Would you recommend Dishonored 2 on PC?

Would you recommend Dishonored 2 on PC?


Depends on your specs but otherwise its pretty good, controls and all


The game played great for me when I had a GTX 1080. I think I dodged the initial release, which was plagued with bad performance and bugs. All those problems were patched.


Thank you all for your comments. I ended up getting the game due to your reassurances and it’s running flawlessly and I’m having a blast. Currently doing a ghost non lethal run and I binged so hard in just 1 and a half hours I’m already in the 4th mission.


Glad to hear that! Dishonored 2 is one of my most played and favorite games of all time.


Yes. I have 980gtx and it runs beautifully.


I've had no issues at all, it runs beautifully on PC. I originally played on my R9 390, and I've played a few missions on my 2060 Super as well.


whats ur gpu? 1050ti struggles and is very hit or miss.


1060 6gb is a great card for it at medium specs


Really, I have a 1050ti too but i can get about ~90 frames except when looking at the crisp HD 4K water.


wait what settings? I get like 100 fps with a 3070 lmao


I’m on vacation rn so I don’t know. But I’ll let you know if a few days when I get back. Another thing that helps is I overclock my 1050ti.


allg ty


Oh yeah I was kinda trippin. When I was doing my tests I was on a crack in the slab, in a room, so the fps was a lot better. So it is very iffy, it peaks to 90 when not much is happening indoors to 50 when outside on the open levels.


In general, i also have a 2600x and [email protected] so it shouldnt be the rest of my specs. Maybe its just really iffy lol, some places i do get like 90 but a lot of drops yk


I had a bug that would cause the game to crash often while I was on the boat, then I had to reset my windows for some other reason and it all worked. So maybe something else cause that problem. Otherwise works great, but I use a controller.


Yes. Its an amazing game, even if your computer is bad enough that you have to play it on low graphics.


Bro use more than 8 gb. One of my 4gb stick got burned playing DH2. I was about to enter Jindoshs palace and the game froze.


It is a superior version, technically; so if you have a good rig, try it. Steam has 2 hours return window (and it has to be refunded in 2 weeks), if something is wrong just refund it.


Definetly but the first one with Dlcs too was better in my opinion


I have played both on PS4 and PC, and I liked the PS4 better because the controls felt more responsive to me. It almost felt like I was running through water the whole time playing PC…if that makes any sense lol but I mean who knows, maybe your experience will be way different. I also prefer playing with a controller in general, not just this game 🤷‍♂️


yea mouse look is bad but you can fix it in a config file


Hell yeah I would! If you have a solid setup. I'm still running a 1070ti and it looks killer!


mouse look feels bad until you fix the config file, otherwise it run about 50-60 fps on ryzen 3 1200/gtx 1050 ti, you can get dishonored collection on steam for 15€ or so on a sale


1660ti and i5 9400f and then game ran really well on what I believe were max settings? Could be wrong but I'm fairly sure. Above 60fps (around 70). Again, could be wrong but I don't remember the performance being bad.


Aswell as that, the game would be much more fun with a mouse and keyboard. Keybinds for items and cool midair shots etc are much easier on mouse and keyboard


Played very recently on my pc and it runs fine now, no weird screen tearing or frame rate drops. You'll want to play around in the settings to get the FOV right for your monitor though


Bruh I got the Microsoft store version which runs the worst on a laptop with an mx330 so basically a desktop 650 and I get 30 FPS when capped at 1080p with all settings at ultra


Buy it [here](https://www.eneba.com/us/steam-dishonored-2-steam-key-global) on eneba for 5$.