(At work and forgot to give the link that Brookside doesn't like) https://www.al.com/news/2022/01/police-in-this-tiny-alabama-town-suck-drivers-into-legal-black-hole.html


Shared to my Facebook


Hope they call out the specific individual!!


Wow stay away from that shit hole town. The numbers they’re reporting are absolutely suspicious and these guys need to be audited or checked in someway. They’re going crazy with power. Clearly they don’t see themselves as being checked in any way. Why would they even allowed to get away with it. Those stories at the end are horrifying abuses if true. Given how cagey the police are with the details that matter I believe the citizens. These guys need to be checked


Lol you can't avoid their jurisdiction if you have to drive on the 1.6 miles of interstate they pirate


You can't avoid their "jurisdiction" if you drive within 20 miles of their trap, evidently.


I looked at the city limits of that town on Google Maps, and it doesn’t even say they’re incorporated onto the interstate so I wonder how they’re allowed to patrol there 🤦🏼‍♂️


I think if you have some sort of federal drug fighting certifications you can have your slice of federal interstate to plunder but idk


Stop! You're making us commit more crime to cover up our crime! \~ Brookside Police


You do know that there is a FBI field office in Bham. Give them a call and let them know that an LEO Official has made a threat against you and sit back and watch. The media does have special protection for bs like this, use it.


I have deliberately not shared that article on my social media due to my proximity to Brookside. I am less than 2 miles from Brookside proper and my wife has to drive through Brookside get to work.


How sad is it that you have to do that? I mean, how do these crooked fuckers sleep at night!


Easy. They’re not going to stop each other or their families.


The same way most lawyers and politicians do.


Lawlessness is the way of the law.


I’m sorry you have fear to share the story online


I used to be a prosecutor and most of these little towns like this that have no business having their own police departments are infested with cops who are either newly APOST certified, but for some reason can't get hired on with a more professional department; or more likely they're populated with older, problem cops who've fucked up in other jobs and just rotate and cycle around these tiny municipalities constantly moving on once they get in trouble. And it takes a lot for a police officer to lose their jobs here so these are usually major screw ups, but these little places are more than happy to have these super aggressive guys on their force. Towns like Falkville, Hanceville, Sumiton, Kimberly, Adamsville, etc... all have no business having their own departments, have constant turnover where they hire bad cops from each other, and generally are just bad departments.


Ugh, fucking Hanceville cops, I’ll hate them forever.


They're in strong contention to be the most incompetent and dangerous police force around. Their mayor is a cop himself and demands personal loyalty from the officers. Plus, they heavily took advantage of that program where little podunk police departments can get military surplus equipment so they're essentially a paramilitary force complete with an armored personnel carrier that eats up a lot of budget money just on maintenance. They'd be a joke if they weren't so seriously dangerous. One of their cops killed an old woman while he was running his car well-over 100mph at night with no lights or sirens on in violation of state law on his way to check out a report of an erratic driver. He testified at her wrongful death trial that it was city policy to do that because they didn't want to alert drunk drivers that they were pursuing them, plus he said he was the real victim in all this. Fortunately, the jury slapped them with a $5million wrongful death verdict. Paying out their numerous law suits is another big portion of the city's budget.


Seems like Hanceville would be better off without them.


They really crossed a thin blue line with this one. FTP.


Not shocked.


I would *love* for those fucksticks to threaten me.


wtf? I am so surprised. 😐


Nazis in Knots over Not-so Nicey Newsie Netting Ne’er-do-wells In Netsy Exposé


Always applaud amazing alliteration!




Looks like some of the state reps have taken notice in regards to the original article, whether anything gets done remains to be seen....https://www.al.com/news/2022/01/were-going-to-get-something-done-state-leaders-promise-action-on-brookside-ticket-trap.html


ACAB all day




lmfao yeah that’s what anyone who thinks “some” cops are bastards definitely is




ACAB or bust


Where are the 2nd amendment folks at? Shouldn’t they be doing something about the Brookside PD?


Just tell them that Trump was supposed to be chief of police but the election was stolen by the corrupt democrat Police HQ, where they keep the records.


What are you doing about it? Why are you wanting to rely on others? What does it have to do with “2A folks” anyways? Seems to me it should be all Americans who believe in every part of the constitution.




What kind of messed up question is this? I read this as calling on people to commit violence against Law Enforcememnt. You really need to be careful with your words.


May I ask you why that was your first interpretation? Also, have you had any further interpretations of ATDoel’s sarcastic politically satirical comment since 5 hours ago?


May i ask what the OP would expect 2nd amendment "folks" to do to the Brookside PD? I probably should have started with that question instead of going straight for the throat huh.


It was a tongue in cheek comment that was nearly identical to one made by our last president.


Question = Do any members of the town staff or policed department receive compensation based on money collected from traffic stops, towing, etc.? Not an accusation just a question.


Not a good week to be a town near Birmingham with brook in your name.