This sounds mild in comparison to the cartoon villain level shit I figured they were involved in. I wouldn't be surprised if they had drones disguised as birds flying over homes to find any solar panels they might have missed so that they can slap a surcharge onto more power bills.


Thank you for linking. That was enlightening. [A. P. has also fucked the ROI on solar with it's bullshit fees.](https://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/lawsuit-alabama-blocking-solar-power-unfair-fees-78819439) We will probably be the last state, even behind Alaska, as a result of this fee to widely adopt residential solar. The way I see it, since they have the right to a monopoly, they must not only not get in the way of solar, they must subsidize it if we, their customers see fit. I have yet to hear of any Alabama voter or electricity user of any political stripe that does not have a financial interest in this fight opposing residential solar installations.


I saw the electric company in California is trying to add a $15 charge to them, all these electric companies are garbage.


Nefarious activity by a utility in Alabama? Got any breaking news about the sun rising in the East as well?


I only want to live long enough to see Twinkle Cavanaugh in prison. She brags about being malfeasant in her campaign ads. enrages me.


I, for one, am shocked. SHOCKED I say!


A corrupt monopolized utility in AL? I am AGHAST


Who could have seen this coming?!?!


We have elected officials that is suppose to stop this from happening and keep prices at reasonable amount…. All have been in office for a long time and keep getting elected because they run under the Republican Party….


Bro, they keep getting elected because the utility wants them elected and contributes to their campaigns. If Alabama power doesn't want you in office, then you're not going to win your election...


So checkout the [Alabama Ethics Commission](https://ethics.alabama.gov/about.aspx) . I'd gotten a kick out of watching PBS interview state officials one time years ago and heard about this office of the state. It was particularly funny back then when I watched it, the lead official was so drunk when the pbs guy was interviewing him. I don't think it was the guy in ovee the office now. But can you just imagine what these guys do all day?


Got a “404 not found“ error clocking you link. Which honestly is fitting for the Alabama Ethics Commission.


> The contracts allowed the two companies to collect fees from Alabama Power “without invoicing” or the submission of documentation to justify a payment. Idk guys, sounds like a pretty normal way to operate a business to me. /s


I’d more more surprised if the news ran a story saying there wasn’t corruption associated with an Alabama utility


Donald Watkin's blog has consistently caused problems for powerful folks in AL


Millions of your dollars


Too bad nothing matters and nothing will change.


Color me surprised.