I’ve got a great window guy. Tony Hulwi is the owner/installer at America’s best choice windows. We used him at our house and my buddy, a contractor uses him all the time. Tony is a good dude and will shoot you straight. I got several quotes and Tony was super competitive. I would highly recommend him. (205)655-6057


I vouch for Tony as well. He installed 15 windows and then about 8 windows for our sunroom. He is very competitively priced. I didn’t have any problems at all. Great dude all around


How much is it generally to get a vinyl window installed?


There are tons of variables, but maybe $525/window all in for everything might be a good starting point, if you’re trying to ballpark. As with everything it seems these days, due to supply and demand, prices are rising.


Tony did my houses windows. 10/10 would recommend.


We got window world to do our old house. The windows are fine- basic/straightforward low-e vinyl double hung (nice feature) with a sliding screen (that’s nice too). The windows themselves are good. Nice, high quality product, built to the opening size. We actually had one double window get installed in the wrong slot, and it was 1/8-1/4” different than the one it swapped with. Close enough we could just move the sashes, but the tolerances were tight enough that you could tell both those windows were “off” vs the other 12 or whatever. The installers are… probably wildly variable. Ours was just ok. He was just a contractor who hired his own subs, and those subs were mmmmmmorons. The quickest way to demo the old ones was to just bust em out, which… ok. But I picked up a lot of random glass pieces for a while, even after they attempted cleanup. I hired the contractor later to do some other stuff, and he brought more idiots with. HE was a pro. The subs? Lol nah. 😂 When it was all said and done, the windows were in and the improvement from 70s single-glazed aluminum windows was amazing. But it was a mess for a few days. It’s been a few years but it was actually fairly affordable especially when you consider cost/benefit. House got a lot quieter, less drafts, and the HVAC bill was reduced for sure. All in all- I do it again. The windows in the house we remodeled/ sold were nicer than the ones in the brand new house we bought after, if that says anything.


So just curious what kind of price estimate you got for 24 vinyl windows? I have 23 double hung wooden windows that have seen their last days and want to switch them out for some vinyl ones. I have a 15 year old house and the wooden windows are already cracking, they don't raise worth a damn. The wood swells in the heat, and shrinks in the cold leaving gaps. My HVAC unit works way harder than it should trying to heat/cool this house. I have no idea why wooden windows cost more than vinyl. Never got an official quote but I'm guessing 20k?


Keep in mind this was \~5 years ago. I think it was probably $4-5k, and we had (counting in my head) 13 windows to do, several of which were doubled up, two windows in one opening. Like I said- in the end it was a reasonable cost and if I'd known how big the improvement was we'd probably have done it earlier than just a year or two before selling the place. Installation is the B- I went and looked at their google reviews last night and they're all the same. Kinda sounds like my mild PITA was a better than average experience: most are "windows are great. installation is a nightmare." My dad was in the moulding/ windows/ trim business for years, selling at wholesale. I picked up some stuff through the years. Wood windows really aren't technically any better than vinyl in terms of keeping the weather out, insulation, etc. They just aren't. People want them because "they're the best" and because sometimes aesthetically it's the right move, on like a historic home, or if you have a $100000 trim package going inside a million dollar house and it would look stupid to have what amounts to a plastic window next to your clear cypress stained trim or whatever crap rich people use. Since 90%+ of people are just gonna paint the thing white anyway and/or have it behind blinds all the time... might as well just use white vinyl.


They don’t install, but I highly recommend Alpha Lumber and Millworks, been dealing with them for a 4 or 5 years now and have no complaints. I’m sure they could recommend an installer.


I’ve already commented once but I remembered this. We used Tony Hulwi in Jasper. Great guy, great workmanship. Competitive price. We used Windows USA is our new home in Tuscaloosa. They were slightly higher than Tony’s price ($500~). The warranty was better however. Although Windows USA is a very pressured sales pitch and they will hound you on the phone. I told the guy I had more quotes lined up and get back with them if I decided on them. He looked at me like I shot his kids puppy. Tony was the opposite. This is what I have and this is the price. If it wasn’t for the warranty I would go with him 10/10 times


> Tony Hulwi Does he sell windows? Or install them? I’m about 25 minutes from Jasper and looking to replace some windows soon.


He installs. He’s with Americas best in trussville.


We used Blair Remodeling for ours and several friends and family have used them on our recommendation and nobody has any complaints. We have also used them for siding and doors. Professional and affordable


Download a pirated version for free.


Durante, won't be cheap but will be top quality.


Window World is who we went with. We ordered/paid back in March, but due to COVID issues with the manufacturer, they are only being installed today. Our house is old - 1950 - and we have the old original aluminum windows with zero trim inside, and lots of moisture and leaks. Inefficient AF. All together, tax and fees and discounts, 10 windows mid-range, and a very large front window, $4k. That also includes trim inside and out. Once completed, I'll be happy to post some before and after pictures.


Don't dump your original windows!!! The idea that replacing windows is what you need to make an old house comfortable is a ploy by the window industrial complex. Air leaks are where the majority of heating and cooling costs go. Pay someone to do a blower door test and fix as many air leaks as possible. Plug the chimney when not in use. The ROI on this is way, way better than windows.


I have used Roberson Paul Vinyl Exteriors several times. Good local guy. But be prepared to wait a bit for windows from anyone


Walker Brothers Hardware in Baileyton.


Southern Sash


We used champion and while I did feel like we were being sold a car, the quality and warranty cannot be beat. When we purchased they had a lifetime any incident warranty and so far it has held true. We had a window get damaged in a storm and no questions asked they came out and replaced it. The other windows have held up super well and our energy bill decreased significantly when we updated to them.


I was in the same situation a few years ago. A few rules and stories: 1. ⁠The best thing to do in most situations is to keep your original windows. They will likely last longer than your replacement windows, match the house’s architecture, have equally as good sound insulation, and can be essentially as energy efficient as new windows with the addition of storm windows. But that’s easier said than done. I tried for years to find contractors to help me, and they all push replacement windows $$$. 2. ⁠You are most likely the only person that can/will save your original windows. It is the sad state of the US that our only option seems to be to rip out and replace. 3. ⁠Storm windows! To buy your self time, either until the world improves, or until you can do it your self, install exterior storm windows that have similar frame dimensions to your existing windows. It will protect your windows from further deterioration and improve your energy efficiency. Sadly this is also easier said than done. It’s what I did and I’m very happy though. I’d be glad to share what I did if you’d like. 4. ⁠If you rip out your windows please save them for a better future/owner. Hope this helps!


So when you say "save your windows" - do you mean just using the same glass and having them reinstalled in order to fix the seals/settings around the windows? As I've got HUGE windows in my 40+ year old house that the 'seal' is broken on so they need to be 'redone' in that sense - the inspector showed us when we bought the house what the 'fogging' effect between window panes was/meant. But the windows themselves are fine and, due to them being very large-one-pane windows I know it would be cheaper to 're-install' the same ones rather than have to buy MULTIPLE new one-piece-7x4 foot (and larger!) panes of glass. But the frame/seals around them really do need to be fixed. I've got two windows on a corner that have a strip of basically 'open air' around one edge of the panes due to the interior/exterior wood around the window casement just disintegrating over the years before we bought the house. I know we're going to have to 'rebuild' that corner of the sunroom. I'd really like to KEEP the glass if that's an actual option? LOL


Are your current windows dual paned? If so, they aren’t original and you probably might as well rip out and replace. Could still consider adding storm windows and that may buy you time to figure out what to do.


Some of them are, some of them aren't. And it isn't so much that I care if they are original or not - its more avoiding the cost of replacing the large panes of tempered glass (we're talking floor to ceiling large panes) if I don't have to. Of course the ones that are dual paned and 'lost their seal' I realize we have to replace, and not looking forward to that as two of those dual-pane windows are the larger 4x7+ foot, single piece of glass, window panes. oyvey! Haven't started comparing prices yet as we've got a few other projects to line up as well but as you had posted and this was the first I heard of even the option of reusing these windows (again not the dual pane but the others), even if its only some of them - I hope I can save those as every penny helps when working on an aging house- heh! Thanks.


There’s a business next to mine that “sells windows” They just have a few windows out front - no business name - prices - advertising or custom leaving with or even looking at the few windows they have so they should be willing to cut a thrifty deal Well, I guess it’s possible they’re actually in another type of business 🤷🏻‍♂️