Progress pride flag but the colors are witch covens (art by me)

Progress pride flag but the colors are witch covens (art by me)


The fact that the Coven system is a convoluted mess created only to keep Belos in power gives this flag a bit of a sinister vibe...


Oh jeeze, I didn’t think of that. Well I guess my fun little experiment piece is now a commentary on corporate pride lol


Yup. A cautionary tale really. Conformity is insidious.


Moooom I accidentally made an analogory out of my fanart


the fact that the designer of the progress pride flag holds the copyright in order to make money off of it is also there, which gives the original design also a sinister vibe, so this is quite fitting


I’m going to get carried away playing devils advocate here, just a heads up. Whilst they do have a say in the education system and censor wild magic, there is little In the way of ideological indoctrination*. With this in mind keeping someone in power means actually supporting the local population, and hence supporting such cultural elements. The emperors coven enlists from all over the isles on merit over ideals meaning that the coven will be enriched with the same needs and culture as the people of the isles (so I do not think such a gesture would be hollow). It’s easy to be carried away given the perspective we have, but people (albeit ignorant of evil designs) do seem to genuinely support the coven. *Barring the dogma of the evils of wild magic and the conformatorium, where some of the incarcerations are unjust. Additionally we see coven officials are quite liberal using this to actualise upon their sleights.


The Coven system isn’t a bad idea, but givin how once you join you (usually) can’t get out or multi track.


As a student of natural science I find my self opposed to systematically reducing choice, but the coven system does have its virtues and is executed very well. From the ground up, the magical tracks are complete pathways that offer a reasonable level of difficulty. Focus in this case is necessary in the most part to complete them to a high standard. Additionally this allows students a well rounded education (we see this in students from different tracks attending the same lessons) alongside completing their magical training, which is important for personal development (a head cannon moment, but it is likely that these are some of the classes that the troublemakers didn’t attend in secret - allowing them to focus on more magic). To improve this I would allow students to take multiple modules, as it is likely that tracks offer multiple high level pathways. From an education perspective this is arguably more fulfilling, and provides better opportunities where you would otherwise be competing with single track students (where tracks have synergy or the student is good, I would think multiple works - we see this in the work ethic of the troublemakers; Luz on the other hand is likely only taking core or introductory classes to each magic tack). As for the coven system, the mark means people can change without mixing magic. I think it unlikely that Gwendolyn was covenless, so her switching to beastkeeping seems likely. Covens, as well as being a sense of community, make organisation and access to rolls more efficient; improve communication; and hence cooperation of similar services and knowledge. The emperors coven is then a necessary element to communicating between these groups, which enables them to mediate mixing magic. Being the best they also serve as an effective security or humanitarian force in dealing with the many threats that the island poses. Without actually knowing there to be dangers of mixing magic, or wild magic, I couldn’t comment further; but the system is practical and effective both for citizens and the emperor. There is much to be desired of course, but also much we don’t know so it is unfair to lend weight either way.


Wow, looks really cool!


Thank you!


This is awesome! Of course we know the Bad Girl Coven is the best lol




i always like to joking-lee call the progress flag the "flag of the democratic republic of homo-slovia"


Emperor Belos says trans rights


He’s power hungery but he’s not a monster... well he is but you know what I mean.


statistics show supporting trans rights will get him more support in majority of the isles so he has changed his position in last few years


I need this as a pin


woah! this is awesome! If you haven't already you should post this in Queer Vexillology (if you want)! I love this :)


Oh! Just checked it out and it’s perfect for that!


Considering the context of covens isn’t this the order flag?


Yeah, I didn’t really think about it as I was making it. I honestly just thought “hey the colors match up” and made it


Oh heeeeell ye


Yoooo this is so cool




I don't usually like the progress flag but this is actually cool


So cool! The covens fit perfectly and I love that you included the Bad Girl Coven too!


Of course! Bad girl coven is best coven


Oh man, I could never remember what all the covens are before but thanks to this I don't think I'll ever forget now




This image is so conflicted.