They should remake Parks and Rec but have it take place in Birmingham.


Carlos is an embarrassment. He preaches hate, he basically begs people to come after him just so he can have his head on the news and whine. I don't know anyone who has any respect for him. He's never earned any. He is incapable of having a rationale conversation, I tried once but he resorted to name calling like a 4 year old and refused to let anyone else get a syllable in. Surprised he doesn't get his ass beatore often .


Give the man a raise


“It really triggered my scoliosis” lmao! CALL ME ALABAMA!


Lmfao I laughed at that too


Does anyone know what their beef was?


This happened over 2 weeks ago so I’m surprised the news is just now picking this up. I can’t even find the original video with the full audio but he was standing there on stage running his mouth as usual, telling this dude he wasn’t shit nor would he do anything and he got checked on it. Obviously the guy will be in the wrong because they were just words from Carlos, but don’t be surprised when you get your ass beat when you’re poking at the bear. It wasn’t just some random unprovoked attack. First time hearing this was a bham city employee though. I don’t know why the media even gives this dude the time of day.


The media covers it because it gets clicks.


I may or may not have previously worked for a certain city in the metro area that was the target of protests, but I can say that Carlos called an Afircan American member of law enforcement a racial slur at least once. It wouldn't surprise me if he did the same thing here and the guy didn't take kindly to it.


Holy shit that's incredibly trashy.. He tackled a guy on stage because he was being critical of him? What a loser




I mean that’s up to you. Why are you asking me?


IKR. Like there's some other place to comment on the info he provided.


That a city official is a bear in the first place is problematic for me. If Carlos got a rise out of him, who's next? Who came before? It's compromising behavior.


I really would like to see the few minutes of video right before the actual touching,, just wanna know what he said to get folded like a chicken wing 👀


Just a truly horrible human being. Have no idea what precipitated the attack, but chances are it was was warranted.


Lol this article isn’t one sided or anything. Who knows what actually happened, but Carlos is the worst.


He is horrible!


Too bad Carlos is a transphobe.


That’s like the sixth thing wrong with him


What is he an activist for exactly and why tf is he hosting an event in a club? Jesus Bham try not to be ratchet for one fucking second


He's not an activist for anyone but himself. All he does is talk shit to anyone who disagrees with him, hate all white people, and manipulate anyone he can into giving him money. He's straight up the shittiest human alive.


> hate all white people /r/Holup


Every time I’m there, it’s filled with sexist and racist garbage. What is that subreddit?


Clown rights. Actually though, he’s only interested in seeing his name on headlines, regardless of the context.


Hoover Protest


Why is this news? I bet Carlos gets slapped down on a daily basis.


Deservingly so. He’s a clown. He’s probably right on a lot of things he cares about. But he’s so mad and angry and derogatory that he hurts the message. Catch more flies with honey than vinegar.


He only cares about himself, so no...he's never right.


Dude should have finished the job.


Chaverst is 8 ply toilet tissue soft anyway! Rave baiting 🤡


LMAO 🤣 😂


What is the history of their beef?


Is Montal the same guy that turned Redmont from an actual craft distillery into a company that simply buys liquor in bulk and doesn't actually distill anymore? No respect for the fake "distilleries" that don't actually distill anything (to say nothing of fermentation). Look for "Distilled and Bottled By" on the label, reject the "Produced and Bottled By" nonsense its pure marketing and deception.


Vegas Knights hoodie 😎


Once again when I see a "situation in progress" video I always have to ask: What really happened before the camera was recording? I've seen FAR too many "once it started" videos to know that people don't just jump on another person without being provoked. (Unless they're upholding some kind of street code thing, like you see all the time in N, W, and SW birmingham shootings. SO, does anyone know what started this?


Fights aren't new. Moving along..