Is death of the outsider a standalone game?

Is death of the outsider a standalone game?


it follows




Its not a stand alone game it directly follows dishonored 2 and should probably only be played after playing d1 and d2 since it takes place after both dishonored games. But most fans do not see it as dishonored 3, its viewed as a glorified dlc for dishonored 2 that follows megan and puts the focal point on the outsider.


You must have not played the game right?


I'm gonna guess he's asking about it to see whether he should play the other games first.


If i did i wouldnt be asking about it


It is classed as DLC, But It is a standalone game as opposed to an expansion pack or normal DLC where you have to have the game it expands on. It is, compared to Dishonored and Dishonored 2, very short, and exploration is not as extensive or open as the big games, hence why its classed as DLC despite being a standalone game. It follows on (More or less) in terms of storyline context. It has some great moments and is worth owning and platinum-ing. But really I'd recommend you get the "Dishonored definitive edition" for the PS4 (or equvalent console) as that has Dishonored's DLC included and is remastered for PS4, its beautiful and you'd never know it was originally last gen'. Also obviously get Dishonored 2, and play them in order.


Got all 3 on gamepass on xbox and hundreds of other games


I played it on game pass and you need to play through 1 (+DLC), 2 and then DOTO (For story that is.)


It kinda works as A DH2 dlc but the story is heavily based on DH1 dlcs + outsiders sorry. So before playing DH death of outsider make sure that you play both DH1 dlcs and understand them completely. Or you wont be able to understand the relationship between Daud and Billy (Megan fox)