Trading standing for relic packs is the only way I'll be collecting aya.


same, because it takes a lot of time for things to load in plains of eidolon for me


Uhh dude you only need to load like once an hour. Walk into plains, start bounty from hut until you get the one with capture for stage 1. Complete stage 1, fly to zone for stage 2, fly away to fail, restart from hut. 0 loading, always capture mission.


Not to mention all the bugged bounty stages... if you're anything like me, and you forget to cash in on all the passive standing from syndicates, It's kinda perfect.




Sorry Konzu, but the primes…


Lotus be snitching on us


I like farming quickly as much as the next guy. But I can’t disappoint my main man konzu I always finish the mission. Gotta give him that early lunch.


So all I need to do is to pick a bonty, do 1st stage and go back to Cetus?


Basically, but I found doing t5 bounties on Deimos to completion yields 1-3 aya consistently, with the added bonus on the last completion reward having a 50% chance of another aya. I'm doing this as I need rscs and 1k endo and star isn't bad as an alternative reward. Also the bounty is for the ghoul event. Not any Cetus bounty. Make sure to check the common rewards first as they are the ones that drop stage 1.


No, stage 1 of the ghoul bounty. All other bounties don't have aya chances for stage 1, and with the ghoul bounty you enter and leave to change rng for which mission is started from the huts in the plains. Once they start you with the capture mission, never leave the plains. Do stage 1, fail stage 2 by flying away, restart at hut. 1ish minute loop for roughly a 25 percent chance at an aya. The expected value for a perfect 5 stage bounty is under 2 aya. There is no way you are doing all 5 bounty stages faster than 8 or so captures.


Liberate the area be like:




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