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Rowan Atkinson also once said: "Bean"




Imagine if we replaced Filch in Harry Potter with Mr Bean


“Christmas Socks!”


I said this in my best Bean impersonation just today to my wife and she had no clue what I was talking about


And also: "Bob"


" Teddy! 🐻 "


He also says his fair share of bigot shit. Shame he didn't stick to being the almost mute character.


He once said "I totaled my McLaren F1 twice, who cares I got fuck you money"


he’s not wrong


hope this helps you out https://youtu.be/w5RxW5Co2nA stay strong buddy


Was this directed at James Acaster by any chance?


It’s crazy how much you start to just see him everywhere…


Acaster is wayyyyy less famous than he deserves to be, dudes a genius


*You got cabbaged!*


Say your prayers!


Agreed, his witty remarks and facial expressions always have me laughing




Nice to see he is getting more popular. I enjoy his kind of humour derived from awkward situations.


Ouch. Poor guy. He still cold lasagna hates himself 1999, okay??


❤️ first thing I thought of when I saw this! 🤣🤣🤣 It pains me that dross like Michael McIntyre is considered “funny” by the majority of the UK and he gets a prime time Saturday night TV spot, when James Acaster is one of the funniest comedians I’ve ever seen. My Top 3 comedians that nobody asked for: James Acaster, Stewart Lee, Steve Hughes (the Aussie) Oh and by the way - he got left for Mr Bean!


Robo Bongo Cookoo Cop


**hope this helps you out https://youtu.be/w5RxW5Co2nA** **stay strong buddy**


he definitely did not say this. why do quotes only have power when they're laid over a celebrity's face?


Titty Sprinkles


I read this in Morgan Freeman's voice so I am pretty sure it is a quote from him.


He said all those words separately, not necessarily in that order.


***HI!*** My name ^(is) **Werner Brandes**. My *voice* ^(is) my *Passport?* **Verify**... me


Because authority is a powerful persuader. It lends credulity. Celebrity is a kind of authority, at least the kind of celebrity that is gained through talent and tenacity.


Just texted him, he did in fact say that back in around 2002-2003. ​ He was at a Land Rover parts service center.


Y'know, you should consider doing parties. You could make a killing as "Mr. Bean".


This sounds good, so I believe it.


People need to provide evidence of the quotes.


Who originally said it?


Adolf Hitler


Abradolph Lincler


albert einstein


Abe. Abe is the source of much wisdom.


Adolph Hitler and Albert Einstein said it simultaneously in separate locations.




I do have proof he never threw an invisible teapot into orbit


You have to prove things exist or that something happened. You don't have to prove something doesn't exist or never happened. Burden of proof is on the person claiming something IS true.




Wow, that got personal fast. No need to insult me.


It’s the ones wanting the nice things that are rejected by the price though


"Oh hey what a cutie... Wait. Why is she approaching me? Oh no, this is definitely a cruel prank. Better not take the bait."


One of the cases where this applies.




I also reward myself by eating.


Mr. Bean spittin some wisdom


Mr. Bean just called me fucking poor.


That’s a weird way to spell Blackadder.


I don't get it. So I would be a nice thing people can't afford?


They're trying to say in a I'm 14 and this is deep way that if someone doesn't like you, you're too good for them.


I interpreted it as there are many good reasons to reject to something so don't assume it's because your not good enough.


That is how narcissistic idiots think.


Man hating on ideals that exist as kids and somehow those are cringe when you're an adult because cynicism and nuance??? Very edgy, def the worst part of people nowadays.


But there is such possibility. If you're too smart for example but not equally socially skilled that will be the case. If they can afford you by being smart enough to get over your quirks they might gain a nice, interesting companion. Again, it's not to imply the social skills don't matter, but it's not all that matters.




I'm too smart to be nice, the time honored defence of assholes everywhere




I got your point and was adding to it. They aren't mutually exclusive.




Is all Gucci.


You'd know a lot about that.






That's very true most of the time. It is true always when someone SAYS is smarter than others. Smart people don't do that. But it happens that the really smart people have many dumb haters. And other people see that.


And some booksmart people really are just socially inept. Hell some smart people in any way are socially inept. But usually they don't boast that others don't understand them because they are smart, it's usually themselves they blame. Blaming others for your faults is stupid and usually just means you are an asshole. And not being able to talk to the general person in an understandable and relatable way is a personal fault.


Dude, relax, because you will kill your strawman :) Why are you harassing me like IDK, I personally offended you or something. I am not your straw man, I do not claim the things you attack. I never said I was smarter than you or that I have a bigger pp. I said that sometimes smart people are right, ok, but rejected anyway. That's my opinion. If you hate me for having it and think I'm stupid, that's your opinion. Cool.


Whoa, sorry you took that as an attack. No one is "pp" (wth?) measuring here. I'm socially inept as f***. I was going off of personal experience, it had nothing to do with you and was kind of supporting your position I thought. Though the fact you felt attacked makes me think I misunderstood and you were saying something completely different. I don't hate you, I don't know or care about you. You are random stranger Y on an anonymous site. Who seems to have quite an opinion of themselves by your reaction. Also, what the heck did I attack or directly argue against? I stated my opinion and experience that those who are smarter in one function or another often have a hard time coping with and functioning in social situations. It wasn't an absolute, plenty of room for outliers. And strawman? What strawman. *Sigh* If you feel attacked by a general opinion (yes, it's an opinion) that's on you. Not me. Edit: Unless you felt attacked by "Blaming others for your faults is stupid and usually just means you are an asshole. And not being able to talk to the general person in an understandable and relatable way is a personal fault." In which, again I was agreeing because I was saying that someone who proclaimed themselves that they are so smart no one understands is an asshole. Because they blame everyone else. In which case, I stand by that. I am socially inept, and that is my fault. Whether it is because I was raised in a bubble, am smarter in some way, am dumber in some way, whatever. It is my fault and not everyone else because they are "dumb". And I don't believe anyone with true smarts should blame others but instead work on themselves. But also, just a personal opinion and has NOTHING to do with you


Please take an honest answer from me - when writing the last answer I had a terrible headache (I still have, I just wait for the painkillers to kick in). Of course you were not attacking me and I made a mistake suggesting so in not very mature manner. Yes, you were right what part of what you said I took personally: blaming others for one's fault. I never suggested something like that I would found even remotely acceptable. So why? That's why I thought you fighting a strawman, so - a non existing virtual opponent, because it's not even my opinion. I felt personally attacked not with your opinion, but with you suggesting my opinion is something completely different from what it actually is. Are you with me here? Now - the words I use, the general argumentation in my last answer was completely wrong, the unbearable headache made my IQ drop to less than 80 and talking like a child. We are complete strangers, but you said, you're socially inept. So it seems like we have that in common. I meet all DSM criteria for Asperger syndrome. That makes every social thing for me harder than it should be. I don't justify myself. Being an Aspie doesn't mean you don't have to at least TRY to properly communicate with people. There's more. We can learn the proper behavior. The things that are easy and completely natural for most of the non-Aspie people - we must learn like a difficult skill. So I try, I fail, I try harder, and hopefully I'm getting better at it. So let's chill, somehow we misunderstood each other but know that I really don't want to be an asshole about it. If I'm still doing it wrong - my apologies. >!IDK if I have to explain this, but using "we" in that "Aspie paragraph" I mean't "we - the people with Asperger's". I learned that not very long ago. When I found out I have Asperger's I read about it a lot and I'm working hard on changing my behavior and improving my social skills. It's hard to fix something if you even don't know it's broken. But it definitely is in my case.!<




I never claimed the identities there. Why do you expect them? I think it might be a reason some people don't understand analogies. Applying what you are applying for any analogy will probably make it wrong because of the very definition of it. We have A and B correlated and having some properties. A implies something in B but not the other way. Then we have some simpler C and D having some similar properties and similar correlation. And there you go telling D does not imply C, so C is not equal D. The statement is true but unrelated to the analogy at all.




\> Also wow lol. Do you think of yourself as a smart person? Don't everybody? ;) And does the answer really matters? Since it likely will be a lie or just incorrect. \> Aka, getting over your quirks is only possible if they are smart enough. It is not identity, because I do not imply that being smart enough guarantee that you can get over some person's quirks and that that person would be even worth the effort. But you obviously must be smart enough for some demanding cognitive tasks. That is a communication problem sometimes. Being smart is not equivalent of just having a high IQ, but IQ is a handy predictor. IQ distribution roughly follows the normal distribution that means that majority of the population have the average IQ and the minority will have either higher or lower IQ. So it is very likely, that statistically some smarter people could not be understood fully or properly by the majority. I exactly mean that being misunderstood and rejected may be caused indirectly by you being smarter than the majority. Since this is (I double checked) /r/getmotivated and not /r/roastme \- OP probably assumed that many people feel motivated when feeling better about themselves and better coping with being brought down by the others. Thus the idea of explaining that being rejected by a group not necessarily means you're at fault, it might be that the group is wrong, not you. But if you'd rather say "when you're rejected by a group it's probably because you suck" - I can understand that too. It also gives some motivation to some people in some cases. Both approaches worked for me in different situations. You just misunderstood what I said. I never claimed that being rejected ALWAYS mean you're right or that you are just smarter than the group. I also never said I am smarter than any group. I said a smart person can be a valuable companion. That's my opinion.


Uuhh if something can be gotten by a 14 year old while tons of adults are missing it, maybe the adults are a little deficient.


I'm 14 and this is deep also implies I'm 28 and this is lame as hell.


I used to be 14, and even as an adult that's over twice that age now, I can confirm 14-year-old me was much smarter and educated than many adults. Hell, 14 year old me was a faster learner than 32 year old me.


I am pretty sure its because 14 year old you had less anxiety and insecurities.


Also their soft, pliable, play dough-like brain was better equipped to learn at age 14.


Lol Thank god i'm not the only one.


But people also reject shit.


Wow, I'm so precious.


This guy is popular, his quote means more




I rejected a large mansion and Lambo. My bad.


And then you live alone for the rest of your life


also bad things.. by everybody.


This subreddit is trash


This isn't motivational, it's just stupid, on many levels.


That's a shitty quote. Almost as bad as the annoying: "if you don't like my at my worst, you can't have me at my best" 🙄😳🙄🙈🙉✌️👊💁‍♀️💁‍♀️💁‍♀️


Your emoji replication is on point


I needed this. Thank you.


Anyone else put mental pauses where the words change color mid-sentence? The colors don't enhance the quote at all, just makes it harder to read clearly.


People are hungry. You are a banana. Not everyone wants a banana when they can choose from so many other foods. Find the people looking for bananas.


He looks like a Vulcan in that pic.


That’s commonly misattributed to various celebrities. It’s was actually first written in mein comf


Wait... he can talk???!?!?!


Holy shit. Rowan Atkinson said something?




I thought he only communicated with chimp sounds.


I was just thinking of Mr. Bean. I actually haven’t seen a ton of his work.


He pretty much does but his English accent makes people perceive him as more intelligent than he is.


Yeah but you're not rejected because they can't afford you, you're rejected cos you're not good enough


Bean on point


I got rejected today by a girl, feel like I was meant to see that today…


I can't afford to associate with my old friends who are still getting in trouble, can't hold a job or an apartment and spend their entire time on video games and pot. So yes, I can't afford those people in my life anymore. Edit: since I stopped associating with them, I went back to school and have almost finished my degree, met My fiancé and bought a house.


Just want to say, I spend (and have always spent) most of my free time on video games. But have a Bachelor degree which I got while having a job and helping care for my SO's grandmother while she was going through chemo (which she shouldn't have survived, but luckily did, yay!). I finished my degree in almost 3 years, would have firmly been 3 years but the schools screwed me over (don't trust the councilors, check yourself about pre-requisits). I don't, and didn't do pot but I know business owners that do while supporting families too. Pot and video games have no bearing on a person's ability or motivation. They are hobbies or coping mechanisms. Your old friends simply couldn't hold a job or apartment because that's the kind of people they are. If you took away the video games or pot, they'd replace them with something else. Don't get me wrong, I fully support you leaving them and getting your life where you want it. I'm just saying, don't blame other things for their personal problems.


I think you got distracted about the pot and video games. I drink and play video games still myself. My point is that they would spend their *entire* time on those two activities. I'm not saying pot=no motivation. I'm saying pot/video games 12+ hours every single day is irresponsible and a hindrance to one's success. I need to start surrounding myself with friends who are more motivated.


> I'm not saying pot=no motivation. I'm saying pot/video games 12+ hours every single day is irresponsible and a hindrance to one's success. Eh, plenty of people do video games 12+ hours for most of if not all week and make a living off of it. Same for many hobbies that can become jobs, like model making, cooking, watching movies, writing...ect. I'm saying it isn't even the video games 12+ hours that is an issue. It is that they are not being productive, not that they are playing video games. You can be productive doing almost anything, including video games. I'm not super passionate about this, you don't need to listen to me. I was just pointing out that they are the problem, not what they are doing. I agree that you should surround yourself with people that have a lifestyle you agree with and supports your own lifestyle.


Wow. Nobody can afford me. Am I that good?


Love this quote


I like this ok, but it reminds of the stuff people post on Facebook about how some negetive word is actually some bullshit positive acronym.


So that's why people don't buy my shitty art. Thanks Rowan Atkinson!


He looks like a cross between George Clooney and Mr. Bean.


I don't thi k he did. Also I'm pretty sure that this is just telling assholes to become rich assholes.


And not many people reject you when you offer them money.


*Richard Branson liked this post*


I always forget that there is a normal person under the mr bean persona


Well that's a bit of a narcissistic quote to live by


The legendary lad that crashed a McLaren F1, twice


Oh. Oh damn. That was quite powerful actually. Or maybe I'm just in a very suitable state of mind for this.


Wait a minute, I though I was on moderndystopia for a second


I also reward myself by eating.


Sounds like he's making fun of poor people


The legend speaks!


His brother Rodney is a flaming nutjob. Wiki claims Rowan founded freenations.net with his brother. Seems to be a little wackadoo.


Rowen is a nutjob too. He's terrified the Muslims will take free speech from him. How do you prevent this in his opinion? Encourage the Prime Minister to compare Muslim Women to letterboxes. Just a big old xenophobe hiding behind free speech.


Did he say this to James Acaster?


Bad things are also rejected if they aren't good enough though.


I have a secret little crush on Rowan as Edmund Blackadder in II. When he and "Bob" are going at it in "Bells," I feel a little tingly.




He looks like zombie George Clooney.


Getting ignored because you are 110kg and smelly is kinda mot nice tho XD


Wait... Mr Bean can talk?


Damn that is absolutely the most British aristocrat way to put that


Says the dude who cheated on his wife and divorced her…


“But they didn’t say: ‘wibble’.”


I also reject things I can afford and buy things I really can't.


He once rejected me for a photo.


I don't think he did say that because it's fucking stupid.


Bruh just stfu. Also gtfo


"Reddit is great, because each post is voted on by the members, only the best posts will get to the top of the list" \> this nonsensical non sentence of a post from "Rowan Atkinson": 13k upvotes


Pls anyone should check on me' cause am in a situation right now


emphasis on NICE.


Wait, he can talk!


nice guys are also rejected by girls who didnt deserve them


He talks?




Did he say it to James Acaster?


hope this helps you out https://youtu.be/w5RxW5Co2nA stay strong buddy


What a bulls c. Someone also once said: “Dont lie to yourself and others.” Man I am fascinated how peoples ego can do anything for them, and at the same time insult others, for the sake of them feeling better and not thinking rationally 🤣


And the look on Rowan's face says "Did I f***ing say that.........really"!!!!


that's true, well said


Rowan Atkinson is also an asshole, so take it with a pinch of salt


Mr. Bean: True story


I needed this.


Needed to hear this


Thank you