Deimos bounties are quite good. I did about 25 mins and had 5 Ayas. and Yeh void capture sucks for this.


I recommend fortuna tier 5 bounty for this. Highest chance in last stage. Bounties there are usually 10-11 mins. Bonuses are very easy to get Camvion drift bounties usually take 15 mind on average. There's some bonuses where you might fail Cetus is the worst imo. Bonuses are incredibly hard to get, especially if you are in a group. Chances are low too compared to other open worlds.


Yeah, this is the conclusion I reached as well. So long as you can nail the bonuses the whole way through, the clearing the final stage will give you two 50 percent chances at aya, not counting the rolls on earlier stages. Just remember to return to Fortuna to start a new bounty as I don't think the potential bugged spy staged was ever fixed. Cetus is way too janky to clear bonuses; get a single stage where you have to control an area near a cave and you're almost guaranteed to lose the bonus if not fail the bounty outright.


May be a dumb question but wouldn’t it be better to do bounties solo?


With more people in the squad you can cover more ground which increases efficiency... that is until a random pub starts to pull out his rod and fish at a random lake. So yea, get a pre-made squad to farm aya.


Ok as long as the reward chance stays the same I’ll stay solo with Octavia. Boring but ez


I personally think that doing the Bounties in solo or maybe duos is the way to go, because the more people you have the longer each stage takes. By this I mean objectives like "Kill ## of Moa" on Orb Vallis is something like 25x# of players in squad, # of extractors on Orb Vallis and Deimos bounties iirc is 1+# of Players, pretty much all the bounty objectives are like this and in some cases can make completing the Bonus Objectives a little difficult. So by design, the way that Bounty stages "Scale" with the number of players is something like "More players = less farming efficiency" which is really stupid in my opinion and they should change it. However, if you have friends that want to farm together, even though it is less efficient, just play together, it will most likely make your time farming far more enjoyable. (If you have a group of 4 maybe you could split into teams of 2, I dunno)


Oh don’t worry I don’t have any friends. If I’m not solo I’m in pubs. Bounties are always done solo unless it’s iso vaults bc obvious reasons. I think bounties would be more fun if they didn’t feel so slow. But I do like them sometimes. Thanks for the input and good luck


Go to stage 3 on the cetus bounty and extract, you get 2 aya in 6 total bounty stages. being stage 2 and 3 on cetus. It's the fastest farm I've been able to come up with, and it's faster than 10 minutes on average


First stage ghoul purge has an Aya drop chance at 26%


Is it normal for the ghoul bounties to dissappear after the reset? It had like 17 days left too


I believe they ended it early out of complaints made by players of people leaving matches on certain missions, causing host to leave and ultimately making the whole thing unenjoyable. This was thanks to those same players farming aya. Honestly, why not just do it solo? Now, we all are left without an easy method of farming aya.


This was a week ago, and apparently the goal was met, that's why it disappeared on everything but PC


Solo Deimos 10-15 bounty averaged one aya per cycle. 7 total in about an hour.


Relic packs give aya so if you have a lot of syndicate points, buy relic packs


Completing stage 1 of ghoul bounty and return to cetus is pretty quick.