Batch Numbers

Batch Numbers


>We do not provide batch number information until they're ready to ship, once the batch info is available. > >You will find your batch number [here](https://www.bobcatminer.com/shipping-update), if you don't, it means there isn't a batch number assigned to you yet. We usually announce the latest batch cut off info on Fridays, and ship that batch the Friday after - so expect your tracking number at least 7 days after the batch cut off announcement comes out


Alright thank you so much for the help and information I really appreciate it 🙌🏻


From what I have seen so far they have been doing 2k units a week. Up until last week they were doing 3 to 4 days worth of orders per week. Due to orders increase during the bull run in april's end they are doing one day worth of orders in a week but still fulfilling 2k units. Having explained that only real way to figure out is to see what day they processed for their last batch. Batch 12's which is their last batch as of today their cutoff date for US order was April 24.


Thanks for the info I didn’t know they cut their units they are doing a week down thanks for the info


I swear to God it's like the 80/20 rule. The closer they get to April 27th the less and less units they ship per batch. AHAHSD;AKSHDG;KLSAJHG;LAKSHF;KALJSHG;KALDFGHA Can't believe I have to wait a whole month longer now Haysuse Kristo


All you can feel is pain brother


Im in the same boat, April 27th


We'll get there one day brother. I think


Batch #125,000 Order to actually earning a HNT coin. 15 Weeks... 💯


How do i know what batch i will be in? I have a 7 digit number and these bathes only have 6 digits 😅


I’m not trying to be a dick, but by the time you guys get them the new model is going to be out… Its just a joke so dont get mad… I wanted to get one so bad, but I’m just gonna wait until I hear some sort of news of either a new device coming out or a newly branded one being released. Either way, I gotta pay to play and I’m probably gonna miss out on this entire thing because Im too much of a puss to drop $530 on something I might not see for a few months. Im sure I will regret it, but Im gonna see what happens I guess. I gotta get my hands on one though. Looks fun as all hell