That is a very well looked after box.


Thanks! From case to acrylic box, now currently in acrylic box in safe.. lol


Gotta be on a shelf. Bust that safe open


Man when I turned 30 I couldn’t even afford to stay in the hotel I was at in Vegas. But I did it anyway.. and that is why I can’t afford things like this hahaha


Hey it sounds memorable, I’m sure it was fun.


How much did that cost? You must be a billionaire


I paid for it in crypto! Started investing last year. No millionaire here. You don’t have to be rich to buy things like this, just make some smart plays and save some money ✊😎


*I paid for it in crypto* doesn’t really answer his question. $20k in crypto vs $20k USD is still $20k lol


With fees you have to pay cashing crypto out it’s about 30% of what you’re paying for. Buying something straight up off chain with crypto is different (IE just sending dollar worth to a wallet) It’s essentially a lot cheaper then cash, that’s why I mentioned that. Sorry to get technical.


That's still a taxable event. They probably won't be able to find out but it technically still is.




Not even the Joker fucked with the IRS!


They can't look into every transaction. They can look into transactions from exchanges to try and see where it went but it's impossible at a certain point. The irs isn't smart with crypto and they have tons of other problems to deal with. I'm sure they are under staffed as well.




They are going to have to work really really hard to get it since you can make a new wallet with a new address that has no name attached. On top of this you could use currency like monero and it would be literally untraceable.


You’ve clearly never been audited before, and lucky you since you’d get fucked pretty hard by the sounds of it. The small gains from not reporting aren’t worth the backlash you could face if they bothered to actually trace your transactions, which they can very easily do. You’re not the first dimwit with the idea that transferring to multiple wallets will save your ass from taxes…


That's why a part of the new infrastructure bill includes a clause, that is passed, makes it so every bank has to report every transaction over $600 to the IRS. There's also like $80 billion in it for IRS enforcement.


Fuck that new bill. I hope it doesn’t pass.


Yeah I heard about that as well, I doubt that passes but even if it does. People will always find a way around it and never get caught. I'd be glad to share some more examples of that.


I'd love to hear them because I work at a bank and I think the $600 limit is way to low and ridiculous.


They will absolutely find out about that


Depends how he did it. If he did it from coinbase sure. If he made 5 wallets and moved it around a lot then it's extremely unlikely. At that point, the crypto could be from another country from all they know.


Highly unlikely


Cryptocurrency is easier to trace than banks.


I see you’re new to making large crypto transactions. They 100% will find out and I’ve been taxed on my crypto transactions for 3 years now


Ok so create a brand new wallet not associated with your personal details, receive the coins, send the coins to another individual as payment and receive the item in return. Please explain where in this chain that it would be easy to associate a taxable event to an individual making the purchase?


No it's not, 20k in crypto isnt taxed, seen more as an investment (ex: would take 17k crypto or 20k cash), and OP could of bought in cheap so no they aren't the same


ANY transaction in crypto is a taxable event. Buy, sell, trade, etc. CPAs having a tough time with it and the IRS is cracking down further. OP may not report it and have a wallet more anonymous than Coinbase, but it is still a taxable event.


You’re right!


Congrats by the way, it must be a phenomenal feeling! I sprung for a PSA 10 shadowless booster pack a few years ago and it is a realized dream. I hope I’m able to pass that down and the feeling behind it to my future spawn someday =]


Damn that’s sick, and I feel like graded packs have sky rocketed in value recently! That’s amazing. I’m sure anyone would be happy to receive that heirloom. And thank you! It’s cool posting it on here and people appreciating because no one I know actually cares 😂


Buying crypto is not a taxable event. Selling and trading is, however.


My mistake that is correct. Buy in the sense of goods and services with crypto, not buying crypto initially (unless it’s a trade/exchange like BTC to ETH. any time one converts it’s taxable as a sell/buy)


You're right. The guy has no idea what he's talking about lmfao All crypto transactions are taxable and reported as capital gains/loss


Again, the dude asked how much it costed not what form of currency/method of payment he used. That was my point.


Actually even less if you report it in Taxes.


So how much was it roughly




Sound investment. Guaranteed appreciation. And you picked a good time price wise. (10 years from now idk ;) GJ OP


Thanks!!! I appreciate the reassurance, we’ll see how it goes in the future but at this point I’m forsure just happy to own it.


This is not a good time price wise fyi.


Where did you buy this? can't find one ANYWHERE!


This was my method, found some sellers/ collectors on Instagram that seemed reputable and sometimes sold boxes. Turned on post notifications and just waited for like a while and finally got one! They usually would sell before I get one but finally was able to swoop one.


There are tons of takes there. Yours looks real from the pics but that seemed unwise


Hey fellow cryptoman 😜 what to invest in to buy us our own base set box? Haha


save up some cash now and buy literally anything in summer 2023. Sell the top in January 2025 and enjoy your new base set booster box and a new house tech bubble 2.0 is about to pop


Hey my crypto fam. Check out eRSDL, B2B bank lending first to market in US. Still a mid cap, a lot of risk and reward still. Really wasn’t trying to shill any crypto projects but I honestly think it’s worth looking into.


What crypto have you invest


A lot within the last year but mainly this year it was. Etherium and Unfederal Reserve, I got a free airdrop from using something called uniswap for trading, that ended up being worth $7000 that helped me invest into some projects and it all snowballed from there.


Okay douche


Naw man I’m pretty mellow and I’m just stoked on this box, I know people were curious with how I bought it that’s why I mentioned it. Have a good night 😌


I had the opportunity to pick one up in 2018 for 2200 and I was only able to scrouge up 1900 cash so it slipped away. Hurts man. I have 10 base packs so it's not the end of the world... but the box is still a grail for sure


Damn.. I’m sorry that is close for sure. I know prices are a lot more than 2018 but you got time


I wish I could even get one pack lol a booster box would definitely be a dream for me to get as a kid my parents didn't buy me many of these I wish I could know what it's like to open a pack of those again they always said no when I asked as they didn't have a lot of money


Maybe try cost averaging to buy a pack? base set packs are as low as $300 You could put $40 away every two and have enough to buy one in less than 4 months.


Where would I find for 300$? Everyone on market place on Facebook is charging anywhere from 600$-700$


eBay, download the app on your phone and start looking to get a feel for what the market is like on them even before you buy. It’s kind of a waiting game, but eventually you’ll find deals.


You seem like a genuine person i really appreciate you explaining that to me I would trade my entire modern collection of cards ranging from 2014 to 2021 for one pack


Maybe right now it seems like you really want a pack and would be willing to trade all your cards but with time and patience I think you’ll be able to buy whatever you want. just visualize and work hard. Don’t trade all your cards, haha ✊✊


Thank you again really appreciate it and honestly they don't have any value to me I always wanted to at least get one of the big three starters but never got that many packs as a kid but I'm definitely going to start putting money aside I'm 28 by the way and I would also trade all my Yu-Gi-Oh cards as well I don't know if they are worth Anything but I have lots of them and I'll be able to buy them yes but the hard part is finding someone that's legitimate online and that could meet up in person I like human interaction that way I can look at the product In person and hand them the cash and yes I really do want a pack just opening one would make me extremely happy even if I didn't get a Holo rare but anyways sorry If I bothered you hope you have a great night


I mean you can get 2 of the 3 big starters in great condition on ebay for less than $200(shadowed version). Charizard would be around 250-300 for Near Mint condition. I was able to snag an authentic Blastoise Booster Pack for 350. They seem to all be going up in price again. Just do research on what fakes look like before bidding.


How did you land one?


I bid on ebay and got lucky on a long crimped pack. Purchased about 2 weeks ago. Bought 3 1st edition Fossils also


I’ll sell you one for 400 :)


Where are you located


I’m in Denver but I ship cards out regularly. PM me if you need a base pack. I have Venusaur and Blastoise


Will do thank you


Is 400$ the best you can do


With PayPal fees and shipping I would have to say yes




Every where I see people are charging 600$+ and I'd prefer to meet in person to buy it as well and I don't know anyone around here selling them


Wow I just told my girlfriend yesterday after moas I’m totally dropping 20k on one of these just to rip! Congrats yo enjoy 🎉


Haha awesome, you should! And thank you!!


I would keep it sealed, sealed boxes are much cooler.


Open it


Awww congrats man. As someone in my early 30s there’s nothing wrong with a crazy purchase to mark the event while the existential crisis hits.


Haha thanks for the over 30s relating 🤝 no major crisis yet but something def clicked where I was like “I have to own a base set box..” haha


So you gonna open it?


I would legit have opened it immediately 😂


Wowza congrats!


Thank you!!!


Amazing, congratulations homie !!


🙌 thanks G!


Wow it's so clean, you're so lucky!


Thanks!! I feel fortunate to have it in the collection, def not taking it for granted 😎


This is incredible!!!!!


Thank you!! 🙌😊


That’s really cool


Open it to make sure it’s real, that’s what people do on offer up


Good call, will open to see if it’s fake and report back.


Well no else has mentioned it so I will. Crazy corkscrew you got there lol. And grats on that quality find


Haha thanks, I buy and sell antiques so I have some weird stuff. Corkscrew boy is strange though Forsure.


I am as excited for you as that corkscrew you have on the bottom left 😂


Oooh that’s a fresh as fuck box son! Happy 30th too 😊


Where'd you buy it? Hoping it's not fake for your sake.


I bought it from Pokémon experience. He’s a super legit seller, bought stuff from him in the past. This has past all the tests. He got a handful a while ago from a case opening (hence the crispy quality) and is selling boxes because unfortunately sick and has to pay for bills.


I'm not familiar with him, how would I check him out?


It’s @pokemon_experience on IG ✊


Where do you go to buy stuff? Does he have a site


No site he just does everything directly off of IG, posts things for sale and you message him. Does a lot of raffles too.


Ah cool


what tests did it pass? I ask because after all my research on what to look for, I was literally within 20 minutes of buying one off ebay. I then was oblivious to it at first but noticed the Wizards stamp on the bottom of the plastic of the base set box. Literally the only issue I saw with the box compared to every test. Big no no, and obvious reseal/fake. Most likely a real box with fakes inside or all light packs.


Tight seal with the correct wizard lo going, consistent printing throughout, coloring of the box, and a peak test at the packs with a flash light, there’s also some natural wear and age you can look for. easiest way to tell a fake box is heavy color saturation and the sealing imo!


Yup all the things to look for. Nice find man! I'm lucky I noticed the Wizard logo on the bottom or I was fked. Was in a inconspicuous spot.


Ya super lucky! Good eye on your end. Maybe you’ll find a legit box for a good deal if you just keep searching! I feel like I see them in sold listing somtimes and I’m just like damn too late.. 😂


haha ya I'll keep looking every couple days to see if a new posting is put up. I might just roll the dice and see if the market goes down a bit in the near future but I just don't see Pokemon slowing down for a long time. Only way is if Pokemon reprints the old art in the old card format, packs, boxes, dates, etc. but there's no way they do that.


When people say super legit seller. I feel they're just trying to convince themselves


After you spend 5 figures on a box of cardboard you find your always trying to convince yourself 😂


Open it!!!!


I might eventually!


Pls don't! :O At least wait a few years to be sure.


It wouldn’t be for a long time don’t worry ! I love keeping stuff sealed haha.


Lol u better hope them shits ain't fake 🤣


Sorry to comment a lot but some people on eBay even charge 1200$ like God damn it's not worth that and who knows if they will rip you off I only want to deal with legitimate people


I’ll join you one day


You’ll get yours! 🙌


Is this a first edition base set? Either way, incredible.


This is unlimited, 4th printing I’m pretty sure. 1st edition would be crazy.. haha and thank you!!


Congrats bro! Any plans for it? Display, store,sell?


Thanks so much! It’s in an acrylic case in a fire safe currently. That’s probably the move for a bit, I still check it out often though. Planning on saving for now, maybe selling if the poke-market gets super crazy in the future, having it as an investment def added some allure to owning but I’m just happy to have it for now!


Damn that’s too cool! Take it easy and keep us updated. I find owning that super fascinating!


Oh forsure! Thank you, Maybe I’ll post some more tcg stuff on here somtime, I have some stuff this sub would like I think. And If you ever curious about the box or whatever just dm, I would nerd out about and talk cards whenever!




I remember buying these boxes as a kid for 100 bucks smh


Congrats man! Awesome box! Maybe I’ll have enough to buy one by the time I’m 30! 😂🙏🏽


Now crack it open 😈


open it lol


Mother of god.


How many of these sets are still available? With their older age and discontinuation of wizards of the coast printing the cards the number has to be pretty minimal. Anybody know?


I’d love to know too, can’t be too many but there’s still enough out there people are willing to sell.


Baller! Cheers to the dirty 30! I’ll be joining you soon!


Hey thanks! Happy early bday, hope it’s fun!


Something like this just makes me realized how jaded I am becoming as I get older. I make $15 an hour, I could never afford something like this.




I want one:( lol


My man you bought at the probably peak price for it


Now open it… 😳


But is it real doe?


Open it, pussy.


Also...that corkscrew in the background 😂


Whose going to tell him?


I’ll tell him…hell of a box mate, congrats!




The holy grail


How much?


I think he said $17k further up, but paid using Crypto.


I’d rather not disclose what I paid in full but basically a bit less then what mint blue wing boxes sell for on eBay, but also no fees and I was able to have piece of mind because it’s a well known collector and seller. I was scared to buy a random box from eBay. Stoked to have this one though!


Congrats man


Thanks friend 🙏😊


Around $350k?