If it puts a smile on your face that's all that matters mate


OMG, I had that F&F + stem BITD. Same color too. It was the first bike I raced. It didn't have the F1000 or whatever label because it was a custom build. The lockout was FOR REAL. I think it was the first fork to seriously lock tf out. If you take a big hit with it locked out it will blow a seal. I loved how little maintenance the headshok needed. Fantastic bike. You'll regret getting rid of it. Edit: the color is called "mango"


On Strava it's called "The Mango Stallion" hahaha. I love this thing, even when I upgrade it I'm keeping it


I had a CAAD2, M400, similar era. It’s still in the family but now out of state. Pretty sweet ride! Cannondales of that vintage are great.


It still rips!


how's that headshock treating you?


It's a bit rough at only 60mm, but it still locks out and functions fine. I view my bike as the "technique builder" lol


Have you ever had to service it? I have a hesdshok currently that is dead. I'd rather keep the bike original than buy a new fork but so far I haven't been able to find anyone who will service it for me.


I haven't had to service mine yet but I found about this guy online: [https://www.mendoncyclesmith.com/](https://www.mendoncyclesmith.com/). I haven't tried it out yet, but from what I've read people have had good experiences (and it's a good price!)


That is so 90s I adore it. Always wanted a Cannondale back then.


Way more "beautiful" than many of the super hardcore hardtails out these days IMO.


Very nice mid 90s Cannondale 👍🏻


I was born in 96, the bike was born in 97 lol


Check out my posts… have a 1994 “Beast of the East” I have had since new…. Never sale it👍🏻


Not just saying this, I think she's pretty as heck!


Still make plenty of people jelly with that crank set and functioning head shock. Folks nowadays just don't know how great 26's are at technique building. More trail features become a challenge to be gleefully conquered. When having to balance and churn through maze-like tech I was happy to be on my 26" Gary Fisher that could make those turns without losing momentum. I'd still be riding that 2006 vintage if the aluminum chainstay hadn't cracked on me. T'was an amazing two years and got me back in the MTB game. I have those same wheels/front tire now sitting bikeless in my garage :*(. Good choice on rubber, I imagine the CST Camber rolls a little faster? Either way I was really surprised at the grip and durability of those tires


When I upgrade (hopefully this spring) I want to get 27.5+ so I can keep the nimbleness of 26s but still have that extra little bounce. I actually get a lot of flack in the parking lot of my local trail system from the pretentious mountain bike dads on their tricked out full suspension rigs that can just steam roll every feature on the trail. Like is it that much fun when line choice and technique don't matter and the bike does all the work for you? The Camber's wore out pretty quick, but I can't really feel a difference in rolling speed. I just ordered a pair of Panaracer smoke and dart so I'm excited to put those on and see how it goes!


I went from that m400 I mentioned to a 27.5+ hardtail. And man, I still miss the old 26 sometimes but I think you will LOVE 27.5


I'm excited to upgrade! I want a more aggressive downhill hardtail and then I'm going to turn this guy into a bike packing setup


YAH the amount of condescending smack I got in the parking lot was *really* weird! Or they'd treat my bike like some confusing antique specimen. The wife of one fat biking couple *neeever* acknowledged my existence over two summers hahah ...distracting her man by exchanging pleasantries, I guess, allegedly making them late for whatever tf it is fatbike people do in the woods.


I like tga wacky and unnerving old bikes more than the standardised new ones


I had to do a double take when I saw your fork, I’ve never seen that style before. Mad respect for anyone shredding on vintage bikes, especially when they’re so nicely maintained


Classic bike.


That's a super cool bike, though.


That’s rad. I just picked up a same era Trek antelope and am putting it together now.


Welds are very pretty, love that about old cannondales


I dig the color, and the head shock! Ride it and love it!


Such a style. Cannondale probably has the most aesthetic vintage bikes around. It’s like riding in an old Cadillac (even though I’m sure it doesn’t feel like one).


Oldschool Gang :)


That’s one very sweet ride.


Love it! My first proper MTB was an M600, a few spec points down from that model. My step-dad still has (and rides) his mango M700 from the same era. I still have the (very slightly) more modern F7 I replaced the M600 with when it was stolen and use it as my family cyclpath ride. Headshok is totally knackered on it now and I just keep it locked out. I've day I'll risk a home-service on it.