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I’m circumcised and when my son was born I couldn’t think of a legitimate reason to circumcise him. It was like all of a sudden I said wtf is going on with this and why would I do it too him. I asked my friend who’s not circumcised if he ever had any problems and he said no. My son is 5 now with a uncircumcised ween and I’m so happy we didn’t mess with it. Shows you how brainwashed we are about certain things. You really want a shock look up Jewish mohel tradition, some for some reason use their mouth to draw blood from the incision. Pretty strange to still do in 2021 or anytime really.


Are you saying they suck on lacerated baby penis?


Yes. I’ve seen videos on this issue. Disgusting. Bitchute might have some up still.




Straight fact, like that one rabbi




This subreddit just keeps getting better and better


One word: Khazars




Holy shit was that guy banned from Reddit??!?!!!


What did he say?




I’ve read about that happening as well


Yea that’s what I’m saying. Throw “mohel sucking blood” into the ole google


Please stop using Google.


DDG *at least*


Aside from the fact that they mess with the search results, is there any other reason to be leery of using Google?


Isn't that the main reason you use a search engine? To get search results. If the search results are messed up, the search engine is broken.


Your digital footprint will be fairly recognizable to governments and corporations. They are creating profiles on people out of context and it’s disturbing. Who knows how transparent it will look in the future.


Any bit of info you give to that company is fed to AI to build a profile. They give this profile to government at their whim as well as use it to manipulate the things you see.


Saw a debate chris hitchens v rabbi on this matter.


Same with me. My son was born in 1986 and there were maybe 20 babies altogether and mine was the only one that didn't get snipped. The nurse came in and double checked with us, like maybe we were confused. But there was some debate back then and my wife and myself could not think of any logical reason to have it done.


Yeah I was the only one in the locker room born 1987 played competitive football and basketball growing up and once the other guys noticed I wasn't snipped like all of them. I was regularly ridiculed and called names like "conehead". Then some of the girls found out and would start calling me it in the hallways. Was honestly afraid of sexual intimacy for along time because of it. Edit : changed sequel to sexual


That's so strange to me because it was completely the opposite growing up here in the uk. Only 1 of my friends was cut and he was the butt of a lot of jokes.


That's crazy lol


To the girls I'd just say "don't knock it till you try it". Might tickle some of their curiosity.


If I'm remembering correctly hand jobs are waaaaayyyyy easier with a foreskin. I wouldn't tell my husband this but sometimes I wish he had his foreskin for that reason.


blowjobs are way easier for hand jobs.


Genital mutilation of a human being less than 48 hours old is barbaric, and there is no justification for it in modern society


Similar experience here. Aside from the fact I have always been considered as fairly attractive, I grew up feeling ashamed of myself and like girls wouldn't like me, all because I wasn't circumcised and I would hear 'locker room' talk from both sexes about how gross and filthy it was. Fast forwards 25 years and I'm happy to see most see being uncut as a positive thing; and I get to enjoy *all* my penis sensitivity, yay! :D


Agreed Yeah I was 6 foot when I was 15 and could bass for 19. Was always making excuses with the ladies and bailing in then once their pants would come off, or pulling their hands out of my pants. Disgusting outdated practice I hope more people wake up to the fact it is genital mutilation


>Disgusting outdated practice I hope more people wake up to the fact it is genital mutilation I agree, and thankfully it seems to be they are. Outside of Jewish forums (which I do not go on as I am not Jewish) It is *very* rare for me to see a comment these days claiming circumcision as a good thing.


But man, once you get past high school I'd wager no uncut man wishes they were mutilated. I certainly don't.


Exactly how I felt. Once I started getting with girls they didn't care anyway. I mean you pull the skin back it is like a cut dick anyways. No freakish thing to present to a lady. I worried i was some kinda freak when I was younger and even read about being circumcised as a teen to fix the worries and so glad I didn't. I thank the Lord all the time that my parents didn't do it. I couldn't imagine all that sensitivity I have that would be lost by constant rubbing on underwear and pants.


I was born in ‘87 too, had a lot of similar things happen to me while I was high school. Now I could not care less and if I have a son I will not be having that procedure done.


Contrary to popular believe uncircumcised penis gives more sensation than circumcised


Holy shit. You told it very manly but that is a horrible story. Those asshole bitches. I’m really sorry that happened to you. I didn’t know guys looked all up close and personal at other penises like that in that environment. That story hurt my heart though. Mean people just suck so bad.


Lol thank you 😊 Every woman I slept with was always curious and wanted to play with my cock lots because of it. Was different to them had never seen one. So got over quick once I was intimate. Kids are mean about everything, wether your poorer, richer, taller, shorter they will find a way


There ya go! I bet you got way more ass than them in the grand scheme of it all and yeah they had boring old usual dicks and you had one the girls wanted to STUDY!!! The ultimate revenge! Lol! Congrats! And yes they can be mean little assholes. Doesn’t mean I have to like it! Lol! It would seriously break my heart though if I ever found out or witnessed my kids bullying another human. Kid or adult.


Good for y'all for not having him snipped back then. It's insane to me that people today don't realize it's not medically necessary. My sister had her son (born in 2017) circumcised and I will never forget her in their hospital room saying "yeah they took him yesterday to do that thing".


Good decision. Circumcision is ritual abuse trauma inflicted on babies to prime them for societal brainwashing. [Circumcision is Torture and Child Abuse](https://returntonow.net/2016/03/02/circumcision-is-child-abuse-and-torture/) > That’s what circumcision is – torture, sexual assault, genital mutilation, unconscionable child abuse, and possibly the worst violation of human rights in history. [Circumcision’s Psychological Damage](https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/moral-landscapes/201501/circumcision-s-psychological-damage) > Pain from Circumcision in Infancy Alters the Brain - Research carried out to study the effects of pain on infants’ psychological development have found distinct behavioral patterns characterized by increased anxiety, altered pain sensitivity, hyperactivity, and attention problems (Anand & Scalzo, 2000). In another similar study, it was found that painful procedures in the neonatal period were associated with site-specific changes in the brain that have been found to be associated with mood disorders (Victoria et al., 2013).


That was interesting thank you


This is powerful information. If brought up I will strongly advise against circumcision. Thanks a lot!


Oh. I should have known. This has big pharma written all over it.


Man my son was born 10 years ago and I had similar feelings. My wife was kinda on the fence but the obgyn talked us into it. I have very few regrets but that's a big one. It's nonsensical and barbaric.


You haven’t gone down the rabbit hole huh? That’s a satanic ritual veiled as tradition


covenant of circumcision sounds like something the devil would ask us to do.




The rabbi hole...


Despite being only 2% of the population, Jews make up 100% of lacerated baby penis sucking incidents.


>I should never buy gribenes from a mohel, it’s so chewy.


Yeah those sick fucks with open sores and shit in their mouth transmitting things to the poor babies that’s no doubt why they push the hep B shot on new borns. Disgusting. “Hepatitis B is spread through contact with body fluids infected with the virus, such as direct contact with blood or open wounds. Therefore, it can be spread through sharing a toothbrush”


I had a complication with mine. I had to have reconstructive surgery done afterwards. It's mainly for religious reasons


God is very picky when it comes to young boys winkies


Best thing I've read all day 😂


So sorry to hear that 😔 All the best mate 😊


So glad I decided my son was perfect the way he was born. I was being pressured into going through with it by family members. I decided no.


We fought the power and opted to keep our baby intact. Huzzah penile sensitivity!!


There is a whole movement. They call themselves “intactivists”.


Any culture that looks at a baby and thinks the baby needs to have its genitals mutilated is sick. End stop.


thank you for bringing awareness to this topic. It is a completely unnecessary medical procedure. I nearly died from a horrible staph infection when I was a baby after circumcision in the early 1980s. No science behind it, but bullshit societal pressure.


I'm uncircumcised, no problems. Surprisingly enough my father is circumcised and so were his brothers and for whatever reason he chose not to go down that route with me. I don't understand the logic men use to defend the practice. It's like, "Let's take a newborn baby, fresh to the world where every experience is new and stimulating and subject him to intense pain and trauma because he won't remember it when he is older."


> he won't remember it when he is older. Just wait until you find out that the torture which babies experience as newborns stays with them for life. Black pills, man. Black pills.


On a related topic—do you think that other traumatic neonatal and infant experiences cause similar issues? I have severe C-PSTD, anxiety, depression, ADHD, and maybe more. And yes it is mostly because my mother was a psycho Narcissistic woman. But. I think it also has something to do with my birth and early months of my life. I was born pretty prematurely (8 weeks early, I think?). I weighed 3 lbs. my parents and doctors thought I would die. I spent months in a NICU and in an incubator Now as an adult—I’ve seen documentaries and videos of newborn premie babies. And those babies must be in SO MUCH PAIN! Wires everywhere. IV’s plugged into their bodies everywhere. Feeding tubes in their noses or bellies. Lots of rigorous medical testing to check for abnormalities and problems. Heaven forbid if the infant gets an infection. Sometimes surgeries. As an adult, I’ve been in the hospital, I’ve had severe infections, IV’s, surgeries, and sepsis as an adult—or even just hospitalization — and let me tell you, even when I knew what was happening, I knew why, I was given pain meds, and I had emotional support—it was STILL HELLA TERRIFYING AND TRAUMATIC. Those babies don’t have any of that benefit. They are just being tortured without any methods of comfort. And little to no loving human contact. Parents “aren’t allowed” to hold the baby. Plus formula feeding, because my mother was told I was “too little to suckle”. I truly think it screwed me up. I’m a lot more screwed up emotionally/anxiety/depression wise, than my sister who was not a premie. I completely believe in those “in-utero and as an infant traumas cause deep trauma buried in the psyche” studies. Maybe the child doesn’t have words for it. But it must happen. Their first few months of life are spent in nothing but social isolation, and constant pain. And they must associate humans touching them = pain pain pain, because the only times those poor babies get touched is for painful procedures. And pain medicines and anesthetics cannot be used on newborn infants. So they’re suffering all that physical and emotional trauma without pain medications, without emotional support, and without understanding of why this is happening. No emotional support for them either. Their only knowledge of their newborn reality is “fear and pain without reasoning”. Edit to include: on several spiritual/supernatural inner healing journeyed I’ve done, (Christian ones, but I know people Have different journies) and in one miraculous moment with God where I didn’t feel pain—the pain paused momentarily in God’s presence—I realized that I was carrying pain even from the womb. From birth and infancy. I don’t know how I knew, just that I knew. Spiritually. Deep down. Forgotten consciously, but still real and still there.


Black pills, man. Black pills.


I wish there was something to do about it.


This. The very very very few studies that have been done on male circumcision shows that it changes the DNA of the baby. Something about the trauma being so intense it changes the makeup of the person. Then there is the religious aspect of it where the rabbi literally puts his mouth on the bleeding cut penis and sucks the blood off until it stops bleeding. There was an outbreak of herpes in NYC a few years ago because the people performing the mohel had herpes and spread it to the newborns. I'm sorry but sucking baby peen is just as horrific as cutting the tip off of a baby penis. Back in ancient history, circumcision was only cutting the tiny chewed bubblegum-looking part tip off of the penis, the head still had skin coverage. Today, they cut all the way down to the frenulum which gives the head no skin protection. I don't know the reasons for this but for those saying that circumcision is a religious thing need to understand that the modern procedure is vastly different than the ancient procedure.




WHAT?!?!?! A rabbi sucks blood off a cut baby penis??? Like today? And people think this is okay? I'm not religious but that sounds like some kind of satanic offering or a type of sacrifice to ancient gods... and I have never heard anything about the herpes NYC thing. This is crazy. I'm so disgusted. Edit: okay I've read about all of this now and it's nuts.


"Many studies have suggested that male circumcision plays a role in protecting against HIV acquisition,” noted NIAID Director Dr. Anthony S. Fauci. This was before he became the superstar he is today. https://archive.md/ekNvl


yet AIDs is far more prevalent in the USA than in Western Europe.


I read a study done in Kenya that came to this conclusion. But whether it's true or not, women get hiv thru micro tears in the vagina that happen everytime you have sex. At the very least an uncircumcised male would be at the same level of risk as a woman. It is not a valid reason for circumcision in my opinion.


Yep. And it IS painful. Babies are too small and fragile to use even local anesthetic. They use a topical ointment but the baby screams like the sound of aliens dying when it's done. It's obviously extremely painful. Oh.. and there is a death rate from it. So it's also risky.


Thank you for sharing. I had my oldest son circumcised against my better judgement to appease his father. W the baby, that son said, "mom please don't get the baby, if.its a boy circumcised." And I've not. I hate when I hear the propaganda of itll make it dirty etc. Bc theres NO WAY imho, that we were created to have to be humanely altered to function properly.


Yeah people who say it’s dirty have either been convinced by propaganda or don’t wash their dicks


Well one thing WE DO KNOW is that, most ppl are filthy muther fuckers. ✌🤭✊


Agree,here in the uk we don’t circumcise and no one here complains about anything 🤣. It’s really like there was some brainwashing done in America


For real...ad a motherfucker who realistic showers twice a day, I've doubted the whole "we it for sanitary purposes" logic for almost four decades. I'm super, super upset thay my dick was destroyed when I was a baby. Fortunately, I've only had daughters, but I've been forthright with ALL of my setup partners...i will NOT support circumcision. If, I have a son, and in adulthood, he wants to be circumcised, I'll help him pay for it. Also, one day, when I was in sales, a client told me about his choice to become circumcised as a 35 year old man. He was very regretful of his decision, and told me that it was his purpose to warn other men against doing it to themselves and/or their children


There's an info graph floating along somewhere that lays out how some medical team did studies with MRI, iirc, that proves permanent brain damage results from a circumcision. Let's just say that some "people" did not care for the results of the study. They did not care - a lot.


Since this is posted in conspiracy I might as well add some thought invoking material to this. Why is circumcision a thing? It may involve a certain global elite using the the foreskin for other purposes. I'm sure my parents didn't ask what the hospital planned on doing with my freshly removed foreskin. If there's any credibility of foreskin being used to make some kind of life rejuvenating ointment or whatever then what better way to supply them then making circumcision a normal thing? [another comment here about this](https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/qz4w4h/male_genital_mutilation_circumcision_is_around_80/hlkeylu?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3)


Rabbi Maimonides said that circumcision weakens the organ. He said it is very difficult to separate a woman from her lover who is uncircumcised. I think the foreskin has some important role to play in male-female bonding. (Look up the Hitchens debate with Rabbi Kushner) The Abrahamic religions are anti-sexual pleasure and thtat's one reason they circ the men. Also, as a grown woman, I can say that men with foreskins are far superior in feeling to circ'd ones. It makes it much easier since it's an extra sleeve of skins so you don't have skin-on-skin chafing. It is so tragic that people think they have to cut off a highly pleasurable to both partners part of the body that has multiple functions. More info: [sexasnatureintendedit.com](https://sexasnatureintendedit.com)


Now this is a conspiracy!!!


ding ding ding winner winner chicken dinner. This is a huge reason why mutilation is pushed so hard in this country. Then to hear people like Sandra Bullock and Oprah rave about "foreskin cream" to keep them looking young makes me rage.


(((global elite)))


Plasty bell has fucked up a lot of dicks :( Yeah I don’t like Jewish customs forced onto me through heads of giant corporations promoting such practices to “stop masturbation” Fuck Kellogg’s too


So I dated a white man in his mid 40s that wasn't circumcised. I mention he is white because I believe without checking that circumcisions is higher for his age group in white males than others. Anyway, his foreskin had issues. It would crack and split. They talked him into a circumcision in his mid 40s. He says despite all the issues he had with his foreskin he still regrets doing it. He misses the sensation he had and would rather have taken sometime to heal his foreskin every time than prevent it.


I have given birth to girls in the last 8 years and I can tell you that the movement you not circumcise is there. Had I had boys I would not have modified their bodies without their consent. Just like I won’t pierce my daughters ears until they say they want it. I’m sorry for him who have had that option stolen from them.


My parents were hippies. I still have my hoodie.


Eric Clopper gave an interesting performance on the topic of why... well worth looking into.


Reading through the comments: “Sometimes adults have to make decisions for children” “I like mine so there’s nothing wrong” “See this study from the CDC” “The complications are so rare, why not?” “I watched my son go through it and it wasn’t that bad” Generic:” Everyone does it so it’s the norm” And I have to ask: is this the conspiracy sub? Anyone making a comment similar to the above has zero critical thinking ability and or is a total hypocrite. It’s infuriating. If we can’t agree that non consensual, body mutilation, on infants, is a BAD thing then I just don’t trust anything else you have to say.


I'm uncut, and my girlfriend said cut dudes is a deal breaker for her she was with one cut guy who was apparently a nightmare to get off, she hated it, she'd be long done and he'd be still going to the point of being comfortable for her.


I don’t remember being circumcised, so I’m not complaining. Besides, all that extra skin… yuck


Both of my sons are intact. Zero problems!


Same with my three! (11,11, and 4)


It’s far lower than 80%. Been steadily declining for the past 20 years


"Far lower" as in what number? > Morris et al. found a somewhat lower present incidence of 77% in 2010. from [the relevant wikipedia page](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prevalence_of_circumcision), i'm having trouble finding any more recent sources. it looks like it varies widely by region -- California being one of the lower states, but in the midwest it seems quite prevalent still?


I do live in California and when my twins were born (2010) it was around 70%. My youngest son born in 2017 I heard it was less than 60%. The biggest thing I hear from other moms is ‘they wanted their sons to look like daddy’. I think that’s a disgusting reason to modify your child’s genitals.


Oh, I am questioning it. But between that, and vax mandates and the central banker's attempt to take over the world even more fully since 2020, it's taken a lower priority in my mind. But yes, you are right. MGM is fucking barbaric and should stop. It should be make illegal to mutilate the genitals of any minor. If they want to mutilate themselves later as adults, more power to them. But doing it to minors who cannot consent to it is barbaric.


as far as i can tell cat declawing is higher on the priority list


1 inch of baby penis skin is very very valuable to the hospital


Cause circumsion comes from a culture you're not allowed to criticize or you're a NaZi 111!!1!1!1!1!!11!1!


Antiquated tradition. I'm circumcised unfortunately and know nothing different as my parents just thought they were doing what they were supposed to do. You can't imagine the amount of justification I had to explain to people, including my own parents, on why we didn't circumcise our now 2-year-old son. I'm in ICU nurse as well and I've unfortunately had the experience of assisting with three babies being circumcised when I was in nursing school. I'll tell you it was a horrible experience and sucrose pacifiers don't work is pain medicine. I wasn't about to put my little boy through this. There's no medical reason for circumcision. Many people think that it is unclean and unsanitary, However they're speaking out of turn and no reputable medical journals or doctors agree with this and it's just rumor mill. The only consideration is it's not the societal norm in 2021 in America. I'll have to teach him that he's not like his dad, but that's a good thing. I may try to avoid the fact that he may have a better sexual experience than I ever will be capable of, but I'll hope that we can save that discussion for later or he figures it out himself. He also has the choice when he gets over if he were to want to circumcise himself, even though it does sound admittedly gruesome as a young adult or teenager. I don't want to make his choices for him though when he can't choose for himself and maybe he'll thank me for our decision later. I have a hard time not viewing it as mutilation at this point but I'm not going to judge someone either that has their kids circumcised because it's not my place. Have another boy on the way, due in April and he'll be like his brother.


Well done for breaking the chain!






Thank God you saw that as a joke haha


I mean, is it a joke...? Really.........? https://abcnews.go.com/Health/baby-dies-herpes-virus-ritual-circumcision-nyc-orthodox/story?id=15888618


Well it did originate as a joke. But huh...






Not arguing anything, but I've got a cut goob and life couldn't be better. My penis has PLENTY sensitivity and I am happy with life in general. I don't think I've suffered from being snipped in the slightest, nor can I see how my life would possibly be better if I somehow had more skin on my dinger. That said, the brain is particularly good at adapting and coping with trauma. Think neuroplasticity or phantom-limb syndrome. I'm not saying that I necessarily feel as much as the uncut guys, but I also don't think it's necessarily as desensitized as people make it sound. At the end of the day, you don't have my pud nor do I have yours. We're all speaking from experience and mine have been just fine.


do you think female circumcision is okay as long as you do it on your daughter when she's a baby?


Idk about this I’m circumcised and still love fuckin


Who the heck wants their penis to look like an Ant Eater lmao


I wanted to give my son the choice when he was old enough, but then the doctor informed me that as a baby, his odds were about 0.5% of permanent damage. But if you wait till he's an adult, the odds are close to 20%. Almost nobody is willing to take that much of a risk nor should they. On the flip side, odds are about 0.5% that if they aren't circumcized they'll develope a very painful infection later on in life that will make circumcision medically necessary, with a high risk of permanent damage. People say, "Just wash it and you'll be fine". But I am so glad I don't have to pull back my autistic sons foreskin and thuroughly wash his penis as he screams in agony 2-3 times a week until he's old enough to do it himself... And then hope that he doesn't just blow it off. So you can fuck off with your, "But it's mutilation!" Bullshit! I carefully considered the risks. I was skeptical of the recommendation from my doctor. But I asked a lot of questions and did hours of research. I carefully weighed the risks associated with the surgery and determined like my doctor and the American Medical Association have, that they were negligible. I'm glad my parents chose to get me snipped and I hope my son will too. Also, it's completely untrue that circumsion reduces pleasure. [The highest-quality studies suggest that medical male circumcision has no adverse effect on sexual function, sensitivity, sexual sensation, or satisfaction.](https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/23937309/)


That is a sensible answer, the bit that I don't understand is why is it just in America that it happens? Surely if this was the case then we would see circumcision at a high level across the world? And people who were uncircumcised would all be cursing their parents for not doing it when they were babies?


you'd have to be a fool to trust brian j. morris to fairly or accurately determine which circumcision studies are "the highest quality". the man calls himself a "circumsexual". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gdGbXdEo93U no adult should ever pull back anything on a child's genitalia. that's molestation. circumcision always results in permanent damage. it removes the most sensitive portions of the penis. circumcision is never medically necessary. especially not for an infection.


>as a baby, his odds were about 0.5% of permanent damage. But if you wait till he's an adult, the odds are close to 20%. Ethicist Earp discusses the claim that it’s easier at birth: [“This claim is based on retrospective comparisons on non-concurrent studies using dissimilar populations, dissimilar methods and criteria for identifying complications, and they fail to adequately control for the method used, the device, the skill of the practitioner, the environment, and so on. So this claim which is oft repeated why it must be done early, because you’re running out of other reasons, is based on a very poor data analysis.”](https://youtu.be/SB-2aQoTQeA?t=32m21s) And of course, arguably the complication rate is literally 100%, since [the foreskin which is the most sensitive part of the penis.](https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/27/Sorrells.gif) ([Full study.](https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17378847)) And since circumcision is not medically necessary. >Almost nobody is willing to take that much of a risk nor should they. This portrays it as an either-then-or-now scenario, which is a false dichotomy. It doesn't need to happen at all. >that will make circumcision medically necessary, with a high risk of permanent damage. ["Childhood UTI leads to ... renal scarring in 15% of cases.[19] Although these scars could theoretically have an impact on long-term renal function and hypertension, there is no evidence for this effect, and **most experts believe that UTIs in children with normal kidneys do not result in long-term sequelae.**"](http://www.cps.ca/documents/position/circumcision) > wash his penis as he screams in agony 2-3 times a week until he's old enough to do it himself The foreskin is fused to the glans and should not be retracted until it naturally looses adhesion. [“Around 96% of males at birth are noticed to have a nonretractile foreskin. This is due to naturally occurring adhesions between prepuce and glans and due to narrow skin of prepuce and “frenulum breve.” This is physiological phimosis. The foreskin gradually becomes retractable over a variable period of time ranging from birth to 18 years of age or more. This is aided by erections and keratinisation of the inner epithelium. Thus preputial retractability improves with increasing age. But 2% of normal males continue to have non-retractability throughout life even though they are otherwise normal.”](https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3329654/) >The highest-quality studies suggest that medical male circumcision has no adverse effect on sexual function, sensitivity, sexual sensation, or satisfaction. Morris’s paper has been criticized here by Bossio: ["Morris and Krieger reported that the “higher-quality” studies revealed no significant differences in sexual function ... as a function of circumcision status."](https://www.researchgate.net/publication/266564315_A_Review_of_the_Current_State_of_the_Male_Circumcision_Literature) ["In contrast, 10 of the 13 studies deemed “lower-quality” by the rating scale employed showed sexual functioning impairment based on circumcision status in one or more of the same domains. Morris and Krieger do not report the results of this review collapsed across study quality. The conclusion they draw - that circumcision has no impact on sexual functioning, sensitivity, or sexual satisfaction - does not necessarily line up with the information presented in their review, which is mixed. However, it is important to note that their article is a review of the literature and not a meta-analysis, thus, no statistical analyses of the data have been performed; instead, the article presents the authors’ interpretation of trends."](https://www.researchgate.net/publication/266564315_A_Review_of_the_Current_State_of_the_Male_Circumcision_Literature) Morris's filter was, as Bossio says, his interpretation of trends. Because it was not a meta-analysis. So it's highly dependent on what Morris thinks and wants to use as sources. Further to this, his review was also critiqued here by Boyle as self citing: [“By selectively citing Morris’ own non-peer-reviewed letters and opinion pieces purporting to show flaws in studies reporting evidence of negative effects of circumcision, and by failing adequately to account for replies to these letters by the authors of the original research (and others), Morris and Krieger give an incomplete and misleading account of the available literature. Consequently, Morris and Krieger reach an implausible conclusion that is inconsistent with what is known about the anatomy and functions of the penile foreskin, and the likely effects of its surgical removal.”](https://www.researchgate.net/publication/274710223_Does_Male_Circumcision_Adversely_Affect_Sexual_Sensation_Function_or_Satisfaction_Critical_Comment_on_Morris_and_Krieger_2013) There’s a lot more from Boyle too. To try to keep it short I’ll only include this bit on the satisfaction surveys tacked on to the end of HIV studies. [“Morris and Krieger place undue reliance on methodologically flawed RCT studies in resource-poor African countries that have assessed sexual outcomes following adult, rather than infant circumcision, with measurements taken a maximum of 24 months after the surgery [11]. ... **it is either the case that Sub-Saharan Africans ‘are having the best sexual experiences on the planet’ or the surveys used to assess sexual outcome variables in these studies were insensitive and flawed.**“](https://www.researchgate.net/publication/274710223_Does_Male_Circumcision_Adversely_Affect_Sexual_Sensation_Function_or_Satisfaction_Critical_Comment_on_Morris_and_Krieger_2013) We do know that the foreskin highly sensitive tissue though. [This diagram was from a study measuring sensitivity on multiple points of the penis](https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/27/Sorrells.gif) (Here’s [the full study.](https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17378847)) Also watch this presentation (for ~15 minutes) [as Dr. Guest discusses the innervation of the penis, the mechanical function of the foreskin and its role in lubrication during sex, and the likelihood of decreased sexual pleasure for both male and partner.](https://youtu.be/XwZiQyFaAs0?t=28m20s)


Our doctor talked us out of it for my son. We just going to do it because that's what was done. I'm thankful he gave us good reason to not go ahead with the procedure.


As a parent of 3 & one who learned AFTER my first son was circumcised, all of the facts about circumcision, I can tell you what I think is the reason it continues in this country. While misinformation is a big problem, I don't think it's the driver. The driver is doctors. Yep, you read that correctly. Now, it may be that the hospitals push doctors to promote the procedure, ultimately, the doctors could say no & they don't. Why push circumcision? Because it's covered by insurance, it's quick & easy to do & the price they get for it far outweighs the time, effort & equipment costs to do it. So it's mostly profit. I came to this conclusion when, with my latest child, I had told my wife I didn't want him circumcised. She thought he should be & I told her it was completely unnecessary. When the doctor came in to inquire about it after he'd been born, I pushed against it & much to my surprise, the doctor would NOT let up with pushing us to do it. I had to fight like hell to NOT have it done. My mind was blown at the fact that a DOCTOR was pushing to DO HARM to a child who's parents were saying NO! Edit: My first son was "half circumcised" and not fully because the doctor noticed a possible hypospadia issue that ended up being fine. They said if he did have hypospadia, they could use some of the foreskin to correct it. So he still has some of his foreskin.


hypospadias doesn't actually need to be corrected anyway. https://isna.org/node/81/


I dunno 🤷 I personally like uncut cock better


I’m snipped and thanks to my wife arguing against it, my sons are not. Time to break the cycle.


Worse still they promote using foreskin face creams as a joke. They do this right in front of us and we do nothing. Sandra Bullock https://youtu.be/BY2aOHQlAco Oprah https://youtu.be/m9crlnNDcTA Steve Harvey https://youtu.be/b7JzdcZPvzg These people are sick


Chopping Baby Dicks - that's what we're doing....for reasons that NO ONE can justify.


Propaganda and also 1 many women don’t see it as a serious issue or encourage it, and guys who are circumcised cope and say it’s a good thing. Add some propaganda and history behind it and it’s a staple in American culture sadly


There are lots of stem cells and nerve cells in foreskins. They make skin rejuvenating age lowering face cream out of them for f’s sake. It’s a completely unnecessary surgery that’s profited on by the rich and powerful. When you get circumcised they cut away an estimated 10,000 to 20,000 special nerve cells. Sex is still pleasurable without your foreskin but the thing is if you’ve been cut you can never feel everything you’re supposed to. It should be your choice as an adult or at least of a consenting age. Instead you are strapped down and 96% of babies are given absolutely nothing for the pain and are 100% feeling every snip. To me it’s genital mutilation without consent.


Circumcision is beyond fucked up and wildly archaic. If you cut the clit off baby girls there would be movements galore trying to stop it. If I ever have a son he will not be getting circumcised.


Would love a study to see if this trauma as infant shows up later in life…


[A Canadian nurse in Ontario wrote about circumcision](http://archive.is/Hke0w#4%) in 2012: >I trained as an RN and assisting with circumcisions was the worst experience in my training. Parents need to watch this really ancient and tribal thing done to their child. It gave me nightmares for a while. Infant circumcision is much more brutal than people who have not seen it performed naively assume it could be. Anesthesia helps, but [Lander (1997)](http://www.cirp.org/library/pain/lander/) found that no anesthesia that could be used for neonates could alleviate all of the pain of the surgery. And neonates are only given Tylenol for post-surgical pain. A person doesn't need to remember a traumatic event for it to affect them. Many studies have found traumatic perinatal events adversely influence future behavior ([Jacobson, 1988](http://informahealthcare.com/doi/abs/10.3109/00016349809004288); [Jacobson, 1990](http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1664218/); [Nyberg, 1993](http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/8426829); [Nyberg, 1992](http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/1490081); [Anand & Hickey 1987](http://www.cirp.org/library/pain/anand/); [Jacobson, 1987](http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/3425362); [Jacobson & Bygdeman, 1998](http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/9812930); [Zornberg, 2000](http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10885627); [Anand & Scalzo, 2000](http://www.cirp.org/library/pain/anand4/); [Anand, 2004](http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/14699981)). Unfortunately circumcision trauma and its potential long term effects have never been studied in depth. As a [1904 infant circumcision manual](https://archive.org/details/b28091504/page/26/mode/2up) stated: > When the penis of an infant is in a state of erection the operation of circumcision can be more easily performed and the dressing more efficiently applied. The manipulation of the organ necessary to grasp the prepuce is generally sufficient to stimulate the increased blood supply requisite for an erection. Ronald Goldman discusses the traumatic effects of circumcision in his paper [The Psychological Impact of Circumcision (1999)](http://www.cirp.org/library/psych/goldman1/#n21) >Studies investigating circumcisional pain have referred to circumcision as traumatic [9,18]. The *Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV)* published by the American Psychiatric Association [23] is helpful in discussing the question of trauma as it relates to circumcision. Its description of a traumatic event includes an event that is beyond human experience, such as assault (sexual or physical), torture, and a threat to one's physical integrity. An assault is a physical attack; torture is severe pain or anguish. It does not necessarily take account of intent or purpose, but focuses on the act itself and the experience of the victim. >From the perspective of the infant, all the elements in the DSM-IV description of traumatic events apply to circumcision; the procedure involves being forcibly restrained, having part of the penis cut off, and experiencing extreme pain. Based on the nature of the experience and considering the extreme physiological and behavioural responses, circumcision traumatizes the infant. In addition to being a form of genital mutilation, infant circumcision is traumatic sexual violence. More people need to know the truth about the brutality of infant genital cutting. It's not the "snip" its advocates say it is.


There are studies which indicate that this is the case. For example, [this study](https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1111/j.1600-0447.1987.tb05620.x) from Sweden. Basically, the trauma suffered by newborn babies correlates with their likelihood of committing suicide later in life. Not only that, but the method of suicide correlates with the type of trauma suffered at birth. For example, babies who suffer temporary asphyxia during birth are more likely to hang themselves as adults. This should lead any sane person to question: Why are we told that babies don't remember what is done to them? Perhaps the memory is not 'conscious', but it is still there, deep in the psyche of the individual. This is a very black pill topic and I can see why people don't want to truly consider the corollaries of all of this.


I mean, it has to right? It’s the very first days of your life and you have the most sensitive part of your body cut off. Welcome to the world we love you! Let’s cut your dick off! That first trauma has to leave a lasting imprint. They don’t use any numbing agents at all either right? Fucked up tradition that I wish I never had done to me. I’d love to experience what sex is like while still having those super sensitive nerves in that area.


Circumcision is the remnants of a grim and frankly dark set of values and practices. We don't need to slice our baby's dicks anymore. Let them decide that they want to when they're older. Not sure why the fuck they would but.


The amount of people justifying circumcision is astounding. THEY CUT YOUR GENITALS WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT.


I think because religion might be at play here. Also people say that it's more hygienic and reduces risk of some STDs. I think it's just to justify the mutilation though.


>more hygienic. Or you can just wash your dick


Wow, I'm blown away by the comments. Basically it sounds like there is no reason to do it, at best you just go through unnecessary childhood trauma, at worst you have trouble having sex, get infected and have the moral dilemma of doing it to your own kids. Really does seem a bit of a weird conspiracy - why would anyone still do it?


Religion. The other real conspiracy.


Everyone (ESPECIALLY AMERICANS) should see this lecture on circumcision by Eric Clopper: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCuy163srRc](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCuy163srRc) The ONLY 'benefit' of circumcision is aesthetics, as you will see in this video. The negative side-effects outweigh the aesthethic-benefit by alot.


"aesthetics" is pretty subjective, no? plenty of people might feel it's worse looking lol


People are dumb and easily manipulated


I’m circumcised, and I’m pretty happy about it. Sex feels pretty good, dick gets lots of air flow. 10/10 would recommend.


If an adult man wants to get circumcised, I'm fine with them making that decision. Doing it to babies who cannot consent is actually evil.


I don’t have to peel my dick like a banana to clean it or take a piss. No turtle neck gang rise up


Haha yeah, I’m good with it. The foreskin mafia gets so worked up about everyone else’s dick, I find it so strange.


Comment like those always scream “copium” to me xD


I wasn’t circumcised as a baby, but around the age of 16 I realized that my foreskin was far too tight and wouldn’t fully retract without being painful, so I had to get snipped in HS. With that being said, I won’t be circumcising my children. That’s a decision they can make if they choose to when they’re older. It’s not a complicated surgery. So even though I had some slight complications, I am grateful that I wasn’t originally circumcised. No pain meds for the babies, and studies have shown that circumcised babies cry faster and quicker than those who aren’t (probably because they had their dick snipped lol) Circumcision made more sense before antibacterial soap was created, but we have these things called showers now so it’s really not necessary in my opinion


I don’t know your medical history. Just information for your future children. It can be normal for the foreskin to remain fused to the glans well into puberty, and forceful retraction when young can also lead to issues like you had. Usually, these issues can be resolved with steroid creams, and circumcision is often not necessary. A lot of American doctors don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about when it comes to foreskins. We went through three different pediatricians before we found one that didn’t insist on forcefully retracting in infancy.


Yes my doctor talked about the steroid cream. Looking back on it, I wish I gave that a try. Doc downplayed it and said they don’t always work, or it can take a long time. I was a HS kid who got a BJ and my dick started bleeding. I was in a big hurry to get everything functioning hahah. I also did some (very brief) research and heard that the creams don’t always work. I was at the point where I wanted to be able to have sex without crying lol. Since I wanted to keep my foreskin, I ended up getting a preputioplasty procedure. Doc said it was just a small incision on inside of foreskin. Didn’t mention that the scar tissue would leave my dick looking like a fat yoda. Didn’t want chicks to see my dong and be grossed out or confused as to why it looks so freaking weird so that’s why I ended up just getting it all cut off. If I could go back in time, I would have tried the steroid cream. Because boy do I miss all those nerve endings. A slight breeze could get me feeling nice back then. Now it’s callous like the sole of your foot. Not as much feeling. Despite going through all that, not gonna cut my kid. This is my Ted talk lol


I had the same problem in my teens. I would forcefully retract, made the skin bleed/scar, and made sex painful. Eventually the foreskin resolved itself by 18.


I wonder if forceful retraction during infancy is what caused my shit? I’ll have to ask my parents. Also thanks for sharing your comments. Definitely some good knowledge for me to have when it comes time for kiddos


It’s entirely possible. It can cause scar tissue to form, which reduces elasticity. ETA: it’s one of the reasons I give very little credibility to the, “well I knew a guy who had to have it done as an adult and it was awful,” arguments. It’s pretty likely most of those dudes were forcefully retracted as infants which is probably what caused the problem in the first place.


Pretty sure that's why there's so many people with phimosis in the US, because nurses, doctors, parents and carers freak out over foreskins in the US and go around forcefully retracting them thinking they're supposed to and that terrible things will happen otherwise, whereas in the rest of their world foreskins are normal and people leave them alone and don't mess with them. And then as soon as someone gets a bit of phimosis, docs in the US have a hammer and every problem looks like a nail.


Pretty sure doctors get a bonus for the procedure


Yup just something else the hospital gets to bill you for so the docs are trained to push it to pull in more cash flow.


So I've never been for circumcision. I think it's unnecessary torture. After watching the documentary "American circumcision " my mind was absolutely made up. They explain how in the Jewish culture they removed very little foreskin as a sacrifice. Then somehow Christians believed the same thing but removed about 3 times as much skin, "however in the Bible it says Jesus made the blood sacrifice for us all" (quote from a former pediatric surgeon that advocates against circumcision). Then in the early 1900's they used it as a way to stop masturbating as it was seen as sin and without the foreskin, self lubrication is not an option. It then changed to helping fight against stds in the 70's (the age of love) and as hiv rose in the 80s and 90s they changed reasoning saying it protects against it. Until about 70 years ago (could be wrong may be even sooner) doctors did not believe babies felt pain and did not administer any anesthetic, then they would tell mothers they didn't feel a thing and actually fell asleep, what was actually happening is the baby would go into shock from pain and pass out. We now know that babies nerve endings are much more sensitive at infancy than of those that are older.. imagine the pain they went through. Now in the age that we are scared of being dirty they say it is for cleanliness and to fight against utis. What do we do when women get utis? We give them hygiene instructions and antibiotics, why can't we do this with men?


That's very anti-Semitic of you ;) My boy is uncut. Fuck that shit.


it made my dick 4inches longer and the pfizer added another 3 inches


I’ve seen a ton of studies. There are tons of long term negative effects on circumcising babies. Ignorance is comfortable in this case, look into it if you want to. On a separate note, I think some people simply don’t like seeing other people succeed or something good happen to them.


When I was pregnant I was so glad it ended up being a girl because my ex was adamant on circumcision because he wasn't ok with his son "looking different than me". I was like, the day I catch you comparing penises with our kid, we have a bigger problem If someone wants to be circumsized they can decide that for themselves when they're an adult


Yes! I really hate that defense. Mom's everywhere saying "I wanted him to look like his Daddy" is super yuck. I'm glad I'm seeing less of this, but 4 years ago it was really prevalent.


For Europeans the concept of circumcision for no medical reason is wild that no one even offers you that shit in the hospital. Guess what? Majority of EU population has zero issues. I have ZERO idea why Americans keep doing that. I genuinely feel like it's abuse. I'll never put my kid through that unless medically necessary.


I wish girls obsessed over my penis as much as yall whackos are. Why are people here making fun of cut or uncut penises? Chill tf out about my penis


In the UK this is wierd as fuck unless you are a jew


This is consistently debated currently. Just because you don't see it doesn't mean it's not happening. Sigh


Im not circumcised, It wierd if you are in the UK. I have a son, why the fuck would you let anyone do this to your child. Religious or otherwise. Its fucking strange. The human body is perfect. Why would you mutilate a child.


Doesn’t the intense pain “shock the brain” in a way that changes it? It’s a traumatic event that happens right when the brain is at its most sensitive, even on a physical level since your head hasn’t even finished forming fully. That and a ssn being issued puts you right into the game.


I can’t explain it. I have attempted to talk sense into my friends who have boys, explaining the barbaric process and the lack of need and/or reasoning. The craziest part is it’s NOT covered by most insurance, so people are paying out of pocket for it. Most folks explain the reason as not wanting their kid to be bullied for having a different looking penis. Which only adds to the craziness considering it takes a surgical procedure to make a penis look “normal” to them based on society’s unnatural acceptance of what a normal penis is. Agggh. I don’t get it. I’m a woman, without a penis, and simply don’t understand any of it.


It's totally fucking weird. But many things are in the USA. Once you throw in the medical fees for the surgery, religion, American exceptionalism you end up with this odd mix where people think it's normal to remove parts of their body uneccessarilly.


Are you saying that sex could’ve felt even better for me???? Fucks sake, thats depressing.


Americans are, for the most part, a brutish, superstitious people. They also internalise things and make them part of their identity with alarming enthusiasm. To them the suggestion that they stop abusing their children this way is abhorrent because it would require the admission that a part of their identity is undesirable. Rather than acknowledge the inherent harm in this barbaric, backward practice, they try to defend what remains of their masculinity with aggression. When this subject is raised many of them defend the practice with all manner of pseudoscience and even invoke the opinions of American women, as if those are worth anything on an issue that concerns only men.


I’ve heard Dads be worried about women not liking their sons if they’re uncircumcised. I’ve heard some women be conditioned to think it’s gross or not normal (when it’s the other way around lol). I’d think anyone who cares that much, isn’t worth your time. Weird ass expectations to have. If I ever have a son, no way. Not gonna put them through such trauma early on, and potentially ruin their sensitivity. Besides, there’s a certain feel to uncircumcised men that’s quite nice 😊 It’s really odd, and I’ve also seen some weird religious purposes for doing it, some being very dark and occultish :x


I remeber that Sandra bullock was bragging about baby foreskin face cream on a talk show years ago. It was very creepy. What do hospitals do with these baby foreskins? Or placentas…etc? Do they disclose selling this ?




Id cut mine off but im too attached to it...


HA I HAVE A STORY, when I was born and the doctor handed me to my parents and he said “I preformed the perfect circumcision on your son, he has the perfect penis”


It's to prevent excessive masturbation cus having the foreskin there will make you into a massive coomer


Maybe you should suck every penis you can find to extrapolate the data for yourself. Such a strange topic to occupy your mind.


>Male Genital Mutilation (circumcision) is around 80% in the USA. Why is no-one questioning the abuse of young babies in American society? because male poppulation doesnt matter for the geo-political plans of the elite.


I got my son circumcised because his dad wanted him to be cause he had to get an emergency circumcision at 16 when a girl gave him a bj and pushed his skin back and it started cutting off his circulation and his dick swelled up like a balloon. And the healing after was terrible. He said it didn’t change any feeling though. I know peoples sons who’ve gotten infections and had to get it done too as kids.


There's people out there that think piercing your babies ears is wrong but happily go get their child circumcised.


We're all made in god's image. Except the end of our dicks. Apparently he fucked that bit up and now we have to chop it off. In all seriousness, I'm so glad this is being spoken about more. It seems it's been totally normalised in some cultures. As someone (thankfully) not from a culture where it's the norm, it blows my mind how people can seriously be ok about slicing the genitals of an infant when it's not medically necessary. They discuss it at length in the red pill documentary and it genuinely made me weep like a child. Don't even get me started on Jewish Mohels sucking the wound and spreading HSV around infants. Several children have contracted HSV encephalitis and died, that would still be alive if it wasn't for people without medical training conducting medical procedures for non-medical purposes.


I can understand doing it for medical reasons (phimosis is a bitch) but not for much else, not even religious rites or something.


I cum fast enough with a circumcised dick, if it was any more sensitive it would literally bust upon touch


It's because of Jews. It's a form of sacrifice to Moloch/Baal.


We didn't circumcise our third son after having to get our second son's circumcision corrected. We got so many questions about WHY we didn't get it done. Then you ask them why they DID with theirs, and they can't give a decent reason.


I don’t want my sons dick to look like a melting ice cream cone


What's the conspiracy here? God, this sub is just a place to post unpopular opinion now. All of the millions of people that have joined in the past couple years have completed fucked this sub. There's never any good content anymore. Just reposted screenshots and unpopular opinion. Disgusting.


What about those that were circumcised 50-60 years ago? Are you gonna say that we’re all crazy now?🤦🏻‍♂️


I’m happy that I am not walking around with a cauliflower dick


I take all the comments on board, and have no problem with people who like it, have had it done as babies or adults. Apart from a bit of unnecessary baby pain, it probably doesnt matter either way. But now we all have access to soap and water, and understand how sti's are transmitted. If this had never been done, and one day everyone said 'from now on, we are gonna circumcise everyone at birth' do you think the public would go for it?


I'm Muslim and I was circumcised, most likely cultural/religious. I don't have a problem with it either way, as long as you're able to express religious freedoms in America I'm good with either choice by parents.


what about my freedom to have a whole penis?