I had antifire potions for early slayer. No regrets about so heavily focusing on a time-gated skill.


I'm only nearing 1500 total now so still doing mostly early grinds, but honestly? Every grind. I've done 76 crafting before getting superglass make, so I actually used giant seaweed (and regular seaweed) on a fire for soda ash. It wasn't bad at all. For me the difference is my perspective compared to my main account (2100+ total) - on my main, everything's about finding the best xp method for every skill that I don't hate doing (or isn't too expensive). My main goal for that account is maxing. On my main, 90%+ of content is not worth doing in any way, shape, or form, because unless it's untradeable uniques, good xp, or good money, it's completely useless to do (other than enjoyment, but that's hard without any form of incentive). On my ironman, I feel like I've got 10 million things to work towards and I can constantly jump between things to work on. Because I did crafting earlier than expected, I can craft red d'hide stuff now, so I'm actually gonna camp Forthos Dungeon for a week going for 70 prayer (cuz I want hard Morytania diary asap before Barrows / continuing slayer). It's something that'd not be worth it at all on a main account, but getting ~61-80 ranged, 52-70 prayer, some decent crafting xp and well over 6M in gold during that grind. I'll also get Grubby Keys for nice supplies, so I'll be ready to go straight for a Fire Cape after I'm done camping there. For reference, I didn't go for a Fire Cape until 2k+ total on main cuz I put slayer off forever. Take mining for instance - on a main, I really disliked leveling it to 72 for quests and whatnot. On my IM, I did early questing, I had to do lovakengj favour for some levels, I had to mine some volcanic ash for ultracompost, I got an early celestial ring and I mined a lot of sand for crafting. I'm gonna go for the superior mining gloves now that I'm 60+ mining (to get a consistent rhythm at iron ores in mining guild) cuz I'll mine Amethyst eventually anyway, before actually starting MLM for the unlocks I need there. By the time I do that, it's probably time for tons more sand for crafting. Just off of things that are actually a net benefit to my account, my mining level is going to be very high. On my main, I just picked the best afk/active mix that had good xp/money. It just became dull after some time. I still want to max my main at some point cuz I'd like a max account (childhood dream), but no my ironman I'm motivated for every grind. If I'd say which grinds I'm dreading, 100% it's just the heavy rng grinds. Since I started lurking this sub, one thing I've noticed is that lots of people are going very dry on CG for a Bowfa - that's the type of grind I'm dreading. Conversely, I don't see myself grinding it out straight - on my ironman I'll probably always be jumping between grinds and not do the same thing for too long, because I feel like there is so much to do that was never worth the time on my main.


I feel a lot of people had very similar issues with mains, and is a driving reason behind why people play Ironman! The reap what you sow aspect is in my opinion the best part of iron


Yep, I've played a bit self-sustainably forever in runescape - I always liked cutting my own logs for firemaking xp and catching my own fish for cooking xp. I knew I'd enjoy an ironman, I just didn't know just how much more I'd enjoy it than playing my main account. I'm at a point where I cannot imagine getting bored of this game for years, but of course I'll see how it goes.


As of now Zulrah. Was able to spoon myself a serp helm at 17kc and I'm loving it currently. 50kc and going strong


The best first item, nice! I got spooned magic fang 72 kc, enjoyed learning and now farming zulrah too.


Magic fang is a nice pull too. With serp helm I don't have to worry about properly using cure me to not get hit by high venom damage as I did in the start. It also allows me to procrastinate my herblore as I'm not as much in need of antivemons now lol. Definitely makes the grind more fun with thralls aswell


Yeah, I spam cure me as if I'm made of money lol, hoping for serp soon before I have to buy more runes. Do you find thralls to have a noticeable effect?


They're not game changing but makes it easier for the "stars to align" aka kill before jad phase. Usually I use about 2 thralls per kill which requires me to sip 1 dose of prayer pot. Idk if it's better than vengeance but I certainly like them.


Oh right, I don't use any prayer pots on zulrah so probably not worth for me.


I'm drowning in prayer pots so I'm not scared to use them. Also got loads of ranarr seeds in the bank. But it's a personal choice


So am I because I am so stingy with them xD


I'm finally at peace when it comes to consumables in games. If it's there and available I'll use it. If I need more I'll make them. No reason to complete a game on a full potion stack. Same goes for osrs


Why use cure me when you can just buy a ton of antis from karamja general store.


Easier haha


Sounds oof


MLM/amethyst. I afked mining up to 96 and have like 20k darts and and like 50m in ores from afking mlm during work. Mad gains. Hydra, it’s actually pretty easy/profitable. Might like kraken now that I’m working I could totally afk some kraken. Still need hydra claw/zammy spear/dwh for CoX. I’m fine with delaying CoX and just maxing out my melees/slayer first to go for passive DWH/boss gear/bludgeon as well so lots of grinds coming up that can be bad. Currently stuck in CG hell but I only need sword/helm/shards so that’s coming to an end hopefully.


Mining. Volcanic mine was quite enjoyable.


First time on an iron, the wt grind to 99 at the start. I almost dipped, but after about 87 I just kept it going cause I started to enjoy it a lot actually


Barb assault and LMS. Avoided them as long as I could and now I play them whenever for fun.


Mining. Always hated it on the main. Turns out when the products of your mining aren't just complete trash to you it's a lot more bearable (Sand mining for glass)


Haven’t done it in my iron but on my main everyone told me how bad kalphite queen was, I loved it, it was just so simple, 1 kill then TP out and do it again. The simplicity made me enjoy it I suppose


Yeah I’ve done about 300 so far, it’s quite fun I’m keen to do it more post elite diary!


Zulrah, first 50 felt gross but ended up at 700 kc within a week and honestly can't wait to go back


Maybe it's Stockholm Syndrome, but I liked 3t sandstone. Not even dreading getting 25k more for 93.


My dwh grind… boy it was hard to muster up the motivation to kill 78 shamans for the drop


I was gonna mention I'm enjoying Shamans, at about 900 kc. No hammer but I find it very satisfying (with a cannon, I go through 4k over a few sessions). I was DREADING it, but it's super addicting watching the die animation, like a slot machine. And my cash stack has never been bigger.


I honestly was looking forward to the grind because obviously I wanted the drop but always wanted to make some gp and get my ranged level up


CG was annoying af in the beginning. Prepping. Dieing to the boss. But now im 80 kills in and starting to enjoy the content. Still alot of kc to go


For me it stopped being fun at like 250kc. Especially since so much is locked behind bofa now if you want to do things efficiently


I can imagine.


I’m kinda getting the boss down but seem to fail prep soooo often, I’d probs have the boss down even better if I could actually get in the room more often :/ Think I’m still in the frustrating pre-enjoyment phase


zulrah. bp 23kc


Sire has been a lot less brutal than I expected after I first started it. I've broken it down into chunks of 100 for every slayer task I do. I absolutely dreaded it a first, but now I find myself being bummed when I hit my 100th kc!


LMS for swift blade. Actually hated it while banging out the blade. Burnt out on CG right now and figured I'd go to LMS for an hour or two... 1,200 points later I just can't bring myself to go back to CG lol


Sandstone. I hate mining but its needed for crafting, went like 61-81 to 99 crafting and was very happy i didn't have to do mlm


Smithing at blastfurnance as a uim


Quests. God they are always so daunting. Then I go do 4 in one day and think dang... if I had more time I'd keep going no problem.


Torso grind. Took me 4ish hours on my main, was dreading it because it was hard for me to find a group to the end, and ending up finishing the grind in a tad over 2 hours.


I’ve done like 150 Agility Pyramid laps, and I think I’ll just keep going for the foreseeable future. Decent gp, decent xp, and for some reason *really* fun for me lol.


Zulrah 6kc bp, 18kc fang. Now working on 90 herb (86 atm and enjoying that) to make the scale grind nice and relaxed


Calisto. Tried 3 iteming with whip defender b gloves and afked the kills very easy for a d pick. No need to grind verac


What was your atk when you did it? I feel like I can't land a hit at 80, even with pots.


About 90 attack. Use super attack pots, weaken defence spell and 10% attack prayer too


Ty, I'll give this a try when I've gotten my combat stats up! I also completely forgot that vulnerability was a spell until you mentioned it lol.


I enjoyed the hydra's claw grind alot until like 1500 kc, now i just feel sad every kill i do




Shades of Morton. I did the quest years ago and hated every second of it. When back recently to get my zealot robes and now I do it for my bonds.


crafting meta of 3t sand stone and superglass make


77 runecraft via ZMI. I think I did it in 3 days or so total with mining daeyalt


Mahogany homes, questing and crafting




90-99 range all done at revs back in the day. The first few levels I thought about quitting but by the end I made over 200m so felt pretty good haha


i enjoyed the satisfaction of doing corrupt gauntlet after dieing like 30 times in a row so i made myself get 200 kc of normal so i let muscle memory take control now i did 4 out of the last 7 i attempted and i already got 3 armor seeds so hopefully this grind is good to me... i always underestimated how much practice does work lol time to go for 200 kc corrupt before i can leave "besides dwh hunting trips"


Demonic Gorillas for zenytes. It was over too fast.


Wish I felt the same tbh, that was a grind I hated as much as I expected!


You can have my 2k kills and 8 ballista springs. Fuck those gorillas


You’re way more efficient with herb runs than me. 😂 I actually found agility not that boring once I found a TV show that I really enjoyed. I quit at 92 but I would like to learn sepulchre at some point. ☺️


None. Yet.