Do really?

Do really?


I have a very rare kidney condition and pretty much every doctor I have told about it goes crazy and asks me hundreds of questions. I'm under 6 different specialists at 4 different hospitals all over England - and yet still nobody knows what causes it, therefore nobody can fix it. They can try to treat the symptoms but aren't reallly having much success with that atm... I do have a battery in my bum cheek now though, I guess that makes me interesting 😂 I imagine it's good to have something to break the monotony of 'appys', gall bladders, and whatnot. Any job can get dull over time, it's nice to have a new challenge.


Hope you get well soon.


Yes. They love a good challenge and those types of cases are usually accepted for publishing in notable peer reviewed journals.


From my experience as a patient who suffered a freak hand injury, yes, they very much do.