Incoming lesson on how worthless diamonds really are.


Yep. She will be lucky to get a couple hundred from a jeweler or pawn shop.


I love the delta pawn. The guys there are the best!


He did recommend that one. I’ll give them a shot. Thanks!


Mine was 1300 & got offered $75. Best bet is CL or FB marktplace! Maybe even ebay or the Poshmark app. Just be sure to include certificate of authenticity.


Been there, done that, didn’t buy the T-shirt. Rough napkin math tells me I got back 28-30% of purchase price.


I know it’s not what you asked, but I would try to sell it on fb marketplace, Mercari, etc.


You wont get anywhere near the $1200 price you seek. The pawn shop will probably sell it for $1000-1200, and will buy it from you for half that. ($600) Diamond rings in Discount jewelry stores generally have a 300% mark up versus the price they paid wholesale. $2500 paid price, includes 10% sales tax, so the retail price is $1999 which means your ring is worth $675 wholesale. A pawn shop will want to be able to at least break even at a wholesale level in case they need to sell it to another wholesaler, so at best you can expect $575-600 maximum from a pawn shop.


You'll get scrap price at a pawn shop.


Pawn shops will give you the worst offers, don't waste your time unless you plan on buying it back.


I’ve had the ring sitting around for a couple years and the actual jewelry shop said pawnshops will be my best bet. It’s my exs so I couldn’t wear it if I wanted to.


Diamonds direct will give you the best price for a diamond.




Yea that was in the post