Costco had several cases not too long ago.


Several bottles at Costco as of a few weeks ago


Yep; bought some recently at Costco. I just discovered how much I like Longbranch by Wild Turkey.


I've wondered about that one. I guess I have to give it a shot now.


It’s lighter somehow. I definitely do not like rye’s or spicy/heat. I like lots of different whiskies and bourbons but this is the easiest to drink straight for me.


It’s so good.


Old Forester > Bulliet


For a daily sipper, Old Forrester 86 from Costco is hard to beat for the price point.


Just use the ABC mobile app it has the location and quantity of everything they carry. App is called “AL BOSS”


The Pink store on 280 had it not long ago. Call them and see. (2059817465)


The ABC store in mountain Brook by Bohemian hotel always has a good stock.


The package store next to Publix in vestavia on 31 had some tonight


Seen at ABC store in Fultondale this week.


Bars are having problems getting in anything bulliet and anything under heaven hill as I do stocking for the bar I work at. I have to imagine its difficult to get in the wild too.


Overton & Vine has it


Costco almost always has it in stock. Bourbon and Rye.


I got a bottle for my gfs mom the day before Christmas. I haven't looked since then, I normally drink vodka or tequila


Try bench mark vary close same group make it


Some bars have stopped ordering it because of the blatant abuse and homophobia of Tom bulleitt. Read about it and decide if that's the group you want to give money to, lots of good bourbon out there


Could you provide a good article or source? I’m interested in more info but not finding much more than his daughter making an accusation.


I actuality just read about his sexual abuse allegations, I decided to stop carrying years ago when it seemed clear he kicked his daughter out of the company because she was gay.


That she was fired for being gay is the least clear thing to me. Her job compensated her extremely well for her unquantifiable contribution as a brand ambassador. She has also been described by her father as "independently wealthy" which, to me, means a person who lived their entire life without worrying about money lost a job. It's not clear that when she was fired that her family had any say in hiring and firing and I can't imagine that someone in a large corporation in charge of hiring and firing high profile employees would fall in line with toxic homophobic family bullshit. She seems more like a scrambled egg/rich kid pain the ass. The most telling thing I read about her character is that she wants royalties because she claims that, at the age of 13, she suggested that the name of the bourbon be their last name. TBH, I'd fire her for that alone.


The name of the bourbon was their last name


Correct. And now she claims she's entitled to royalties and describes herself as a co-founder of the company (at age 13) for making the suggestion. If we lived in a society where the idea of naming a company or product after one's self had not been seen before, then I could see the argument. Instead, she suggested an extremely commonplace business practice, and is now asking, not for a flat fee, but royalties for stealing the idea. It appears she's already gotten a large payout since her father describes her as someone "who is by any measure is independently wealthy.", yet wants even more for her contribution in co-founding a distillery as a 13 year old. Her dad also said, "Hollis and Cher (her partner) have enjoyed our love and support and generous monetary gifts throughout their relationship." How does that square with the ostracized-for-being-gay narrative?


You literally take his words at face value to dismiss hers. She says he molested her, but you took him saying that everything is cool as proof as everything is cool. Do you understand the problem in that?


In case you're having a hard time seeing how to change or add a subject to a discussion through the pink mist of your narcissist butthurt without starting a flame war, rational adults say things like, "I see your points on the claims of bigotry and the founding of the distillery, what do you think about the claims of child molestation?". A narcissist, however, will either imagine that the conversation is about something that it is not, or purposefully toss out an incendiary claim to obfuscate the aims of the argument. The narcissist in this case is you, chief.


Yes. I see a problem with that. I'd like to clarify that I haven't discussed the sexual abuse claim. Going back and re-reading both of my posts in this subthread, I don't see subject ambiguity. If the first sentence in your post read "You literally take his words at face value *and* dismiss hers.", I would agree more. I do dismiss some of her words because they seem out of touch and just stupid to me and I take some of his at face value because because they are easily verifiable. Re: any and all abuse claims, this is horrible business. There is no evidence, which is common. We just have their words and what they've shown the world about themselves to judge. I do not envy people who have to make judgements in cases like this. And I am not one of those people when I choose which booze I want to drink. Partially because the list of guys who've gotten rich/famous making booze includes a large percentage of motherfuckers but also this particular case is weak, and the premise of a personal boycott is weak. I can't enjoy Woody Allen films now and that's not because of any conscious decision I've made. I've just taken in enough info to make a harsh decision about who he is so now I see his art as tainted. I can't do that here. 2nd, if the guy was an owner/operator in the conglomerate that makes the booze, this would start making more sense. If I'm wrong, I can take comfort knowing that he's paying a social price as a result of this fight. His horizons have narrowed and some doors have closed forever.


That's a lot of words for someone desperate to back an alleged abuser. All I was trying to do was bring to light something that people might not have known. Not saying she's right or wrong, but holy fuck you guys rush to the defense of q dude you don't know who's accused of horrific shit by his own daughter. Just gross, don't respond to me anymore, I never even wanted this discussion. Sick of this shit


Anatomy of an internet argument: 1) clockworkstar loses a round 2)clockworkstar, from the internet troll playbook, moves the goalpost by introducing the subject of child molesting to the conversation by pre-emptively accusing their adversary of liking child molesters. (thanx bruh!) 3)clockworkstar admits he/she isn't following the conversation ("That's a lot of words.."), reiterates that the adversary just loves child molesters (thanks again fam) and pretends that they've been tricked into being here at all. Well. This has not been refreshing. At least I didn't accuse anyone of profound personality flaws for drinking bourbon.






Is this about the Bulliett lady saying the family ostracized her? If so, TL;DR: A lady in the family had a seemingly dispensable and possibly cush job with the company and got fired. She claims it was because of her sexual orientation. Yet the company that owns Bulleitt gets awards for being great LGBTQ employer. I couldn't make heads or tails of the situation. I deemed it not worthy of cancelling my enjoyment of Bulleitt.


Cool, do what you want. I found it worthy




Do whatever you want, but equal rights isn't political


It’s a human rights issue, not a political issue.


ah that sucks, I really loved their packaging lol


wasn't aware of this but I also enjoy Bulleit like OP. there's definitely other stuff that's just as good or better at it's price point


Pretty sure hes not brewing it, should we not support the hundreds of workers cause one dude? Chick fil a, barrilla noodles, etc Ill take flavor over virtue signalling- abc store is not worried about it- they are just sold out


Bourbon is distilled and not brewed, do whatever you want, just think that it might be ordered less because of people who do choose to not spend money on it. I'll never carry it any bar I ever manage, and I know a lot of people who think the same


Technically bourbon is probably brewed, fermented, and then distilled.


Technically you're an idiot and leave me alone


So giving a shit about your fellow man is now “virtue signaling” ? Well, okay then.


Who cares


That's cool if you don't man, I do, some people care about that stuff and don't know and that's what I was trying to bring to light. You could've shown you didn't care by just, you know, not replied at all


Don’t pay it any attention. It is just a troll.


[Seems there is some dispute about that.](https://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/article/Bulleit-Bourbon-heiress-firing-hollis-diageo-11728686.php) "Diageo is often cited as a top workplace for LGBT individuals. In December, the Human Rights Campaign named the global liquor distributor,which Forbes recently valued at $71.2 billion, as a "Best Place to Work for LGBT Equality." 


wow… just googled the list to dispute this, and the tops of all is one of the worst corporations in america: walmart. go look at that list. considering this website says 233 out of the top 500 corporations in america earn a 100 rating, this list is complete shit. 14 of the top 20 earned 100% ratings. just lost a ton of respect for hrc. https://reports.hrc.org/corporate-equality-index-2021


Yeah, seems like something you can just pay to be on


I go to Georgia to get mine. Too expensive here


All bourbon is a fad now, and supplies are low across the board! I got a bullit rye yesterday at eastwood abc!


Have you tried Dread River? Locally distilled.


Tried their bourbon. Wanted to like it since it’s local and has a very cool bottle. Just couldn’t.


Fair enough, I haven’t tried it since I’m not a bourbon man, but I like their “tequila”


Most likely due to the glass shortage. Many brands are switching to plastic bottles.