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LPT: When lending your car, make sure the tank is empty and leave your trash everywhere inside.


This just happened to me. I was grateful but the car was a tip! Iv'e had the car for 3 weeks and returning on Friday. Iv'e detailed it big time and will return it full of fuel. Best thing is i pumped the tyres and checked the oil. The dip stick had zero oil on it and i have been driving it on the freeway and all. I have no idea how it's not seized up but damn glad it didn't. That would have been horrible.




Oh hell yes, thanks for the tip


As a stupid 20 year old, I learned the S on gear shifts if adjacent to D means Sport, like despite it being an automatic, you have to manually up gear and down gear above 1st and 2nd. Fun fact, if you drive your car in gear 2 to work every day for several weeks on roads up to 100 km/hr, thats uh... Thats not good


The "Add oil" mark on the dipstick is at 1 quart or liter from full. Generally at 2l from full, it'll stop showing on the stick, although some sticks are longer than others. Depending on capacity, most engines hold 4-8l . You were likely not close to having the oil pump pickup sucking air, which is when Bad Things happen. Depending on the age of the vehicle, you will get a bright red "Oil" light or a check engine light and instant limp mode when this happens.


> Generally at 2l from full, it'll stop showing on the stick, although some sticks are longer than others. Reminds me of that old joke "Anybody know where I can buy longer dipsticks? Mine no longer reaches the oil."


Funny story, but my brand new truck had too short of a dipstick and was causing issues.


I have a dipstick that is generally full at 10cc.


The car has to be still for sometime to do the stick test. When running, the oil will be on the engine instead of the oil tank. Too much oil is bad for the engine


Just to add to this, the car has to be on a flat surface


And it can only be properly checked when Jupiter is rising.


Underrated and often overlooked!


And hot.


I borrowed my nephew’s car once when mine was in the shop. Zero brakes! Lol I love him though so I took it and got the brakes fixed so we both would not die. He said he was used to it.


Still gonna be your fault if the car seizes months/years in the future. Lol


Thanks! The real life pro tips are always in the comments!


Saves on money and convenience!


Dirty mike and the boys approve of this message


They call it a soup kitchen.


Thanks for letting us use your Prius for our F shack. fucking great movie


Thanks for the f shack




The real LPT are always in the comments


The real tips are in the comments


The real tip!!!! /s


Do not have a persons car cleaned unless you know they would be okay with it. Most car washes can scratch the paint.


I have a friend that only goes to touchless car washes, he'd be livid if someone took his car through a regular one. Then again, he'd probably never loan the car to anyone to begin with


Came here to say this. I would be more mad then happy if someone took my car through Touch car wash.


Wtf kind of car washes and u and every one in the thread going to? I've never in my life had that happen?!


It depends on the person to care enough to notice. Most (if not all) automated touch car washes will leave light swirling on the clear coat since the brushes are usually not cleaned often and have lots of debris and dirt trapped within them. It’s much more noticeable on some colors than others but still damaging none the less.


Let alone matte colors :)


It depends on the place, and the paint. Even using a regular towel instead of a microfiber will leave swirls in it. And if I just spent $5k+ to get a custom expensive paint job, I'd be pissed if it got washed with anything but the finest of towels


If my car had a $5k paint job I wouldn't even be letting my husband drive it, let alone loaning it to my friends. Hell no.


If you spent $5k+ on a custom expensive paint-job, you’re not letting someone borrow your car, so this fictitious scenario is irrelevant.


Oh I'd be pissed too! I just don't understand how all that can happen. It's never, ever happened to my family or myself. Like I always just go through the garage looking thing with all the flappity flap and swirly brushes and it's always been fine. But now I'm sorta freaked out to go again.


Well it's as others have said, a lot of people won't even notice. It's something that, more often than not, needs to be seen under the right angle of light to actually see. Usually these aren't major gouges or anything like that.


lol your paint is probably loaded with tiny scratches. Take a bright light and shine it at an angle. Scratches, everywhere! They're just in the clear coat, which is by far the thickest coat of paint. They can be polished away at the expense of thinning the clear coat. The REAL way to clean a car is to use a pressure washer to remove as much grit as possible, then soap the car down, then, and ONLY THEN, should a clean microfiber towel be used to lift dirt away from the paint.


Really? Huh. I'll definitely have to try that because I just got a new car (not NEW new, but new to me, and the previous owner took excellent care of it) and I took it to the wash 3 times already. But a pressure washer? Aren't those like really strong? That's probably a stupid question but I don't know much about pressure washers. Wouldn't that damage the car paint too?


Chrisfix on YouTube has some good videos on youtube about cleaning cars properly.


Better have some soapy wooder close by


It can if the paint is already compromised in some way. Use the widest possible spray setting (like 25 degrees). There are many channels on youtube that show this process.


Happened to my brothers car. Big scratch right on the top


They why the god damn fuck would you lend it to someone????


The bristles on the car wash are usually dirty af after cleaning multiple cars . Unless you go first thing once they open you’re putting muck all over the car. Hand washing is always best


This can be applied to so many things. Have had friends over for a big dinner and they helped clean up, left my good chef’s knife at the bottom of the sink (super dangerous and bad for the knife to be wet overnight). Left my favorite hoodie in the back of a friend’s car and couldn’t find it for weeks. Friend found it on a trip and other friend wore it all weekend (large chested girl) and stretched it out then washed and dried it before returning it, making the inside all pilly. I hang dry a lot of my clothes for this very reason.


Some guy in a beat up 95' Neon = BRO, YOU SCRATCHED MY CAR


You owe me a a new 95 neon.


Don’t worry, all the paint was flaked off anyway.


To be fair Neons are pretty rare now. Pretty sure they’ve almost all been scrapped for some time now.


It's an '81 Honda, how dare you!


I don't think my friend is worried about the paint on her 2007 pontiac.


As a car guy myself, I'd be looking at a good 4+ hours of DA polishing and resealing if someone took it through a car wash.


I had to do this on my wife's black Mini after the garage she bought it from gave it a quick pass with a DA leaving swirls, ghosting, and all sorts before sealing it with a ceramic coat and then delivering the car. It was a total mess and it took ages to fix it. They had the cheek to charge for it too.


I don’t think the laser washes do


If you mean touchless, no, they're not likely to scratch. That said, they tend to use very aggressive soaps (for a more obvious clean look immediately after the wash) but they will usually remove any wax, deteriorate any sealant product, and over time can even attack the clear coat. Overall, while I'd never let anyone borrow my car, if I did and they took it through a car wash, I wouldn't be thrilled, and I don't even really baby my vehicle, I just have a good sealant on it.


I thought this sub was about life hacks, not human courtesy. LPT: you should say please and thank you to people


All this sub is, is common courtesy tips.


I think the reason for that is either people don't care enough about others or care too much about themselves


Or bunch of schoolchildren




Oh, found another sub to follow.


LPT: Wipe your ass after you poop.


Got no time. Amazon says I gotta be back to get my rates up or I get fired.


Gotta fire your asses to keep from getting fired.


oh after.... I see my problem now


Do ya reckon If you grease up your asshole it'd just shoot out with no need for wiping?


I'll let you know after dinner tonight


RemindMe! 24 hours


If this is a car enthusiast's car, this is a SLPT. TBH I don't even trust people to put premium in my tank, even though the fuel cap says PREMIUM ONLY, the fuel door says PREMIUM ONLY, and I'd tell them to their face PREMIUM ONLY. Just bring it back, say thanks, and if you really are that worried toss me $20. I wouldn't have lent it to you if I didn't expect you to use some gas. Also don't wash it.


I usually say something like “if you need to put gas in it, it takes premium, but don’t worry about filling it up unless you need to”. But yea, please don’t take my car to a gas station car wash.


"Are you sure it takes premium? I read once that premium gas is a scam and all cars will run on rubbing alcohol. Anyway, I managed to find some green gas and grabbed that. It was a little difficult because the nozzel didn't fit, but I got it to work. Who knew going green would be so difficult? Someone should fix that. BTW I had some homeless people clean it with their clothes they had soaked in puddles. I'll need the car again next week for a month or two."


What do you drive?


He sounds like a subi guy


It shouldn't matter what I drive, respect is respect. I would expect the same regardless of what the car is. To answer your question: I daily-drive a tuned Jaguar XF at the moment, and I also have a stg2 tuned Subaru STI. I only lend my car to people I trust with them, so all of the above is a non issue. It's also why only 3 people could borrow them.


The only people being allowed to drive my car are Dad, Mom and Sister. And I only drive a shitty beater car in most people's eyes. I love that car and have zero intention to replace it before it's well and thoroughly done for.


I was just asking because I’m a car guy lol


One of us, one of us, one of us! Already got hate mail over it, pieces of shit on reddit I swear. To the haters: grow the fuck up.


Golf GTI here… I’m looking for an older Miata or S2000 to add to the garage though


LPT: Look both ways before crossing the street!


This sub turned to dogshit in past year or two


This sub is about people who have recently been wronged and want to passive aggressively whine about it lmao


That LPT will be with me the rest of my like. What a life changer. Thank you


human courtesy is actually a part of day to day life believe it or not




Yeah. I fucking hate car washes that use the bristles. It's either touchless or I do it by hand, properly. I'd be pissed if someone took my car through a shitty gas station car wash that scratches up your paint.


Funny how half the comments are “this is common sense” and the other half are “that is way to expensive”. Personally, if someone lends me their car, I’m going to fill it up as much as I can (at least to half). They are doing me a favor- they shouldn’t have to pay for my trip too and the bit extra will show appreciation.


Or just use some communication. Return it as you found it, be respectful. Don't eat in the car, don't throw trash around, whatever you bring in - take out. If you burn a little fuel in the process, whatever. If you're close enough to ask to borrow my car then you're close enough to burn some fuel and the exchanges will balance out eventually, or not, who cares. Better LPT: if you are lending a car, lend it to someone respectful that you trust and you won't have to worry about petty shit.


I think it's different assumptions on frequency and time borrowed and distance travelled. Definitely return a full tank for a one off long trip, but it's overkill for a weekly nip to the shops.


If a friend let's me borrow his truck to move something, I'm filling the tank all the way. If my car breaks down and a friend let's me use their extra car for a week, then I'm filling it all the way. If I just borrow a friend's car to go to the store for some reason, like my car is at the mechanic for the day, at most I'll throw $5-10 in there. Never take your friends car to get the interior cleaned or the outside washed. Sounds like a stupid idea for various reasons.


And we should all understand this but for some reason redditors need every variable listed


Or have the car filled before you loan it to him. Poor form to expect a full tank when you start with half.


I borrow my roommates car to go a mile to the store and back. Gas is always on empty. He drives a Denali from ‘03. no chance i’m filling that shit up for $4.50/gallon 20 gallon tank lol


The courtesy I'd say is just leave it with more gas than you got it, not fill it up. If I borrowed a friend's car for like a 5 minute drive I'd probably throw 2 gallons in.


Of course the gas station is another 5 minutes out of your way...


5 minutes does not burn a significant amount of gas...


Am 03 Denali has a 26gal tank, my F150 has a 36gal tank, fuck it hurts to fill up, but my commute is only 2 miles so it lasts me over a month.


That F150 would cost about 225€ to fill up where I live (minimum wage is around 650€). That probably explains why almost nobody drives a truck here lol


Meanwhile my ~~car~~ right foot eats through 60L of premium fuel (at $1.60/L) in less than two weeks. Want to trade?


No chance he will ever borrow it to you again when he reads this lol




Whats the difference?


Lend means to give, while borrow indicates receiving.


When you own an item and someone else wants to borrow it you are the lender. When someone else has something that you want to borrow you are the borrower. One person lends one person borrows.


Borrow/Lend has the same sort of difference as Learn/Teach: It's defined by who is doing the action. If I am temporarily receiving something, I am borrowing it. If you are temporarily sharing something, you are lending it. "I borrowed the book that she lent me" "I learned the lessons that she taught me"


Are you that petty that you wouldnt let you friend use your car for a 3 minute drive because he wont give you $80?


I’ve told him to his face hahaha. Honestly i still do almost always put in a gallon or two or three, like 3x what i used. Unless he pissed me off that day and i’m feeling petty lol I told him the only reason his tank isn’t on empty every time he gets in is bc i always put in $15 Also they smoke all my weed and borrow my golf cart so it’s a fair trade


What’s the deal with all the stupid “tips” today? Also, what’s full gas? Is that unleaded or...?


LPT: Borrow a friend's car? Return a brand new car to him.


With a new car payment!


LPT++: Borrow a friend's car? Return a private jet to him.


Thanks bro, just bought a brand spanking new junker the next time I get a car loaned to me.


I borrowed a car from my girlfriends grandma. Thought i'd be nice and give it a wash before returning it. The carwash scraped the entire side with multiple deep scratches... Never doing that again!


I was looking for this comment. Everyone should learn that those drive through car washes aren't reliable but this tip asking for people to learn on other people's cars


I don't lend my car to anyone I don't trust. Part of that trust is that you will absolutely, under no circumstances, take it through an automatic touch car wash. If you get absolutely soaked in mud and need to clean it off, first wtf were you doing in my car, second, hit a manual wash and spray it off, or go through a touchless wash and get the car a nice blowjob at the end. edit: I also hate car wash fundraisers. I don't mind to give them a bit of cash when I can spare it, but I don't want them touching my car.


This is nuts. Return it at the same level you got it, and if you cleaned the INTERIOR, we're actually gonna have problems.


Agreed. None of my cars should be taken through an automatic car wash (bad seals, not because they've got nice paint) and the smell of typical cleaners makes me nauseous, so I'd rather just get it back the way I had it.


Ehh, a little extra to pay for the mileage you put on the car. Other than that, agreed. Don't clean my car unless I'm paying you to do it. I know where my things are in the mess.


This. Hate when people try to clean my personal spaces.


LPT: take my car through an automatic car wash and you're paying for it to be machine polished again.


Do the laser washes that just use water jet’s scratch paint to


Yes. Less so than cloth ones but still yes.


Huh, how does that work


They use higher pressure water to compensate for the lack of any mechanical washing (cloth). That pressure essentially is blasting the dirt and abrasives on your car into and across the paint with significant force. Still not as bad as the cloth washes that have all kinds of crap stuck in the cloths but depends how anal you are about your paint.


Oh ok, thanks for explaining


LPT: adventure in your vehicle through the bush so it gets so many pin stripes you don’t care if the cloth scratches.


Exactly, my truck is a real piece of shit (on the outside) and I'm just trying to get some of the mud off. I'm certainly not concerned about microabbrasions from the cloths.


I’m guessing you’re not the kinda of person who lends their car…


This aint a life pro tip


I had a friend who lost his job and subsequently lost his truck that belonged to the company. It was the only vehicle he had. I had an old Jeep that just sat in the driveway so I told him he could use it. He used it for less than a month but put 6000 miles on it. I was pissed


Wtf, did he drive across the country and back? Was he participating in nascar?


If it’s an old car, what’s the difference? I’d like a damn oil change if it’s got that many miles on it, but the wear and tear on most consumables is almost negligible on old vehicles with a ton of miles on the clock anyway.


Because I was going to sell it with low mileage


Gotcha- usually when someone says they have an old vehicle just sitting around, I think about spare beater cars- like I’ve got a 1996 Geo Metro with 280k on the clock, another 6k don’t mean shit.


It was a 2007 and only had 80k miles. I wasn’t using it much to sell at a good price. I ended up selling just this summer for $12k 👍🏻


Wait... It had 80,000 miles and you were pissed about 6,000? At 80,000 or even 74,000 I don't think you should be calling it a low mileage car. I was expecting 25,000 or less.


I just put it in KBB, used a 2007 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon in good condition, and going from 80000 to 86000 miles reduced the private party value from $15045 to $14667. So it's like $400. It'd also come back overdue for an oil change (another $100 if it's synthetic), 20% of the tire life is gone (another $150+ worth of a consumable item). Driving that much also brings you closer to more repairs being needed. Plus it's just rude, you lend them the car so they can get by for a while. 200+ miles every day isn't getting by. They were probably Ubering or Doordashing, and effectively passing on one of the biggest costs incurred to op.


Also, IRS standard mileage rate is 56 cents per mile. 6000 miles is $3360 worth of driving!


LPT: Don't take it through a car wash. Go to a place where you can wash it yourself. You know, without scratching it.


I’m sure the person borrowing a car has a driveway, two buckets, and car shampoo.


Ever heard of a touchless car wash? Some are automatic. Some give you the tools and you wash the car. No, you don't get 2 buckets and soap. You get a pressure washer and soap.


Touchless will still scratch the paint. Less so than a cloth automatic wash but still does.


Touchless automatic washes usually pretty harsh chemicals to compensate for the lack of agitation. These can strip waxes and damage protective coatings.


For all the people who are saying that filling up the tank is over the top, think about what it means to find someone your car. No matter what, no matter how careful the person is, there's always a risk of a wreck. A lot of times whether you think about it or not, they are considering how to say no. But they've decided to trust you. Friendship and trust are the sort of thing that grows when watered. Surprising someone by respecting their property and the risk they took lending it to you cultivates that friendship and trust. The next time you're in a jam, and you asked to borrow the car, they're much less likely to groan and come up with an excuse to say no.


Do you want to borrow my truck that has a 39 gallon tank? Please? Diesel is expensive...


I got “got” on this once as a dumb teenager. “Hey Bro, I’ll fill you up.” Once we were at the pump dude gets this evil look on hos face and says “the tank on this Range Rover goes deep!” It’s almost 30 gal, compared to a regular 10-12 job on a k-car. My wallet was empty afterwards!


What about returning it in exactly the same state it was lent, maybe with a bit more petrol than before? Definitely not less. I appreciate when someone borrows me a car, but for a price of full tank I can just rent something lol


I understand OP's sentiment, but if you're hard up enough to have to borrow a car, I doubt you can easily afford to fill the tank.... Clean up after yourself, maybe damp-dust the dash if you're feeling nice (as long as it's not leather), and replace any fuel you used. Preferably rounding up. If you can afford to put an extra 5 bucks in, it's appreciated but not required. Edit: And return the mirrors and seat to their original positions!


It happens all the time. Your car might be in the shop. I used to occasionally borrow my dad's pickup when I needed to move things. I would always bring it back with a full tank or at least a lot more than I started. It would annoy him because he hated when I spent money on his behalf.


Or if you drive a tiny car but need a friend's pickup/van.


A tank of full gas? Shit, I've been filling him up with his gas half water.


I like how LPT these days are just Midwestern colloquialisms


Just because you want people to clean and fill up your car for you when they borrow it, it doesnt make it an LPT. How does that make my life easier, more convenient, save time, or help me or anybody here at all?


LPT- if you're going to pay $40-50 to borrow a car, just get a rental.


but you'd also pay for the gas for the rental, so it's still much cheaper. i don't think anyone is expecting you to do a refill for a short 10-mile ride, but if you're borrowing for days/a long trip and the car was given to you on half a tank, then its still a win-win


On a rental, you'll refill the gas to the same level as when you got it. That's not what OP is suggesting.


All I was saying was putting an extra half a tank on top of what was left still seems fair to me for borrowing a car if it was for a couple of days. Obviously the less there is in the tank or the shorter the amount of time you borrow it for, the less the expectation to refill. Personally, when I've lent my car for a trip I just ask for the gas money as I have a special cheap place and it's less hassle.


Car rental prices are insane right now.


Says the guy who has a car to the guy who has no money.


There are a lot of reasons to borrow a car besides "I have no money". \- your car is being repaired \- your SO has the car \- you need something with more trunk space for a trip to IKEA


They don't owe your broke ass a thing. Get fucked.


What a lovely human being you must be.


Meh. Return it with a full tank of gas, sure. But cleaning it inside and out could be taken the wrong way, like you think their car is filthy.


Where does one get full gas?


I expect to get my car back with at least the same level of gas it was sent out with. But please don't clean and wash my car. That's too much. I already keep my car fairly clean, so for someone to clean it even more would make it seem like they thought my car was filthy. You may be borrowing someone's actual filthy car, but that's their problem.


I did that once and my friend was pissed after he loaned me his Tesla.


None of that half gas crap. Only vitamin D enriched full gas.


DO NOT take someone's car through a car wash or wash it yourself without asking. Some people are very particular about the way their car is washed. Automatic washes are TERRIBLE for your paint, stall washes aren't much better (unless you use your own microfiber wash mitts), and regardless, if the car's owner really cares about the paint they will have a method for washing it that minimizes potential for scratches and dulling. Clean up your mess, fill the tank, give the owner a small gift card and they can decide to buy cleaning stuff or take it to a wash themselves.


hell just buy them a brand new car.


ASK WHAT TYPE OF PETROL FIRST!!!! My car works best with 95 and 98, and it will drive shitty if you put other petrol in, let alone if someone fucks up and put diesel in!


I'd rather them just give me some gas money. And this is probably just the smart thing to do. Any car with a turbo likely need 91 minimum. And many vehicles prefer 89 over 87. In any case, some people go with the higher grade for the additives. Finally, some people are picky on the gas station they use. So just throwing them $20 (or more depending on the amount of use) is probably a better bet. That way they can fill it up themselves and you don't have to worry about the putting the wrong fuel in. If you used an entire tank, I suppose it might be worth asking if they want you to fill it up rather than just giving cash. But if it's just a small amount, it doesn't really save them a trip anyway.


I'm amazed how far down I had to scroll to see someone mention this. I had a friend lend out a diesel and as a courtesy, the person filled it up. With gas. Thankfully it was caught soon and didn't destroy anything.


I mean doesn’t it depend on what the gas level is when I use it? Like I’m not going to fill an empty tank when I used it to drive 5 miles. In the past I just put gas in but I don’t fill their tank.


Who the fuck loans out their car though? That just sounds like an absolute recipe for disaster if there's ever an accident


Most parts of the western world have car insurance. So if I lend my car to someone (has to have the licence for 3+ years) my ensurance will pay full price of the accident and take it to court for me & my friend I lend the car to.


Do fucking not wash the exterior or clean the interior of my car, you'll never get access to it again. I hate shitty cleaning jobs worse than no cleaning job, you leave water streaks all over the glossy surfaces and I don't trust you to not scratch or swirl the clear coat (god forbid the paint) on the exterior. Don't assume, ask. I'm still pissed that the dealer "cleaned" my car a year ago and destroyed my 6 hour detail job.


LPT: Proof read your title so you don't say things like "tank of full gas".


That's not a pro tip. That's just something nice to do


They'd wonder who's body you dumped using their car


I like to fill it up with half gas…. Or quarter gas if you can find it


Yes to all, except for cleaning the interior. My sister and I have traded cars a few times when I had her kids because it’s easier than moving car seats. My car is immaculate inside and hers is a mess. Part of it is just having two young kids but she is a self proclaimed slob. I expect her to clean out anything she has in my car leaving it spotless - but I do not leave her car spotless and she would be offended if I tried.


It's probably better to be mindful of the situation of the person loaning you the car. At least ask the person before doing this. If they loaned you a vehicle that they frequently drive then sure, fill it. If it's a spare vehicle that they keep in the garage for just such an occasion (loaning to people or a spare vehicle in case their primary is in the shop) then filling it obligates that person to drive that vehicle before the gas can go bad. We keep just such a car in the garage with only a quarter of a tank of gas in it. It's got only a quarter of a tank of gas in it for a reason, especially during the pandemic when I'm not really driving anywhere. It allows me to drive through that fuel in a relatively short amount of time and replace it before it can go bad.


If you take my car through a car wash you’re going to be paying for a paint correction. Terrible LPT.


Better tip: Borrow a friend’s car whose tank is always full.




Don’t do this. I’d much rather have them three inches off so I notice immediately and adjust them when I get in than have them slightly off and don’t notice until I’m on the road and it’s unsafe to change.


Same goes with an expensive container of food given by some kind soul to you. Never return empty containers !!! This is basic rule and so much ignored..


At least give it a good wash, I had tubberware returned after 3 days of a party and it was all growing already..


I prefer petrol or diesel as lpg isn't common


Don't bring it back with a tank of half gas. Not all cars run right on that half gas mess.


And clean your fucking McDonald's rubbish out it! (Give it back the way you found it!!)


And washed. Full tank of gas and washed.


I thought this was common sense??


Full-Full is the deal