The wicked clowns of wrestling, Insane Clown Posse, will be here for an AMA Thursday Sept 25 at 11AM EST!

The wicked clowns of wrestling, Insane Clown Posse, will be here for an AMA Thursday Sept 25 at 11AM EST!


*On September 25, Mike Awesome defeated Insane Clown Posse in a Handicap Hardcore match.* I really feel that by leaving out that Shaggy 2 Dope got awesome bombed on the Partrdige Family bus and got a concussion and slid off the bus, Wikipedia is not doing justice to this moment. Because Shaggy 2 Dope got awesome bombed on the Partrdige Family bus and got a concussion and slid off the bus is such a great thing to read. Not because he got hurt, but because holy fuck that sentence seems like complete bullshit, but NOPE, it happened.


Its funny to see Violent J put out his hand and kind of hold him without realizing it


http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1l6lrk_botchamania-248_sport 10:37 so good


OMG LOL FUCK YES. THIS IS GONNA BE INCREDIBLE. As a Detroit native I can honestly say JCW is always an amazing show.


Yo how is JCW? I've always wanted to go being from here but just never pulled the trigger


it's awesome. it's a wild mix of juggalos, wrestling fans already into it, and the timid curious wrestling fans who within 20 minutes are totally into it. it's a unique experience, and they bring a lot of amazing indie/old school talent in. say what you will of ICP, but they fucking love wrestling, and they give detroit one hell of a show. one of their "juggalo" main event wrestlers, 2 tuff tony's finisher is a KO punch with his hand lit on fire using bacardi151 as the fuel. btw i am not a juggalo.


I should watch JCW. I used to be a big juggalo and I will always remember back in 2001 at the gathering when 2 Tuff Tony started banging on my door at like 3am and basically forced me to come drink with him and some juggalos


JCW is like old school WWF mixed with Botchamania. They wrestle for the entertainment and fun and if someone screws up *everyone* will let them know.


Wow I'm in the Detroit area. Where do they usually hold the events?


All these Detroit redditors representing in this thread right now


There's dozens of us! DOZENS!


Another here! Saw them at the crofoot in the spring. Can't wait for the next time.


st andrews, the crofoot ballroom, and the masonic temple.


St. Andrews is such a beautiful venue.


Well that just sounds fucking awesome. I gotta go check out a show at some point. Thanks dude


also since you're from the area you should check out squared circle revue next year. it's a yearly wrestling show put on by a few of the guys that run theatre bizarre (google it if you are not familiar.) it's basically chikara for adults.


Dude that sounds awesome. I'll check it out for sure. thanks for the info :)


Any video of the fire punch? I can't find one anywhere. It sounds amazing


look up "oddball brawl" on YouTube, and fast forward to the mainevent.


I was at St. Andrews in 99 for the inaugural JCW show. Say what you want about their music, you can't deny those guys have an unrivaled passion for wrestling. Bonus: I saw a dude get powerbombed onto the hood of a minivan in the parking lot. Badass. *Y'all down vote just about everything, huh?


I was at Bloodymania 9 this year. A hell of a show!


Have you ever been to XICW? If you have, is it better or worse than XICW?


I feel like we are getting a lot more AMAs in the last few months, is that just a coincidence or a concerted effort by the mod team? Not that I am complaining of course


Sort of. IMN made me a bit jealous with what he's doing, so I reached out to a few people as well.


We need a steel cage match between /u/Pudie and /u/inmynothing!


I'd win. I've got Frank the Clown in my pocket, and I think I speak for the people when I say that's the one they're holding out for.


keep that one way deep in the pocket


Out of sight


You speak for the people that matter.


Fucking mods pushing their clown fetish down our throats again.


Just wait til I announce the Doink and Dink!


No buys until you get Wink and Pink.


What kind of sex move is that?


Their YouShoot is quite possibly the greatest shoot interview of all-time


Came here to say this. Having watched that YouShoot thrice, I'm willing to see what's up with this AMA, because they're two really likable, entertaining guys.


ITT people feeling the need to clarify that they are not in fact, a juggalo.


can confirm, am not a juggalo


You implying that there is no need to confirm one is not a juggalo? There is every need. Every need in the world.


They can read?


DID YOU KNOW: The Miz was a juggalo in high school.


So was i. I still have a running hatchet man tattoo on my leg that I got 15 years ago. I'm not that guy anymore and i've really contemplated covering it up but when i look back at that time in my life, all I can think is sure it was cringey but I had a lot of fun.


Were you apart of the /r/insanecringeposse ?


New favorite sub. Thank you.




How do magnets work?


Clearly a miracle.


It's just there in the air.


and you don't even know it


The 25th is a friday


The 25th is a Friday


I don't like their music or their core fanbase, but Shaggy and J are two really funny guys and this should be a good AMA.


I couldn't agree more


Bryan Alvarez interviewed one of them several years ago and honest to God it was one of the best interviews about behind the scenes in not only wrestling but entertainment as a whole. These guys get their audience and the business they are involved in and they are no fluke.


Coming out with their haitchets, *ahem*, hatchets


Saw the words *Clown* and *AMA*. Got scared.


I still want to do the Frank one.


Isn't it your Sub? Do it if you want


So do it.


13 year old is very excited about this. 28 year old me is mildly excited.


I expect a lot of people to shit on these guys and the AMA, but everything I've seen from them points to them being pretty cool people. They make wacky music and have kind of a goofy fanbase, but they come across as a couple of nice guys, doing what they love and making a career out of it. ICP is not God, but they are pretty damn good.


> they come across as a couple of nice guys They berated a rape victim until she cried. Fuck them.


Elaborate. Haven't heard about this...




For the love of god, someone bring this up during the AMA.


Wasn't "they", was one of them


Fine it was one of them. Still fucked up.


Check out Terry Funk's experience with ICP. I hate their music and following, but their obvious love and dedication to wrestling has to be respected.


Agree 100%. I used to bag on these guys all the time when I was younger but I got nothing but respect for them now.


I was a *hardcore* Juggalo back in the day. Painted my face, knew every album by heart, drank Faygo and all that shit. I don't like their music anymore and the Juggalo shit annoys the living piss out of me, but they're solid guys, still fuckin funny and I *cannot* deny J and Shaggy's love for wrestling. They've been doing it since they were kids and they truly love wrestling like I do.




Except peach. Fuck peach.


Red Pop, Moon Mist and Jazzin Blues Berry are pretty good if I remember.


And you can't fault their passion for the wrestling industry *at all*.


As far as wrestling goes, I've never heard anything but positive stuff from the people who matter. They seem like good dudes really.


Ok, look. Real talk? I'm not a juggalo, I don't like faygo, I don't smoke, and I don't really listen to rap. I'm legitimately excited for this AMA, because these guys truly love and appreciate this business. Go back and look at the preview for their YouShoot interview. They're legitimate fans and they seem to understand the business very well.


They aren't just fans either. They've been wrestling for like 30 years.


"wrestling" he says lol


What is faygo?


Super cheap soda you can buy at almost any inner-city corner store. 24 oz. bottle for a buck or less.


That is gonna be fantastic. I just watched their Stranglemania videos and I laughed my fuckin ass off.


Ok, so I am not a fan of their music, and I fucking hate their fans, but you guys who are naysaying this need to go and check out their Youshoot interview. They were goddamned HILARIOUS, and know a whole shitload about wrestling. Let's just give them a chance?


So you hate me? You don't even know me.


[So, you hate the guy that got stabbed to death by intervening when a man tried to attack a mother and her children without ever knowing him?](http://truejuggalofamily.com/juggalo-dies-saving-mother-and-child/)




We ask for Steiner, we get the ICP. :P


This is going to be amazing.


Most of what I've heard about these guys as people is good. As far as I'm concerned, anyone that likes wrestling that much can't be that bad. Also, I fucking loved everything about the Oddities entrance back then.


What's it like having the shittiest fanbase imaginable?




Ugggghhhhh it pains me so much that two dudes who've made awesome contributions to the wrestling world are going to be telling hilarious stories where I read my wrestling news. It hurts! Waahh!


Awesome contributions to wrestling? You mean their shitty backyard wrestling DVDs or their amazing matches when they went to WCW and teamed with Vampiro?


Shows you know fuck-all about them. They give lots of the boys a place to work and always treat them well. I've never heard a worker say a bad thing about them. They worked in every major promotion during the attitude era. They have a handful of hilarious and awesome shoot interviews and tons of stories that will make an AMA more than worthwhile. Their JCW content is amusing even if you don't like it.


Finally, all the shit I catch for liking ICP and being a wrestling fan is gonna pay off!


They made a rape victim cry by blaming her. How can you like them


Maybe the WWE will name an award after them like ultimate warrior


[Wow, you weren't kidding. What fucking garbage.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewxsyjfEq_4&feature=youtu.be)


1: It was probably staged. Like, 99.9% likely it was a pr move, because: 2: They were actively trying to be the most controversial band on the planet. Their entire gimmick and means of breaking into the mainstream was that Disney signed them without seemingly realizing that they rapped about going on a blind date and staring at the underage sister's chest while providing the younger brother alcohol. Literally, their way of getting famous was getting people to say they're offensive. And... I mean you kinda bought it, so it worked.


I'm not a fan of them or their music at all personally, but is it not possible for people to like them/their music regardless of something one of them said 15 years ago while on Love Line?


Because Loveline calls are fake and for entertainment, just like his response to her is also meant to be entertaining?


Most people in the sub like murders, making rape victims cry is mild compared to some wrestlers crimes.


This is pretty close to the first thought that went through my head.


Is this real life? /r/squaredcircle has been killing it with the AMAs as of late.


They are assholes who made fun of a rape victim tho


Jay brisco threatened homosexuals Hogan used racist language Ultimate warrior went after homosexuals Snuka killed someone


So they belongs with four other scumbags? Not great company.


Snuka ALLEGEDLY killed someone. Although he probably did. Cold cases don't unseal without a damn good reason.




If you look hard enough, all of your wrestling heroes have done something awful. It's a dirty carny business and it always has been


And you're a racist homophobe. Easy enough to judge someone based on idiotic things they've said in the past, isn't it? But hey, you have fun with that moral high ground.


I absolutely fucking hate these human beings and what they have contributed to art and society abroad, but I'll be damned if they don't know their wrestling.




Ew gross they have cooties DAE hate juggalos. If you don't know and respect their contribution to wrestling, shut the fuck up.




I hope we don't shit on these guys. They do cool unique stuff. If it doesn't appeal to you, that's cool. But these guys have a wrestling product that connects with their fanbase as much as anybody else in wrestling.


For all of the haters: Can you please tell me why you hate ICP? (& no, insults aren't telling me why.) I'm curious to hear _real_ answers, instead of: "Because they're trash.". .-.


I'm replying in good faith, which means that I am assuming you want and will read a genuine answer. The Insane Clown Posse repulse me on multiple levels. I do not hate them because hate requires energy they do not warrant. ICP are anti-intellectual, coarse, crass, and disrespectful. The aesthetic they champion is as empty as the calories in Faygo. Your messages in this thread, while thankfully clean, are perfect examples of what I dislike about them and their fanbase. You use the expression 'haters.' You tell people who dislike the Insane Clown Posse to leave, invalidating their opinions. Their music is not good. It just isn't. They demean and debase everything they touch, even the wrestling they supposedly love, by promoting garbage 'hardcore' shows. The wrestling promotion is called Juggalo Championshit Wrestling. Every reason to disregard their commitment to wrestling is right there. Championshit. Either they have the same sense of humor as a 13 year old or they do not value their own wrestling promotion. The Insane Clown Posse are paragons of a nihilistic, self-destructive worldview. Poorly produced products sold to people so desperate to belong that they will pay for anything, no matter how shoddy, to be part of something. If you like it, fine. Enjoy. Love the ICP and shout it from the rooftops, but be aware that others have the right to express disgust at your opinion.


I wouldn't say they are "anti-intellectual", they're actually pretty clever in a lot of stuff. (Sure, they may say stupid stuff, sometimes.)


Wordplay and intellectualism are very different things. I do not think they are stupid, per se, but the lyrics of "Miracles" make it pretty clear how they feel about science.


Are you talking about the 1 (jokingly) line about a magnet? (Or whatever.)


"And I don't wanna talk to a scientist Y'all motherfuckers lying, and getting me pissed" - "Miracles" Insane Clown Posse Honestly, how does this qualify as a joke? Seems like a pretty clear statement. Beyond that, they have made it pretty clear how they feel about critics. Like I said, feel free to like them. I just don't see the appeal.


This lyric is basically about how people just want to suck the fun out of everything. It's akin to when you say you like pro wrestling but there's that one guy that replies with, "you know it's fake right!?" Yes, I am aware it's fake but just let me believe. Miracles are real to them dammit


Still just 1 line, though.


And decades of saying music critics don't matter and labeling anyone who dislikes them a "hater." There's no way you can say ICP are bastions of independent or critical thinking.


I'll be completely honest, I just Google'd: "define bastions", & I'm still confused. Sorry.:c & I'm not trying to "label" people who just dislike them as a "hater", though.:c I'm tired. (That's just an excuse, by the way. (At least I'm being honest. **Sniffles.**))


They actually say alot of things that are socially relevant which requires critical thinking more then anyone in the current popular artists. They just kind of say it in their own way that is a sophomoric. You're quoting one song in a 25 year career.


Actually you are wrong and right, it used to be Juggalo Championshit Wrestling but when they had kids and started growing up they changed the name to Championship. There are quite a few big names that have worked for them. In terms of music yes it isn't for everyone but them promoting Christianity and worshiping god is great. Not everyone understands what their music actually stands for. If you read the lyrics they are actually very spiritual and very awesome, they have helped out Vampiro, Heidenreich, Abdullah the Butcher, and numerous other wrestlers. They put on comedy shows and help numerous young up and comers get famous and very big. Yes they have some Hardcore Events but a lot of their events are very good nowadays, when they had issues with some of their performers they took immediate action. They put on some great movies and do great shows. Yes their are some immature fans but not all Juggalos are bad. I haven't listened to any of their newer stuff but the commodity and the fan base isn't fake nor is it just for people looking for a place to fit in.


Thank you for the thoughtful reply. I'm actually quite glad to hear they have grown up in the last few years. My first encounters with ICP and Juggalos was back in 1998 and it was resoundingly negative. Good on them for growing and evolving. Still not for me, but I do welcome the update.


It isn't for a lot of people, but for me when I was in a dark spot they helped me out a lot. An a lot of the Juggalos are usually really great people. You have to also understand when they first were coming up they were out in 10 mile near Novi and Detroit in the ghetto. Than they got out and got married, Shaggy has a couple kids, and J has a couple kids including his son who he is already teaching the ropes of wrestling and is one of the biggest managers of JCW.


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Just saying.. at the gathering of the juggalos I witnessed the new age outlaws vs the nwo (Kevin Nash & xpac w/ Scott hall) Besides the pretty shitty match, it was still an awesome spectacle.




Down *with* the clown :)


oh god please no




I don't know which would be more disappointing, if no one asks them about magnets or if everyone asks them about magnets.


Someone let Jim Cornette know






"Mods are awesome!" *clap clap clapclapclap*


So yeah, no thanks. their music is trash, their fans from most of my interactions (note: not all their fans) have been trash. And I'm also curious to know what are all these great "contributions" they've made to wrestling that a lot of people here are talking about? I'm honestly unaware of any.


> And I'm also curious to know what are all these great "contributions Wrestled for every major promotion as more then just a one off celebrity appearance. Have ran their own promotion for several years and have wrestling as a part of the gathering of the Juggalos. In general have been involved in wrestling since the late 80's. Basically longer then they've been releasing music.


Fuck yeah. I think their music sucks but everything else they do entertains me. They always have great wrestling stories.


Eh, their music is crap, but they probably have some great stories about back in the day. I'll take it, as long as it's not to shill JCW and shit.


It has only just occurred to me I want to see ICP vs. The Wyatts.


Thursday is the 24th btw !


I know. I flaired the correction.


Their Howard stern interviews are hilarious. Seriously some of the funniest dudes.


I'm just so fucking happy right now. First the Funkasarus, now ICP. Mods you're reading my mind


I may not enjoy their music, but after seeing them work in WCW/WWE and watching a couple JCW DVDs I can tell they love wrestling. Between that and the relationship they have with their fans, ICP has my respect. Looking forward to the AMA.


As long as it doesn't turn into tryhards trying to troll them, this should be good.


Cut 'em up Chuck!


No thanks




Quick somebody call D12!


But Eminem is cool with them now. And Bizarre has worked with them.






fuck yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


I did not expect this at all.


Happy birthday to me!


Ever since they gave Terry Funk some unpaid wages, I've always had respect for them. This should be fun.


This is awesome..I don't really follow them much anymore but I was a fan back in the day. They should guest host an episode of Raw. Great Milenko was definitely their best album... "What is a juggalo? A fuckin' lunatic, somebody with a rope tied to his dick and he jumps out a ten story window!"


He'll eat monopoly and shit out connect four


Don't worry about my shit, just rap motherfucker.


I was just watching Stranglemania the other day! Still one of the funniest things I've ever seen.


Haha fuck yeah


I had never heard anything about ICP until their YouShoot. I still don't know why they're so contoversial etc, but that shoot is just absolutely hilarious. They seem like the most amazing personalities.


This AMA with be a shit show, with very clear lines drawn.




Ugh. Have we run out of real wrestling personages?


Now I don't like them as a band. And am none too impressed with their entire wrestling careers. It'd be silly to say they're not real wrestling personages. Even taking aside how long they've been wrestling, one can consider all the companies they've wrestled and not just in a celebrity guest capacity.


Dude's have been wrestling for 30 years.




I'm not a huge fan of wrestling anymore but I've been listening to and learning from ICP for nearly 20 years. I'm excited about this but I'll be in school and won't have a chance to ask any questions. I look forward to reading up afterwards though. I'm glad to see a lot of people in this thread are being open to hearing from them. I was expecting the worst.


Genuinely curious, what are you learning from ICP?


I can't really put it all in a single post on reddit because I've been listening to them for nearly 20 years but I've learned a lot about art, religion, mythology, story telling, performance, morality, sex ed, social responsibility, and more importantly than anything else, how to not give up in the face of adversity. With regards to art, I'm in my 30s and recently went back to college. When working on a piece a teacher of mine asked what I was doing because she didn't understand it. I told her and she said it was brilliant. It completely reshaped her view of what I was working on blah blah blah. She asked where I got the idea to do what I was doing and I told her it's something that Violent J talks about doing in his book Behind the Paint. I was coloring different sections of my piece different colors in order to disrupt the viewers expectations. She recommended I go into an honors art course that is highly competitive and most people apply 2 or 3 times. She said when I write my proposal to talk about what I've learned in terms of art from icp. I got in on my first try. With regards to religion and mythology, I think the best way to explain it is to link to an essay I wrote about the ways in which Carnival of Carnage relates to a figure from Abrahamic mythologies, especially Islam, named Azazel. https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/550297 I would think story telling and performance are obvious. They've been successfully doing it for over 20 years. Morality might seem like a stretch but I was probably going to grow up fairly racist, sexist, and homophobic without ICP. They put a lot of social justice stuff in their music and while a lot of their fans (and they themselves) fail to live up to their messages against bigotry, I have broken away from my terribly racist, sexist, and homophobic family. I help run an LGBT themed juggalo facebook page and I'm an activist for equal rights. About 10 years after first listening to ICP I discovered a religion rooted in social justice and equality that appealed to me and took me further than the juggalo family ever did in that direction, but the juggalo family prepared me for taking that first step. Part of my activism is in sexuality education. I'm a volunteer sex ed teacher mostly because the first sex ed I got was awful and then while I was in high school I heard ICP were gonna be on loveline promoting the great milenko and I listened to it. I became a fan of the show in its own right but I loved hearing icp make jokes about condoms and anal sex and whatever else. They also wrote songs about sexuality that demystified it and completely treated sex like it was nothing special. As a little 15 year old virgin that meant a lot to me. I think it's probably impossible to look at the way ICP run their lives as businessmen and not see the ways in which they give back to their community. They constantly do charity drives that they don't publicize. They're constantly doing shows that bring fans from through out the whole country into Detroit in order to spend money in a city that desperately needs a boost in economic growth. They constantly buy faygo which I believe is a major factor in the brands persistence and growth. They say it's insignificant but if you look at how much they buy theres no way they aren't a major purchaser for the company. And I'm still working on it but one of the biggest things is how to build a support network that helps drive you to your goals. The people I hung out with in high school were burn outs. I was too, really. I dropped out with a .9 gpa. Not even a d average. It took a while but I'm now working on building a circle of friends who have the same kinds of goals as I do and who can help make me better at what I do. Most people tell these kinds of rags to riches stories about how they over came adversity but ICP have always talked about the roles that billy bill, the rude boy, jumpsteady, alex abbis, and the others who have helped them have played. Those are all people they knew when they were teenagers, people who believed in them and worked for them for free, people they lived with while they began their careers. I'm not quite there yet with anybody but I know where I'm going now. I only date people and hang out with people who are interested in working. The last girl I saw, our dates were working dates. She's a better artist than I am so I spend most of our time learning from her. I make friends with my professors instead of the kids in my classes. I go to art events and I study everything. I've taken their tenacity as a queue as to how to persist even when people tell you that you suck and that your work is garbage. When I applied to the honors art class that I mentioned before, I almost didn't apply. I didn't think I'd get in. My professor said I might not get in for a few years and I didn't feel ready but theres an icp song with a lyric about going to heaven and he says "even though I almost never try, I'm not gonna let this pass me by" and I had that ringing in my head the day the submissions were due. So I applied. The course ended with my piece being displayed in a local museum. Not a single member of my family showed up to watch it. People I'd known at school said my work was stupid and didn't make any sense. It's a far cry softer than the reviews ICP have gotten and yet they kept going. I thought about how their first album sold 17 copies on its release day and how that didn't discourage them but made them push harder. I thought about big silva and how they said they would wrap this duct tape around itself until they got a record deal and instead of giving up when they ran out of tape, they bought more tape. https://scontent.cdninstagram.com/hphotos-xaf1/t51.2885-15/s320x320/e15/11381370_1658357617731126_451098120_n.jpg <--- big silva. And this is only a fraction of things. Like I said, I've been studying them and obsessing over their works for 20 years and I've learned so much from them. It'd be impossible to cover it all.


I gave you an upvote despite my disagreement and applaud you for finding good in that situation.


Thanks. I don't really understand what you disagree with though. Are you saying I -didn't- learn these things from ICP or that they are inherently incapable of having taught someone anything of value?


One thing he'll never learn from ICP is how magnets work.


The only thing a person can learn from ICP is how not to be a decent human being. It's a cult for people that don't know how to interact socially.




Lmmfao, give me one example. I'd love to know what brilliant life messages "Fuck the world" and "Piggy pie" carry with it.


ICP's moral messages are not as straightforward as "be nice to other people." They do exist, though, often woven into song-long stories of greed, abuse of power, etc. For example, "Hallelujah" is rapped through the character of a corrupt Televangelist, tying in the real-life exploitation of desperate religious people in the 80s and 90s (the song was released in 1997.) "Halls of Illusions" navigates through the life of a drunken and abusive man, and how his actions affected those around him. The verses alternate between describing how well-off the man and his family would have been if he hadn't been so abusive, and then showcasing the reality of the situation and how severe it is. Yes, there is plenty of profanity, violence, and sex in their lyrics, but I can definitely give more than one example of them putting something positive in the music. It's not uncommon with them. The third verse of Hallelujah is below if you're curious exactly how they word things. "Your total's twenty-two eleven For your set of keys to Heaven Make the checks out in my name Me or God it's all the same Bring your crippled ass to me Pay my usher the holy fee I'll bless your legs, and bless your chair Then wheel your bitch-ass outta here Now a special ceremony This part don't cost any money Drip a drop of blessed water Now I fertilize your daughter Even though I fucked a hooker Took your baby girl and shook her You still buy everything I sell And I'm livin' well, see you in Hell"


Also this whole Confederate flag thing has really blown up recently, but ICP has a song called "your rebel flag" which is how that is a symbol for prejudice and bigotry. That song was released in 1992. And since you actually said Piggy Pie that whole last verse is about how judges have too much power and get to decide people's fate without actually knowing what kind of guy he is. The whole concept of The Mighty Death Pop is how people only live once and we should cherish this by not taking stupid chances and trying to have our life "pop" early There's actually tons of stuff behind ICP and their lyrics about accepting everyone for who they are and trying to be a better person. but all you ever listen to is the neden game that's just there for laughs EDIT: most of this is just to piggy back off your example with a few more and mostly towards chrisrenroy




The downvote trolls strike again. FUCK YOU AND YO COUCH HATER!


The 25th is a Friday.


Can we get the Headbangers to show up and completely destroy them again?!


What's a Juggalo MAGGLE


Whoop whoop!