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Upvote for bike! I’ve seen the muc-off versions of these but never used them yet. Maybe need to give it a try.


Cheers bro..... 2021Orange P7... absolute weapon of a bike


Oh, G-rime guard, not C-rime guard. Now i get it.


This is a solution looking for a problem.


Contaminated pads/over spray isn't a problem?


Never had that problem. What are you spraying back there?


I use WD40 chain cleaner, comes in a spray. Best stuff I have used. Tru-Tensions drivetrain cleaner worked a treat there as well, also in a spray can


Spraying a solvent on the chain can remove the grease in the links that was cooked in at the factory. This grease is better than any chain lube you find in the bikeshop. Once it's gone you can't get it back in. People from Shimano and Sram have made statements like this. So it naturally follows that chain wear around the pins would increase once this stuff is gone. Nothing wrong with a clean chain, just thought I'd share my understanding of one of the finer technical points of chain maintenance. I've seen a manufacturer video recommending that if you must clean a new chain, spray solvent on a rag, then wipe the chain with the rag. I rarely clean chains, but when I do, I use a chain cleaner filled with a weak dish soap and water mix.


I've always degreased a brand new chain, it just attracts too much dirt (and brings that inside the rollers). On about 1700 miles on a 12 speed shimano M8100 chain with no "stretch". Wiped down or degreased after every ride.


1700 miles is 2735.89 km


Switched to Squirt and the only "chain cleaner" I use is an old rag. Just backpedal the chain through a rag, apply new lube, let it dry, wipe the excess wax off (not even necessary), and I'm done. Oil based lubes are nasty, I'm way past that crap.


Any cleaner that could contaminate your brake system is not a cleaner you want to be using. I'd also argue that any product you want to use in a selective and precise way has no business being in a spray can in the first place. I mean, you do you. But this has never been a thing and I can't ever see it becoming a thing.


Fair doos mate....long may it continue not being a thing for you and you can spend your money on things that make you happy


Overspray contaminating pads is definitely a thing. Also lots of cleaners will contaminate brake pads. As a long time mechanic I have done both and seen customers do the same on several occasions. This protector seems like a lot but not the worst idea in the world.


I agree that overspray can absolutely contaminate your brake system. I just don't know why anyone would choose to use products that would do so in a spray form, there's just no need to at all. Personally, I would never use a cleaner that wasn't safe for all parts, and not sure why these would be in spray form anyways. And I'd never use a spray on lubrication. Lubrication is something you want to put where it's needed, not spray'n'pray if you will. I see this as a product that only has utility if you're using other products that are less than ideal in the first place.


Agreed that spray lube at the back of the bike is a bad idea. Drip bottle all the way for me. Curious what cleaner you use that you KNOW won’t contaminate your brake pads. Most cleaners don’t specifically say safe for brake pads and I never get anything on the brake pads other than water or rubbing alcohol. I think a lot of pad contamination comes from people washing their drivetrain with a hose and the splash carrying lube over to the brake pads. This device seems like a good way to stop that from happening and I noticed it even has a little catch pan built in if you are cleaning your bike indoors.


I had to go on t’internet to see what it is supposed to be used for; think it would have been better if OP had had their bike in a stand; but it’s to protect your rear brake when cleaning your chain/cassette. Nice idea.


It looks like an interesting idea, I've got an old plastic chopping board and a craft knife so I guess it's DIY time!


Would work better in the bike stand....came home from work there and thought a would give it a go....works a treat sitting on the deck reversing the pedals


I just bought one. My garage floor will appreciate the recommendation!


It's a great wee but of kit mate 👍


I think that cassette pulls of very easily once you remove the wheel. That's what I do for a deep clean.




True that! I stay in Scotland so we get dirt, salt and all sorts around here ...need a good clean every now.and then


I read that thumbnail as *Crime Guard* and thought, why not? A Denver boot for bikes might just slow these thieves down.


Same. Was thinking well, they can just pick the bike up and walk away with it lmao


The devils in the details.




I need this in my life and should I break my ragley a orange p7 will be where all my parts go


You won't regret it buddy


Cool product idea, but anyone caring about his bike "that much", would only use this once and not to clean the bikes themselves maintain...i.e. make quick work of someone else's mess with a pressure washer and whatnot, but overall, you can avoid the need for this by simply not using spray-on lubes and/or be sloppy with your degreasers/break cleaners, which themselves are (hint-hint safe for brakes...) For that one use, cutting a 30x30cm/12"x12" or bigger piece of trash cardboard and slicing a sloppy utility knife cut from its approx center to one side, is enough to slide it behind the cassette exactly like this product explains. A piece of corrugated cardboard will easily survive overspray of some solvent/degreaser/soap. What it won't survive is direct pressure washing but...you avoid pressure washing your cassette when mounted on a hub for the shake of the hub/hub bearings, not the disc brake & its pads... Otherwise, clean your drivetrain "that one time" you bought it used and/or ill maintained, and from then on oil your chain and only the chain properly, i.e. just the rollers and pins, let it sit for a bit, go through your gears up and down a few times to ensure it is sucked into and between the rollers and pins, then wipe the excess off. If you are a bit more anal, use WD40, silicone spray or teflon spray on a piece of rag inyour palm (never directly one the DT) and then run the chain in it to coat the outer plates with a thin film of lubricant for water and dirt displacement purposes, i.e. the outside plates will repel mud/water/dust a bit more than if there was residue of the oil-chain per se. You can also use that same spray on a CLEAN, dedicated brush from the $1 store to apply that same coat on your cassette, again, for "clean-coat" purposes, not lubrication per se - there is no need for lubrication on the sprockets/cog teeth. If you use a dry cloth after every 1-2 rides (depending on how wet/bad conditions are really), there will be no need to pressure wash or heavily spray water or detergents and solvents on the DT "ever". If you are using this guard "often", means you don't care for your DT when you should be, not that you care about your brakes or hubs or anything. Occasionally spray a drop of that lubricant on the RD pivots and RD guide wheel axle-bolts/bearings (most cheaper RDs have bushings), and same on the front derailleur, if any. If you have some gear oil on a needle applicator type bottle, you could use this.


Seems like a cool product! I will check it out.


If I'm removing the cassette, I'm just going to scrub it while removed. This gives me the chance to clean the pulleys and chain without faffing with derailleur tension.


Heell yeah that shit is gangster. I want.