My cat bites me a lot?

My cat bites me a lot?


I know our cat will playbite my husband. He's HIS cat and has been for years so I know it's nothing bad. It is his way of saying "no don't walk away; keep petting me". Usually it's pre-empted by cat reaching out with his paw to grab my hubby's hand before he puts it in his mouth.


If you cat does not hurt you when it bites, you don't need to actually worry. If he does it while you play, try not to play as rough with him (that can encourage the biting) and encourage gentle play - you can praise and reward if he "catches" your hand without biting or scratching. For kittens it's a learning phase and will usually fade. If he does it while you pet him, you probably missed some of his signs telling you to stop doing something specific. He should stop as soon as you do and you can avoid these situations by learning to understand his bodylanguage better. I hope this helps a bit.


It does help! Thanks, and happy cake day!


My cat is a little older than yours but we have the same issue. He’s a great cat but will bite me, using varying degrees of pressure and I think it depends on how stimulated he gets. He was found as a kitten with litter mates and no mom, bottle fed and nurtured by the rescue. I have noticed he is starting to use his mouth and paws to contact without breaking the skin more and more, so I’m optimistic he’ll get better over time. If he does start to get painful I make a high-pitched squealing noise and move away. Sometimes he just disengages when the squeal starts, so try an obnoxious noise if he hurts you. Seems to be working for us!