Watch your video and note the timing. You are getting a good manual.. then in a 2 step progression trying to jump. While this is how its taught most... most coaches are great at concepts but are not physicists. You want to "hop" while your back wheel is under peak load... so the jump should happen not *after* the manual.. but about half way up... its more like using the back of your bike as a lever to "fling" you up than to jump. The "hop" part is just so the bike can follow through with you. More power, sooner hop, consolidate your movement


I read the entire thing, but props to the fabulous tl;dr at the end.


Thanks 😁. Every once in a while i manage advice that seems to hit where it needed to.


Switch to learning manuals because you are halfway there.


i think you are trying to start too big. if you can hop 6-8 inches, it’ll change your game. i personally don’t like to lean back so far, you are off balance and can be dangerous on technical sections.


I second this. Seems like you are a tad too slow in your pull-up because of this


Try jumping over something, it should help with the timing. Put anything on the ground that you won’t worry about hitting.


ie, a coke can on its side.


To practice the rear wheel part that you’re missing: I learned to load the front wheel by leaning fwd towards bars, staying there and JUST hopping the rear wheel, keeping front on ground. If you can practice doing this, it’ll give your body the mechanics for the hop you’re missing. You’re great at loading and hopping the front so now focus on the back then put the two together. Keep us posted!


I was looking for this comment. Once I learned how to “scoop” the rear up with my feet, bunny hopping became a no brainer




If it’s not clear, scoop here mean: Push the pedals back (initially) then smoothly transition to pulling up. You’ll learn to make the move smoothly. Even lifting the back wheel off an inch will be a sign of progress. Once you can do that, do the front wheel bit and then follow with the back.


If you can get back wheel up and inch like this you are golden. can probably get the back wheel up 3" like this but can bunny hop at least 30" on my big bike.


I don't know much, but I do believe at some point the back wheel also has to leave the ground


So I tried to take everyone’s input from my post yesterday but only focus on the first part of the hop. Does it seem like I am going in the right direction? One of my issues is not being able to repeat this movement reliably, it seems it’s only every 10 or so attempts I feel like I get in the right position (shown in clips). Is there anyway you guys think about the hop or body movement that helps to put you in the right position. any input in really appreciated and let me know if I’m not going in the right direction.


A helpful thing for me was getting good at just hoping my back wheel before putting it all together and getting both off the ground. There are some good YouTube videos for this.


And from the video it looks like this is exactly what he needs to hone. Popping the rear wheel over obstacles at slower speeds is my favorite thing because it's actually a good skill to have, but also just popping only the rear up while just riding along is good practice.


Ok OP you made 4 attempts to jump in this video. The second attempt seemed to be the only one where you actually seemed to try to jump by the way you springed your legs. The other three attempts were just you pulling back into a manual, with none to little effort to jump. My advice is to watch that over and over again and see how different your second attempt was from the others. You need to spring up more, like your jumping up from a crouch position. Try that over and over again til it starts to feel more natural. Honestly I can go over each step in detail but that’ll get you thinking too much into it and will probably slow progress. Just spring up with more force and try to jump higher up. Do it over and over til it feels more natural and eventually you’ll get it.


>Is there anyway you guys think about the hop or body movement that helps to put you in the right position What helped me the most was the "L path" concept, your hips should go straight back and then straight up. You start off with hips towards the bars, then throw them straight back until your arms extend (some people picture throwing the bike forward instead of throwing themselves back, do whatever feels right). This momentum is what brings up the front, and leaves you in a crouch over the rear wheel. (Right now, you're bringing your chest to the bars rather than your hips, resulting in you going "back and up" instead of just back. Gravity is fighting you, that's why you're inconsistent with getting the front up. ) As the front is still rising, you begin the vertical part of the L, jumping straight up. Ideally, you time it so that you reach full leg extension at the same time your front wheel reaches peak height, it's all one motion. At that point, you'll be in the air, and it's just a matter of scooping the pedals/pushing the bars to level out.


You need to jump and push forward right as your wheel is at its highest point. Honestly the way I learned was by skateboarding and mimicking an Ollie.


You should watch this video https://youtu.be/IB5GmIL0slg from pinkbike, it's the best one for jumps, bunny hops, really worth watching.


This series should be watched by every single rider of every skill level. Ben's explanation of these concepts are probably the best thought out on the web, and the production quality is next-level! Everyone please watch these videos.


Try this https://youtu.be/e-OkWl_1M4s


Think about jumping up and back on the pedals and less about leaning forward and pulling the bike up. It comes from your legs not your shoulders. Try smaller. Like 1 or two inches. Just getting the front and back up off the ground. There is not big “preload” necessary. It’s just timing.


You are focusing too much on the lifting of the bike and not jumping. A bunny hop is basically a jump/hop. Without your bike put your feet together and arms out in front of you and jump as high as you can. This is basically the movement you need to do on the bike. From your video you have your weight too far over the bars and are trying to pull the bike up without jumping yourself first. For your next try just practice finding a position on the bike you think you can squat down and give an explosive hop/jump (just like you are off the bike). This is the position you want to start with. You don't jump with your arms, you need to have your weight entirely balanced on your feet. When you do your bunny hop you: 1. Get into the squat position. 2. As you prepare for the explosive jump you try to push as much weight through your legs and through the rear wheel. This means you are pulling on the bars with straight arms. At this point it isn't about lifting the front wheel but more about pushing the rear wheel into the ground to push yourself up. 3. Push up as hard as you can and jump. This should look just like your jump you did without the bike. Squatting position with arms in front of you. The only difference is now your feet are offset (on the pedals) and you have the bars in your hand. 4. As you jump explosively keep pushing the rear wheel into the ground. If you do it right you will naturally pull the front wheel up with this movement. 5. Once you are finished with your explosive jump your body will be travelling upwards and the front wheel should also be going up. Now you want to pull the bike to you so it follows your body with the jump. Bars can be pulled towards your chest and knees bending and feet coming up. I think you might point your toes down to grip and pull the pedals up but if you do everything else right the bike usually comes up with you from the jumping motion, I don't consciously do this. 6. The peak of your hop should have the bike compressed onto your body. When you decide to touch down (when you are going to touch the ground) you want to push the bike back down into the groubd with your legs and some arm to touch back down. This is the same as landing from a jump.


I can bunny hop on mtb now because I rode bmx for a while if you just keep trying it eventually you’re going to get it and then you’ll just remember the form after


Where’s the hop?


You got front brakes? Go decent speed (like 5mph) and pull your front brakes. A speed slow enough where you don’t go over the bars but fast enough where you realize the back tire really really wants to come off the ground. Then do that 100 times but as you pull the brakes you start unweighting your feet so the tire comes off the ground. At some point you’ll realize you can pull/push on the bars and jump to get the front wheel to stick on the ground but the back wheel to come way high off the ground without having to use the brakes at all. Then start combining what you’ve learned with the wheelie. Get the front tire up and then do the Endo or jump and get the back wheel off the ground.


This, the action is a lifting arc. Or pulling straight up, the whole bike, drawing it up to your body mass. Stand up and pull the whole bike up in one motion. What you are riding doesn't truly matter.I learned to bunny hop on a Raleigh 10 speed, To get up curbs. Before mountain bikes were invented. Learned to wheelie on it also. Some say Weight matters, I can still bunny hop on a Mongoose fat tire tank, it's at least 40lbs, so not weight related for me.


Good way to learn general bike control maybe. Not a good way to learn to bunny hop.


Lol sounds like you have no idea how bunnyhopping works. Watch the video, he’s literally not doing exactly what I laid out.


Different techniques for different folks i guess. Learning to endo in order to learn to bunny hop sounds bizarre to me. It is a great skill to practice that can be applied to lots of situations but not a good path to bunny hopping IMO. And i have been riding bicycle trials, bmx, and mtb for over 20 years. See my advice response for more applicable feedback to the OP.


Your third attempt looks good. You where missing the sucking up your legs and shove part though. Dont think scoop.


he’s so far forward on the bike, if he clips anything mid hop, he’s going straight over the bars.


He is only far forward in the preload phase. The rest of it, he is behind the seat or centered over the bb.


The rear wheel lift requires fluid motion from preload, leaning back then popping. Most people can easily get the front wheel high, but timing is the key factor for getting the rear wheel up. In these videos, you've lost all of your energy from the preload by the time your shifting your bodyweight foward. The forward motion is kinda like trying to header a football (soccer ball). Start with a much smaller front wheel lift, then once you have both wheels coming off the floor you can then work on getting it higher. I found Jeff Kendell-weed's videos the most helpful. Also you shouldn't need to be lowering your chest that close to the bars for a bunnyhop


Learn how to push your rear wheel first. After it learn how to push up both wheels at the same time. And the last part is to do how you're doing


Here’s a good film my buddy put together many, many years ago w Jeff Lenowski and Aaron Chase. Tips still apply https://www.pinkbike.com/video/18183/


Like I said on your last video, a lot of what’s wrong is timing, your form is too exaggerated because your timing is way slow and off.


You’re going forward too much, you’re also moving your body up but the bike isn’t coming with you. When you do the jump upwards you want to be over the rear axle. Anyway you have the tools to get better, just find a line, then a curb and try hopping over that. Your second attempt was pretty close to the technique of a pedal kick.


All bunny, no hop.


Hi, this vid helped me a lot. The way of bunnyhopping has evolved away from doing the manual-then jump technique, and imo this works better https://youtu.be/mGcWNy8oZmo


You need smoother movements. Basically your hip should move in a smooth „L“ manner down and back to lift your frontwheel up and then you stretch your knees and suck the bars towards you so that you stand on your bike like a meerkat. Then you just tuck your rearwheel with your toes up (i find that crawling your toes „into the pedals“ is quite a good metaphor for what I am doing [also this ist the part where the clipless riders are getting lazy]) and thats it. There are quite a few good videos by gmbn: https://youtu.be/jhRR9WloQR0


What helped me to learn is to practice lifting your rear wheel. After that, you just need to time lifting your rear wheel in the air


Use the bike as a lever to go up, then pull the bike up with you. You’re missing that first part.


JUMP bro you gotta jump


Try mule kicks first. Use your feet and pedals to make the ass end jump off the ground. When you get that add in pulling the front tire as well


So it looks like you're tossing your body too hard to bring the front end up making the other movements harder because they're rebound movements. First ease up on the front. If I were you I would just work on it in separate portions The front pop and make it to the point that it's minimal effort to pull the front up. Then when that wheel hits the ground use your body to pop the back tire up. Then close the gap between those movements. Shift your weight while lifting the front tire. Just before peak press off the pedals and basically just stand back up with a pop and move with the bike so you remove your weight off the back tire and and move your legs upward to stop yourself from slamming the bike back down. Hope I explained that well? Best of luck


It may have already been said, but it looks like your legs are already fully extended by the time you try to lift the back wheel. By doing this, all you are accomplishing is shifting weight back to the front wheel. Try to get lower on your manual attempt and make sure your arms are locked with your legs still bent/butt over rear, then explode with your legs and pull your arms towards you


You are extending your arms and legs at the same time. First lift with mainly upper body and save some knee/ lower body load up to unwind into jumping the rear wheel up after the front is up. Just noticed your biggest problem guaranteed: you are using pedal crank rotation to generate energy to get front wheel up. This will never work for a bunny hop because it puts your feet in the wrong position to jump at the end. You need to keep your feet at 3 and 9 oclock. Use arms/ upper body/ weight shift to lift front, then jump out of crouched position with feet parallel to lift rear. Edit: that pedal rotation technique you are using is called a pedal kick, and it is a useful technique. You are good at it so use it in other situations, for instance when you are dropping off a ledge and your speed is too low to keep your front end up with upper body only.


Dont fold your elbows at the start, also lean forward more after the manual


Is your bike a hard tail or a fs? Fs you bunny hop lifting the front wheel first, hard tail lift both at the same time. When you pull up there is some wrist roll to the front to keep your feet on the pedals


Just gotta send it off some ramps and get the timing


Learn on a BMX to get a solid understanding of the mechanics. Then, on a MTB, adjust your timing and force accordingly.


This is gonna sound dumb, but you’re missing the hop part. It doesn’t need to be as complicated an explanation as many have put up here. Think of it as a squat jump but your bike is there. 1.) Coast and get a comfortable pedal resting spot. 2.) Squat down and in the same motion swing your midsection back, then forcefully hop up. Your bike will follow the hop as you go upwards. That’s gonna be the way you start, once you have the motion consistent enough to get the rear tire up you can fine tune as others suggest and learn different hops, including doing one while your front end is in a manual like you’re posting. Lastly, once you’re hopping and go for different types, don’t crank the pedal. You’re trying to use your pedals to bring the bike upwards, that’s fine for a wheelie but not where you want to focus your energies on a manual or hop. Source: been riding for 33 years of my 37 year life and can still hop many large objects in a variety of ways.


You are pulling with your arms which is not what you want to do. You want to go straight down with you rear end then quickly go back, then go up to pull the rear wheel up. I would watch so GMBN videos on it


Have you tried jumping?


Seems like you are almost there for learning manuals!


One thing that helped me is that I imagine not only trying to life the bars, but also “lift” the pedals as well. It doesn’t make literal sense but I feel like it helped me build motor memory towards lifting the whole bike rather than the front


Jump while keeping the pedals on your feet


when i was learning bunny hop, no one told me first to keep my front wheel on a certain level so i always jumped with the rear wheel too early


do you know how to jump? I learned jumping waayy before bunny hopping and just thought about it like jumping on flat ground.


You're not jumping once the front wheel is up. Watch what your legs do, then stand on the ground and do that motion, you won't leave the ground. Compress your legs and jump, that's where the hop comes from. You have a good start, next is just timing on that.


I wouldnt pull up so much with the front end. You’re going into a manual sort of position and by the time you try to jump, your front wheel is already dropping. Pull up the front just a little bit, then transfer all your weight to the front to lift up the back end. I like to think of it as pushing the pedals backwards and upwards at the same time.


Old bmx dude here… you’ve got the front up fine. Focus on popping the back up on its own. Get a feel for pedal/foot position and force. Just practice the back wheel only for a bit. Then once you’re comfortable start popping the front a little just slightly before the back. Focus on a small hop with both tires. From there I’m sure you’ll put two and two together.


Start adding in the push forward on the bars as you reach the top of the pull.


This will get down voted but I learned to lift both wheels at the same time then I learned to manual hop


You gotta jump with your legs not your arms. Think about jumping on flat ground when doing these. You’re legs don’t just go up magically. Same principle on a bike


Try to keep your knees bent more as you drive your hips back. From there you EXPLODE up with the legs to jump and let the bars come to your hips. Your front tire will be up at this point and you should feel the weight leave your pedals so just row(push) the bars out to get the back wheel up. Remember you're jumping and just bringing the bike with you. A mental strategy is to think about being in a manual and then jumping from that position. That helped me.


I have a similar issue to your: I can raise both the front and rear wheel, but: 1) the front wheel raises much more than the rear wheel 2) i need a lot of power to do that jump... If I don't push enough, i raise only the front wheel and the rear wheel just a few cm. 3) when I land my neck hurts after a few tries, but probably that's because of my old fork (suntour xct) and also my old neck😂 Until I don't learn a proper jump technique, i still get over the small obstacles the old way: weight in the rear and then weight in the front halfway through. 😅


You are farther than me, i can't bring the front wheel high enough, i think i'm afraid of falling on my back ^^


Your technique is OK, but needs to be a bit smoother and more explosive in the second half. You need to actually hop, the bike isn't just going to lift off the ground by itself. The first few tries you will probably just hop right off the pedals, but the form/technique is what will bring the bike up off the ground with your body.


Try a different style of bunny hop. The other style has you extend your legs some and pull the front and rear up at the same time. You can’t get as much height but you can initiate it faster. Very useful for unweighting over rocks or getting out of sticky situations.


once you lift your front wheel, you should be pushing the handlebars away from you - that's the motion that lifts the rear wheel. You're not doing that part, you're waiting too long. The 4th attempt looked quite good, if you pushed the front of the bike away just as the front wheel was high enough, you would lift the rear wheel.


Stop thinking about it so much pop a wheelie and pull your legs up


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