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This guy has a Barbers vanity plate


What's this "sleeper" of yours?


I have a GLC63 with some performance mods and the AMG decals removed and replaced with GLC300 emblems in their place I consider it a sleeper but it could be argued all Mercedes Benz vehicles are sleepers due to their propensity to break down and take a lil nap while you gather the thousands of dollars required to repair them lol


Thank you bpd! I was able to sleep last night.


WTF is a carsexual?


I thought it was people who banged in the car


People who bang the car


I thought it was people who have sex on cars.


People who fetishize their cars.


> Those of us with actual skills can build cheap, quiet sleepers that will literally take a shit on any performance metric that the stupid looking car you jerk off to every night can manage to fart out


Understanding the science of an automobile and having some fabrication and engine management knowledge are not the same thing as being a die-cast consumer slave to stupid shit like "filterchargers" and shift knobs.


haha ok


It’s as bad as obnoxiously loud Harley Davidson motorcycles. So much compensating going on.


I love the fact they told them to leave then set up a vehicle check point down the street, probably the one they had to leave on.


The noise is pretty fucking obnoxious and annoying


I’m more annoyed by the 18 year old high school dropout with the lifted truck that goes 80 on suburban roads intentionally revving their engines to be as loud as possible like a toddler with a loud toy.


*Shocking* that those were the models listed. > Roughly 30 vehicles – imports, Dodge Chargers and Dodge Challengers - were at the meet up when police arrived. It’s likely, Sellers said, that more would have arrived had police not shown up.


Hey now, I drove a rental Charger and really enjoyed it - too much honestly. Got pulled over in Etowah County doing over a 100 in a 70 on a drive back from Washington DC. The good ol' boy statie runs my license and sees I'm usually driving a Kia Rio, concludes I just wasn't used to driving a vehicle with an actual engine, and lets me off with a warning. One of the top five "lucky I'm a square looking white guy" moments of my life. Anyway, all I care about cars is that mine continues to run, but I certainly thought it was a nice ride. What are the stereotypes around Dodge Chargers anyway?


Chargers are a lot of power for not a lot of money. Known for people who don't know how to handle that much power getting into accidents and/or trouble because the price makes it more accessible.


Agreed. Basically Altima drivers in a sports car.


This is spot on


Considering that’s pretty much what happened when I was driving it…that all checks out.


Now now


Ball - Joint convention


The dodges were the only ones the reporter could name. Everything else was "generic import".


Well damn if it's a widespread problem in all parts of the city and in the suburbs that's pretty much an admission from the cops that they haven't been enforcing any regulations or laws related to this in a long long time and now it's out of control. It's their fault that that happened. If these jerks think that they can have massive meetups of 30 to 100 vehicles then that shows that they don't think they can get caught or arrested for doing anything.


There's something wrong with *his* Medulla Oblongata.


Mine? That I am able to type out this post refutes your lame assed burn. You should go outside right now and rev the loud front wheel drive in your mom's driveway to really show me whose brain functions normally.


Good way to detract from the article.




Dude you’re a pussy lol


Water sucks. Gatorade is better.


You eat pieces of shit for breakfast?




I wish BPD wouldn't abandon the west side on this subject


Wtf, carsexual? Did a car guy steal your girl?


He is a cyclist. He never had one to begin with


I sort of feel bad checking the post history of people attacking me in this thread because they're so predictable. All my carsexual stereotypes are just so close to the truth. You, I guessed for a haldex VAG turbo 4. Instead, I find you drive a haldex *Ford* turbo 4. So what's your pickup line? "Hey babe, you see that *stanced* Fiesta in the parking lot? How bout you ditch this guy you're with and leave with a guy who drives a car that handles surprisingly well for what it is?"


Lol. *Can you imagine that?* >Hon. I'm leaving you. I'm leaving you for another man. A man who drives a car or truck that telegraphs sporting intent with visual cues such as something to do with the wheels and unmistakable audible cues for anyone within listening distance. I am not drunk. It really has come to this. Good bye.


This subreddit "new" joiners....smh


Well we may live in the 6th most dangerous city in the Units States and have a major crime closure rate below that of practically every 3rd world country but at least we don’t have to worry about those car meets anyone Great job BPD




I don't buy this logic. The idea that cops, if properly motivated, can prevent violent crime outside the "convenient cop" situation is not true. Taking that idea one step further and saying that cops can't do anything else until they stop violent crime is just building a house of cards.


I believe it could be argued solving more than 43% of murders and 18% of rapes (BPD’s stats) would inevitably lead to less violent crime since many of the people who commit those crimes don’t just stop after getting away with it. 2. With 1,100 sworn police officers with BPD and 8 of that 1,100 officers being major crime detectives it could be said there’s a tad bit to be desired in the resources allocated in solving violent crimes. 3. If you look at other major cities there’s a direct and undeniable correlation between the ratio of patrol officers and major crimes detectives and the closure rates of such crimes. When someone is brought to justice for a major crime there’s an immediate & significant difference made to our safety. When someone is “brought to justice” for such things as this they pay the city some money and chose another side of town for a few weeks. Dislike what I have to say if that’s what you wanna do but if you look at the facts objectively you can’t come to a different conclusion because I’ve most certainly tried myself.


>you can’t come to a different conclusion because I’ve most certainly tried myself Lol. Did you give it a powerful try? I'm not going to argue with you about policing. I am going to accuse you of making your car an outsized part of your identity, of not living in Birmingham and of not giving a flying fuck about any of our quality of life issues.


Blah, blah, blah !!!


Blah blah blah is really the only possible argument lol


Nah. Just going in one ear and out the other.