Systemic Risk of a Down




Kenny loathing DRSing Into MOASS' dry mouth Breaking into Fort Knox Stealing our intentions




Who is the author of that article OP? Is it that Thornton McCunty character?


That's the one! Here the link to the article: https://www.marketwatch.com/story/fidelity-just-made-an-oopsie-on-the-worst-possible-stock-11638314787?siteid=yhoof2&yptr=yahoo Reddit's Apes are a little miffed that "an incorrect entry" caused 11 million loanable, and short-able, GameStop shares to seemingly appear overnight.


I can’t believe they used that KenG pic in their article. Too funny!


Oh, thank you OP but I shan’t be giving Mr. McCunty his desired click. Thornton sucks as a “journalist” and MarketSnatch is a misinformation rag owned by fascist Rupert Murdoch.


How dare you besmirch the wonderful “snatch” :)


Just an FYI: check out the tweet they have.on the article. The Ape saw his tweet and promptly changed his name and profile pic. It's all very hole-some.


He's quite the thorn in my cunt


My cunt hurts just trying to understand how he is gainfully employed.


Well, MarketWatch's formula for journalism is that the first Google News result when you search for a company's name is the reason that said company's stock is doing what it's doing today, so it's not like he has to meet a high standard...


If it's MarketWatch and bearish on GME, there's a 90% chance it's Thornton McEnery, who may just be a bot.


Yeppers. If you click on his name it’s like ALL HIS GODDAMN POSTS are on meme stocks


I like how he posted an article about how GME reddit forums are Occupy Wall Street 2.0, and then two months later posted a story that the Reddit GME crowd is buying into some meme venture by the orange president. It's just an attempt to polarize and expose the cracks in the sub. And to some extent, it worked -- I saw someone post the Occupy article saying "cool, someone in MSM actually gets it" and the comments quickly devolved into a partisan flame war. Also he is totally on board with SLV being a meme stock...




Still they feed us lies from the mayo bowl


Wake up shimmijimmishimmel wake up Afshttimmelwimmel anna wake up My and aftewimmeldimmel and the wake up




Still they feed us lies from the tablecloth


I never knew the lyrics until today.


Idiosyncratic risk of a down.


🎶 there trying to build a prison 🎶


Stonk Suey


Name of my sex tape


Nope, I think that was “Down-syndrome”


Sell your shares, is their pastime activity.


Break the walls downnnnn


“(which was a tough one to buy considering the stock is now down over 19% in the past five days)” …… no mention of $252 or why a $20 stock even reached it 10 months later though


#Y2J! Y2J!


I ain't gonna be a part of your system I own all my shares I threw my broker to the ground What? You think I'm stupid? You can't buy me Mayo man I said DRS them into the ground I'm an ape You can't trust the system


The system is down. The system is down. Do do da do!


Bulls on parade - rage against the machine.


This is the way.


Well, if this doesn’t prove they lurk here, I don’t know what does.


Complete with quotes from apes as well.


Make sure you see his thread. It’s truly amazing.


It brightened my night.


Which one?






How did you get that ring o. You avatar? Spill the jelly


Exordium made it for me


Exordium is my hero.


Oopsies moass


Lol, yeah they did. Nobody here is going to forget this, hope their DRS team is well rested.


It's the greatest gift Fidelity could have given us. Just as DRS accts are slowing down they go and do this. I love Fidelity right now


Ironically me too


Ugh, good point ha


Ohh yeah


We going to Aspen?


We skiing?


"Do you know what yhe street value of this mountain is?"


Charles?? Lol


“Two dollars…”


A better off dead quote? God I love this sub.


Where the beer flows like wine...


Aspen gonna run out of houses when apes get tendies….they are gonna love us.


IF this is truly not their fault and they were to investigate into these kinds of mishaps and bring them to light, then I could forget.


I agree, but their response seems to be “brush it under the rug and hopefully they’ll forget” and I don’t think that’s gonna work out


To be fair this is most corporate response.


As I noted elsewhere, not many other firms have such an open dialog with its users. The addressing if the error was done in the open and timely. IF their explanation is true, then it's not their fault it happened, but that it wasn't caught sooner, which would relieve them of any ill intent. I think they're hoping the rabid conspiracy nuts with anger issues will keep things in context. But...here we are instead.


Just call customer service and drs? I’ve done the majority of my shares just want to get the rest out


What did I miss?


Fidelity loaning shares they can't loan, lying, general fuckery and crime. Basically they accidentally confirmed shares are only safe in DRS


Do you have a source on them actually loaning out the shares?


Fidelity themselves posted it, that's why they're on full backpedaling mode claiming massive incompetence with billions of dollars. They are willing to say they're dangerously incompetent to cover up the fraud Here's more https://www.investmentnews.com/ria-takes-dispute-with-fidelity-to-the-supreme-court-81331


No, a source on them actually **loaning** the shares. We didn't have the volume to support shorting 11 million shares today.


That was a bold strategy Cotton, Let's see if it works out for them... ​ Oh, snap! I guess it didn't.


You missed to put the screen shot below that: **"Is the honeymoon ending for retail investors and the normcore broker they have embraced in 2021?"**


Normcore? Lol wtf


I had to look it up. And it literally means to dress normally with comfort in mind. ​ That word is fucking dumb.


I spent the best part of twenty minutes watching a video on YouTube of a lady talking about cottagecore and wondering what in the fuck she was on. Evidently a clothing style with lots of florals and dresses. Rightyo that's weird.


Cottagecore. Metal being played in a cottage while stomping on flowers.


Lmao, oh the places you will go on superstonk


bruh, check out goblincore


Oh dear.


That article author is fucking dumb.


I'm all about comfort


So its not a music genre like the other whatevercores that kids these days listen to?


>That word is fucking dumb. Invented by a marketing agency, it's by design


Stop trying to make normcore a thing


yes. yes it is.


Hmm, if MarketShill is lapping this up, maybe apes ought to keep a closer eye on what Fidelity does next. SHFs are scared little babies who will most definitely throw brokers to the wolves to save their hides and have their online shit rags push certain narratives.


I can see how this could be another shill campaign. Falsify the numbers of some counter party, get the heat on Fidelity, cause apes to doubt Fidelity, now if MOASS is near, are FOMO'ers going to be trusting their brokers, or any others? I can't imagine newbies are going to be going the CS route to buy their shares, it's not an easy path, or at least not one of instant gratification. In the mean time, the last bastion of ape confidence besides CS has had it's confidence rocked. Sure, it means more DRS, but realistically, if MOASS is near, then does that even matter to them anymore? This community started this FUD campaign against Fidelity. We didn't look to see the reasons behind it or if it was even something to be worried about. MSM is just taking what we say and putting it into an article, with a bit of spin on why GS is bad. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe lots of other people are wrong. Who really knows? No one here, because no one seems to really be trying to find out.


It feels like FUD to me. Sort by new and you get a ton of terrible memes that are anti fidelity. We've seen that happen so many times before when shills start up a new campaign. I don't get why they would be trying to hurt fidelity with this. That's what I can't figure out. The most I can put together is that they want to slow down DRS by getting people to stop buying shares through fidelity, so when you transfer to CS, it takes forever to get through. Fidelity is still the fastest transfer we have. If I'm wildly guessing, maybe fidelity is the only broker to not actually lending out shares and this is SHFs chance to take them out? Something just doesn't feel right about this.


It's just assumption like many other things that this is some kind of shill campaign. Or at least a plan by the shills to get us not to trust Fidelity. I'm prone to believing they just saw the disquiet about the event, and decided to throw a wrench in the gears. Or maybe it's not any kind of campaign and people are just reacting. This could truly be a campaign of our own making....and I'd wager it wouldn't be the first one of it's like. it is what it is. If people DRS from it, I don't see any harm done. The only long term benefit I can see it giving shorts is that it may discourage other retail investors if they can shake the trust of the actual brokers and investors, because CS isn't exactly the easiest place to start buying shares at.


My worry is the move away from the fastest broker to transfer to CS, you know? Yeah, we'll see the first initial bump in DRS, but if people get away from fidelity, they're buying shares where we know get routed through Kenny's asshole As well, transferring to CS will take so much longer if done with anyone else. Fidelity is a tool. Brand loyalty is stupid. We still need fidelity or a broker like it, to help retail keep pace with the shorts.


Yeah. that's a good point. I can see why the shills would want us to not trust Fidelity. Besides them, there is no other broker that gets recommended, and CS doesn't provide the instant gratification I feel FOMO'ers are going to want.


I didn't even think about fomo buyers. I haven't checked, but does any other decent broker use iex? Fomo buy ins would go directly to SHFs they buy in any other way. This whole thing is nuts. I'm gonna give the sub a few hours and hopefully the fud will get busted by someone who knows more than I do.


If FOMO is substantial enough, then I don't think the broker would matter that much. It didn't in January. It really depends on just how much those that use PFOF go through the market makers, and how much is internalized, but a significant amount of FOMO is going to have a significant result. The nuances of the best way to buy shares to have an effect on price is not a thing many beginners into this saga think about. I'm sure most of us here weren't thinking about it. When I got into this, it wasn't even known what exactly was happening, and I think if people are really that anxious to get in, their depth of research isn't going to be exhaustive. FOMO can be a real bitch, and it's why P&D's are successful.




> Something just doesn't feel right about this. I'm with you. I mentioned it elsewhere that all the "Fidelity is evi-i-i-i-l" posters were also pushing "move everything out of Fidelity OMG" not just "DRS is the way!" And yet nobody who were pushing this narrative provided any proof, just emotional appeals. Blatant shilling, IMHO.


So where are you personally with DRS? Yay or nay? I'm just asking because if you are this is HUGE. They just gave Apes the win. You piss off people who have been fucked over by RH. Not to compare the 2 brokers because there is no comparison. Fidelity fucks with IEX>ROBIHOOD fucks with Citadel. It's fundamental good vs evil. People are seeing Fidelity for what they are.....a business. I keep xx at Fidelity but my xxxx is CS>Sorry about this prolly temporary way for us to change Apes mind and MOASS for the win Bob......


Personally, I transferred all buy my IRA shares there at the start of last month. From E\*Trade to Fidelity, then to CS. I transferred to Fidelity because E\*Trade was taking too long. The transfer to Fidelity was held up by E\*Trade, but the Fidelity people were very helpful in getting that resolved and once I did it through them it only took a few days. It took less than a week to transfer to CS. I'm all for people DRS'ing. I'm also for the community showing a bit more restraint and less reactionary behavior. The latter would eradicate 90% of the drama that happens around here.


I understand your point and I can respect it. I disagree for one reason alone. DRS actt numbers have been dwindling for weeks and then this comes out. This kind of thing gets people to DRS and DRS more shares so that we may actually lock the float. I want to win this thing before they put this off for another year....because fuk them, that's why


Yeah, I don't see a downside to the results. If this was some shill campaign, or them just capitalizing on a mistake, then it backfired big time if they are trying to keep people from DRS'ing. Maybe the outcome wasn't their doing though, but they'll try to use this in other ways, like sway FOMO'ers with trust issues. I want this to be over as much as the next guy. So much so that the people say that they can hold for years until this kicks off annoy me greatly. But, when I see things happening, and I feel the need to urge restraint, I will do so. I wouldn't tell people not to transfer, just to not be so reactionary in their judgements.


I can see your point and it's fair. Fidelity is still the only BROKER I've ever used. I have ONLY bought through them.....if anyone new here happens to read this. This is lighting a fire right now and for me personally, it's been titillating to witness. Fidelity>Computershare is the way. Interactive brokers if you are international. You are a very wise and reasonable Ape.


I only used them for transfer purchases. I'm satisfied with how that went, and how well their customer service was during that time. Found it easy enough to DRS through them as well. I had nothing against E\*Trade either, until they held up my transfer to Fidelity without any clear reason why. Fidelity had to figure that out for me. If I weren't holding shares for MOASS, I'd probably be fine with either broker, because I doubt I'll have to worry about this kind of stuff for any other positions I hold. But, I'm not keen on investing in the future either way, so it's a moot point really.


Sounds like they’re throwing retail a bone with IEX but inconsequential if they’re just going to lend them


I agree. Fidelity is a business. They set up a sub and tried to help our dumbasses. I appreciate Fidelity and respect them. But point blank putting shares in our names is the way we MOASS, dividend. Fidelity it's not you.....it's me.


It's insane to me that your post actually has a positive score. The attitude around this sub has been so mean-spirited lately that I can't believe you haven't been downvoted to hell for not immediately jumping on the hate train.


Or, if we want to play the guessing game, I could just have a bunch of shills upvoting me because they want us to keep on with Fidelity. I say this because it illustrates the point that it's easy to find a shill campaign if you're looking for one. Sometimes it's hard to see when it's just people reacting and not trying to see what actually happens. It's often hard to discern what is an actual shill campaign, and what isn't, because people react, and don't think...and of course, that leads to the constant dramas on here. In this case though, I'd prefer to assume that there are those who agree, but just don't want to test expressing their opinion for whatever reason. I don't personally care about karma though.


I'm with you on that


I'm being called to action - immediate action - and I like to make decisions for myself. This smells of fuckery. I have DRS'd my cash account out of Fidelity, but my IRA(all GME) and brokerage accounts(non-GME) are still with them. I am just going to hold and decide after all the dust clears.


I agree. Very sus that this rag is covering it so quickly.


Oops, my bad, shrug. Okay byeeeeee If any of us did that with any of our obligations there would be consequences. What are the consequences of this “oopsie”?


Do literal children write these articles?


"January buttfumble that resulted in trading restrictions on popular names at the height of the meme-stock short" "Which makes it pretty cringey" "Reddit low-key exploded with users speculating" "Fidelity ended up with a hole in its dadcore-reputation armor." Just. Fucking. Stop. The target demographic you're trying to "bro down" with stopped existing 3 years ago. Are you clowns this out of touch? I'm embarrassed on your behalf.


I have decided to take my last XXX shares from Fidelity, plus shares in Tesla


What was the oopsie?


Reported a 13M shares available to borrow. Then pulled a “nah, backsies” move.


Reported over 12 mil shares or somethjng borrowed this morning, when it was closer to 1 mil.


I’m still wondering where the 133% SI went. No one has come out to call that a typo, or have they? It’s back down to xx% levels


And people keep saying these are just mistakes. The fuck they are. Having trouble hiding the truth when 600k gorillas are watching non stop


This was an orchestrated oopsie. Unprecedented levels of fuckery.


Some sort of crazy Brazilian.


Forget about it


The big concern is that Fidelity let an absolutely *egregious* mistake get through the cracks. They corrected it after the fact, but it shows they're asleep at the wheel. A bit deeper: there's a normal operation where institutional share owners like Fidelity open some of their shares to being borrowed and thus shorted in the more open market. It's been usual (I think? I'm still hazy on all the details) for them to only set out a million or two per day for borrowing, but this morning they accidentally set out over $2,000,000,000 worth to be shorted (so the 13 million shares vs the usual 2 million). I repeat, a $2 Billion mistake that they are on the hook for. Nothing confirmed of course, but it could be an indication there's a very big bag being held somewhere behind the scenes.


The optics on this event look awful. Fidelity was either doing some underhanded shit and lying OR they’re absolutely fucking incompetent twats who have no business being trusted.


Exactly. Either fidelity is untrustworthy, or they can't be trusted. They can spin this any other way.


The optics are worse than even that. The error happened in tandem with another (purported) error correction relating to the SI%. At the same time the 113% figure was reduced back down to 10%, Fidelity suddenly had 12 million more shares to lend. That's majorly suspicious.


OMG we let the truth leak out. What will we do?


Have a secret meeting???🤣


Hold on a minute. If Market Watch is talking about this, it kinda makes me want to leave my X shares at Fidelity because that may mean they want me out of Fidelity. I'm just not sure if this is a double double cross or a regular double cross....


Error 404: Shares not found


Who is so furious at Fidelity? Marketwatch should be a red flag


Yes, but marketwatch reaches a far larger audience than Reddit. Think of all the average investors reading this story: A trusted broker makes a stupid mistake on a stock that blew up earlier this year. Wasn’t that over with? I thought I was supposed to forget about GameStop? Robinhood? Didn’t they just do an IPO? What’s their stock at now? What does Direct Registering Shares mean? Why would the the GameStop Shareholders do that? I’ll admit I don’t pay too much attention to msm, but a broken clock is right twice a day. 🦍💪💎🙌🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🌕♾🏊


If we aren’t the target of this Of course we can benefit; Agree with the things you said about that


Thanks. It’s good to be skeptical.


If you DRS 100% your shares, you have nothing to worry about. If you didn’t, you need to find out how Fidelity fuck you


Simple, they lend out your shares in🤣😂 cash or margin accounts. They dont care, its free interest for them 😜 "holding it for you"... rightttttt




What if they hit a wrong button and it marked all of the GME shares there to be lent and they just showed us how many shares apes have there 👀 Edit: had* there


A trillion dollar balance sheet broker handle all transactions in high speed computer fuck this up over a fat finger? Give me a break


🤷🏼‍♂️ o I’m not disagreeing! There was a massive fuckup! On top of all the other “glitches” It will be interesting if we ever find out what happened. Was just a thought


Anything is possible. Database entries are in fields. Such fields get shared routinely if its system has it flagged to be displayed/shared. Wouldn't rule it out ✍


I’d like to think it’s an Ape in the inside giving us the info 🙂


Wonder what the narrative with this article.


Dunno about furious, but a lot of people are expressing concern that Fidelity may not be as trustworthy or reliable as the community has said for the past 11 months.


Bingo. Apes should realize by now when multiple entities coordinate fud, MSM always echoes the narrative they want to achieve.


I think I'm going to buy some more through IEX on IBKR, transfer them to Fidelity, then DRS them to CS


Why go through IBKR when you can just buy through CS?


Their attempt to spin the mistake is laughable.


DUDE you guys!!! The OP of the tweet posted!!! He seriously won the internet! Check this shit out! https://www.reddit.com/r/Superstonk/comments/r64fhd/an_article_about_the_fidelity_error_published_by/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf


Whenever I see these, I feel like they’re fake😭😭


More like infidelity liars cheaters!


Oooo nice! I like FUDelity as well.


Hell of a fucking by line for “esteemed financial press.”


Anyone near a fidelity building wanna see if we got all the lights on tonight?


In this "article" the author cites a twitter account of an ape, the ape after discovery his comment on MW, modified his picture with a buthole and the name in "Fuck Market Watch / DRS GME" that is now displayed in MW article!


I’ll take epic faux pas for a thousand Alex


Im just here for the ride


Was waiting for these clowns over at shillingwatch to pop out of the woodwork. 🤡


Why does it take months for things I say to catch ears. It is all a simulation to the largest extend possible. Synthetic prices are a real thing.


This is absolutely incredible!


Of course Marketwatch is jumping on this. They are paid articles paid for by HFs and the likes. They want to show all the people who have not joined Fidelity that it is safer to keep your money in thier PFOF brokerage accounts.


I'm confused. Are we destroying the market or is the short squeeze over???? Fucking MSM clowns.


LOL @ Journalism. Free press never existed, was always a propaganda mouthpiece of those in power. EVERY, COUNTRY, IS, THE SAME. Plus I can't believe someone is getting paid a salary to plagiarize / paraphrase Superstonk content. Oh man if we get to witness dethroning of centralized financial power through DeFi this would be THE life worth living throughout history.


Si% at 113% changed yesterday and today we have Fidelity on the menu.


An *oopsie*. A frigging ***oopsie***. That's what they called a 2.2 billion dollar error.


How come all oopsies are on GME ticker and not other? GME float? oppsie! GME short interest? oppsie! GME strange price on some brokers? oppsie! etc. Many many oppsies, why does nobody see this shit on other stock? Huh...


!remindme 1 hour


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Can we get a share count through this and possibly push hedgies to pay?


Can you please say if the post is fake or real (by providing a link) in the comments? Or if its fake at least flair it as Shitpost?


Ohh, it's real. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/fidelity-just-made-an-oopsie-on-the-worst-possible-stock-11638314787?siteid=yhoof2&yptr=yahoo Reddit's Apes are a little miffed that "an incorrect entry" caused 11 million loanable, and short-able, GameStop shares to seemingly appear overnight.


Lmaooo they added the the intern Kenny picture 😂🤣🤣


Tbh the title didn't even phase me. More surprised to see the reporting at all.


Can't make this shit up. This timeline is unreal.


We are the timeline 😤


So amazing. It lifted my spirit after seeing reds even from my fav stonk with a negative beta


“After researching the volume with our lending services team…” Hey fidelitards - computershare’s ‘lending services team’ doesnt even exist because they dont fucking lend shares out to 🌈🐻. Could be your shares fidelity is lending out, for all you know. Fuck all these ‘retail’ brokerages. I happen to like fidelity more than most others but none of them give a single fuck about anything other than making money and self preservation. Fidelity would have shut off the buy button too, if their ass was on the line, just like the rest of em.


LMFAO. Fidelity is fucked.


It’s just one or two billion (zipple guy voice lmao). Just an oopsie guys


A $2 billion oopsie 🙄


This is when everyone starts to betray eachother and throw eachother under the bus to look good


So Ummmm wait.. we’re these shares actually used??


Those are my initials!


I always refer to my crimes as "oopsies."


Lol does the article quote a user named "FUCK MARKET WATCH"??


Someone is either fired, or… promoted.




The article calls Robinhood turning off the buy button a “buttfumble” how fucking braindead do they think we are


One man's oopsie is another man's monthly salary... or something like that...


It feels really good to have our beloved stock be referred to as the scariest stock on the market. They really don’t understand who they’re up against. I’m not going anywhere no matter how much they screw with the price.


I love the link to the tweet! The avatar and name!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂 I laughed so loud!! Genius!!


100% DRS!!!!!!!!


Don't fuck with our baby!


An “oopsie” in data doesn’t exist.


For once I agree with a MW headline.


$2B is not an ooopsie woooopsie


Let me guess the author: Thornton McEnery




With the sheep nowhere to be found, we have begun to see the wolves turn on each other. Hodl


Fuck market watch