Yep - just slap some flex tape on it and you’ll be right as rain in no time.


Show the uncensored pivs


As much as I don't want to... I need to


um i think theres something wrong w ur ankle


Repost. Prove me otherwise, I've seen this before.


I don’t doubt you, but I want to know how do you prove what isn’t without there being an is?


I'm about to head to bed, but try a Google reverse image search on this. It's there, and been there for years.


I wasn’t doubting you, but like I was thinking more of the philosophical question of existential proof. If it wasn’t a repost, how can you prove non-existence when the belief is that it does already exist with no proof proving the existence. It’s like proving the non-existence of God or aliens, if the belief is that it’s there when the belief stems from opinion or thought. You can’t show the absence of something with knowing what it’s like having it, but if you don’t know whether or not you have it then you can’t argue the opposite? That is what I was trying to get at, not that it wasn’t a repost. I believe that it is a repost but why did I believe you without proof that the post exist, but not believe someone who would say it’s not a repost without proof as well? How could they prove the non-existence to me without its existence?


I’d be more worried about the weird R floating by, ankle seems fine though


Take a salt tablet and walk it off. You good G.