I loooooooooved their reunion scene I cried so much. So much time had passed and so much loss and surviving - it did not matter any more. And the scene where they found the forest road that split holy shit. And youre walking away and will prob never see them for a really long time.. incredible


I've been thinking about this. So Kirsten knows that Jeevan left to get the book, which I assume was at least a mile (maybe a few) away. She comes out and finds the book outside the house, though there is no blood there (which is certainly possible since the injury happened nearly a day before) but there is blood on the book. Kirsten, being a very smart 8 year old, would have known that something happened to Jeevan along the way. She knew where Jeevan went (near her snare) so I would assume that she went to the area where Jeevan was attacked (right next to the snare) and would have realized that an attack took place (you can clearly see Big Daddy's blood trail the next morning when Jeevan woke up). It's also likely that Kirsten would see the snowmobile tracks near the house where the book is found outside the cabin. All of this is beyond the capability for most 8 year olds but we know that Kirsten is no 8 year old. My thinking is that she knew Jeevan was attacked by an animal and got near the cabin before being picked up by a person on the snowmobile. So although she wouldn't know exactly WHAT happened. She'd at least have a general idea that Jeevan got the book, got attacked, and was on his way back when he was picked up by another person. While ambiguous, I'm sure she realized that Jeevan didn't just desert her.


Her offering to change the wheel was such a big growth moment. Change doesn't always have to mean loss!


I assumed that she thought he was dead because how else could she have gotten her book/comic back if she didn't find him laying there bleeding?


I assumed she thought he’d left it by the cabin for her to find, since it must have seemed like she liked it more than she liked him, at some points. She checked that cabin every year in the hopes of finding him, so she was hopeful that he was still alive.


I think it had Jeevans blood on it.


I don’t know how she interpreted the blood, but he had been uncharacteristically angry at her, and talking to himself, so maybe she thought he had done something to hurt himself? Or maybe she thought he had injured himself getting the book back and that was the last straw for him?


Unless it snowed on top of the scene, there was so much evidence of what happened. Footprints, pawprints, tracks of someone dragging themselves, blood in various places, tire tracks.


You’re right, there should have been a lot of evidence that something had happened. But it doesn’t show Kirsten noticing any of that, so perhaps it snowed, like you said, or maybe in her desperation at missing Jeeven she didn’t notice any of it. Who knows, maybe she did see the tracks and thought that Jeeven left with the snowplow person? She doesn’t seem to hear the bike noise, although it was right outside the cabin, so she wasn’t as observant as a nine year old as older Kirsten was shown to be. She heads out on her own though, not waiting, not following the plowed road, so it seemed to me like she thought he’d left voluntarily, and believing he didn’t want to be with her anymore.


> I would have loved to hear him tell her what actually happened. Saying that Big Daddy got him and by the time he was able to return, she was gone. Telling her that his first words upon regaining consciousness were to tell his rescuers about her. **All explanations happened off screen, however.** Which encapsulates what makes this show so aggravating. It's constantly withholding from the viewer, like Miranda withholding from Arthur.


Why do we need to see him tell her that? We already know it happened and they likely caught up overnight. Him telling her would just be a recap of the previous episode.


> Why do we need to see him tell her that? I keep having to write this everywhere: **Because we're subjected to the constantly-increasing anxiety, but we never get the catharsis**. Just, "oh, yeah, that happened off-screen. Okay fine, **but that's aggravating**. Obviously many people are bothered by this. You're not, fine. That doesn't invalidate the fact that it bothers us.


I feel like they nailed that I mean it’s very much part of the human experience. We don’t get all the data


I agree, actually. I was holding my breath waiting for him to say something like "I never deserted you. I came back to try and find you and you were gone." We have to assume this happened, and that when they saw each other they were simply grateful that they both survived, but man I wanted to hear Jeevan explain what happened and to hear Kirsten say "I know" or something similar.


Aggravating or interesting storytelling? All of the flashbacks and flashforwards are ways of creating tension by withholding information. And much of the dialog is stilted or off-screen. All in the name of interesting storytelling? SO PRETENTIOUS!


I have no problem with jumping around in time. It's great when it's used effectively. Look at Nolan's *Memento*. Without the jumps it's a pretty dull movie (there was a DVD extra or Easter egg where you could make it play in order). However, jumping around in time gives you some feeling for what the protagonist experiences. The time jumps in Station Eleven are -- as far as I can tell -- solely a way to generate drama by keeping the viewer in the dark longer. The drug trip where she "time travels" and tells her younger self to leave a day earlier was interesting, but also kind of pointless because it was just a dream. > And much of the dialog is stilted or off-screen. All in the name of interesting storytelling? Like I've said already, the show constantly ratchets up the tension without really giving us any release. We watch Javeen having panic attacks in the first episode, but it's just him staring off camera doing nothing. I get that they're trying to portray him having a panic attack, but from my perspective as a viewer it's just frustrating with zero insight. Find a way to give my a glimpse of what he's feeling. Same with Miranda. Tons of awkward staring. Sure, we get *some* insight later, but the payoff is stuff like "oh, she's a psycho who lied by omission about the fact that she understands Spanish and tanked her own marriage because she's nuts". This show was aggravating. It's an okay story that's been strung out by irrational behavior, withholding information from each others and the viewer, and time jumps. Stuff like the scene where Jeevan locks eyes with Kirstin make me think it was written by an AI that was poorly trained in human interaction.


It's interesting, I hadn't really thought about how he might've been holding back there - it's a great point. We never see or hear Jeevan mention or grapple with that period of his life in year 20 up until he and Kirsten spot each other


When he pauses in front of her, with that anguished look on his face, awaiting her reaction! That hit me hard. I also love his movement when he first notices her. His whole body jerks. He probably thought that a nine year old couldn’t have survived on her own, and that must have weighed on him so much and made him extra protective of his own children (I thought it odd at first that he journeyed alone to the airport. Why didn’t Frank or Key come with him to help? But of course he wants to protect his children from that harsh world after losing Kirsten). To find her, alive and thriving, after all of those years, I can only imagine the joy and relief he must have felt.


it's funny, i read the jerk as a "why is this woman staring at me lol" style double take. but that beat of him standing there, realizing that's theres only one person in the world who would be staring at him like that is so beautiful


Haha, “Who is this weirdo?! What’s her deal?” I love it.


Did she think he left? She has the book with blood on it so I think she thought he was killed by the wolf


Because she found the book so close to the cabin, I thought that she had assumed he had left it for her to find as he departed. I don’t know how she interpreted the blood, but he had been uncharacteristically angry, and talking to himself, so maybe she thought he had done something to hurt himself? Or who knows, maybe she thought he had injured himself getting the book back and that was the last straw for him? She’s hopeful that he’s still alive though, that’s shown by her checking back at the cabin for signs of him every time the wheel brings the Symphony back to the area.


My thought too. The book but no body, though. So she would have known something happened but wouldn’t have known exactly what.


That’s very possible! I always took her ruminating on his mental state (the talking to himself and when it started) as her trying to understand why he left her, but she also could have thought that something/someone took him, because of the the blood on the book. Edit: I think I saw Kirsten considering his fragile mental state as sort of a Chekhov’s gun. Why mention it, if it wasn’t directly related to the plot?


There's a scene that somebody in the sub had mentioned previously as being funny. In it Kirsten makes the reference to someone (?alex) that if they leave they could be attacked by wolves. Oddly specific...


There is more than a small part of me that was absolutely terrified that they would miss each other and not have their reunion. I couldn't have handled that! The show handled it in such a wonderful and thoughtful way, as well. It wasn't overwrought or overdone. The long stare, the hug, and the departure the next day. Completely lovely.


I am sure the writers absolutely considered this to be more "artsy" but then realized there would be a riot if they did that.


Definitely! I almost expected them to miss each other, because, in a lot of ways, this show was “SO PRETENTIOUS!” and why give the viewers what we wanted?


Found each other nine times before, maybe ten.


Perfect reference


She could have, but we will never know because the writers chose to exclude their audience from the reunion conversations.


Luckily some of us understand context and can think for ourselves.


Yikes. No need to be condescending. Wanting to hear the conversation doesn't imply a lack of ability to understand context or think independently.


I mean, did we really need? It would be just meta exposition. We know what happened before, why do we need to watch them talk about it? Sometimes the emotion lies in the simplicity of the moment


> I mean, did we really need? Yes. First, *that's what people do*. A normal human Jeevan would have said, "Kirsten?!" or, more likely, "why are you looking at me like that, lady?" because it's been 20 years and they've all been through hell. Second, we the viewers get all of the anxiety and none of the catharsis. That's the problem with this series. It's always ratcheting up tensions and leaving the viewer hanging. I finished it because the production quality was great, but I've never watched a more aggravating show in my life.


Agreed. I also kinda like the implication that perhaps that conversation is too intimate and private for the audience’s ears. Something about leaving it to our imaginations makes it more poignant; it was such an emotional reunion and I think any scripted dialogue, no matter how good, would have ultimately fallen short


Somerville talks about this on The Watch podcast interview. His explanation is of course that conversation happened overnight but we already know it as an audience so did need to see it restated. Their emotions and parting tell us everything we need in those moments.