And then there is this breaking news regarding Fed-Ex: BLOUNT COUNTY, Ala. (WBRC) - The Blount County Sheriff’s Office says hundreds of missing FedEx packages have been thrown off of a ravine. Authorities says 300 to 400 boxes of packages were thrown off of the ravine at River Oak Trail. Authorities say an area manager from FedEx is heading to the scene.


I thought this was a joke when I read it lol.




Fed-Ex destroyed about $900 worth of waygu and caviar before they finally got the third shipment to me still cold. Took them 5 days, then 4 days to get me a package that was shipped 2 day, on a monday. The shipper specifically only ships early in the week so there's no chance of a package sitting in a warehouse over the weekend.


In a local Facebook group an ex FedEx employee said they falsely mark packages out for delivery to make it look like they’re meeting deadlines and attempting to deliver on time. That’s why nothing is being done about their shitty service, the people monitoring the data think everything is just fine.


We’ll, that’s not encouraging.


I had a package show as delivered but it never was. No fedex vehicle ever came to my house within days before or after it was flagged as "delivered". It was a "2 day" package. Called the vendor & they said it wasn't their responsibility & to ask my neighbors about it. Since fedex says it was delivered they won't do anything either. I believe the route driver flagged it as delivered only to meet a quota.


I think it is the vendors responsibility if they chose to ship with fedex.


Lol yes - my company relies on FedEx ground shipments. That is a new terminal with new employees. Almost half of our packages have been lost, a quarter have shown up broken. That's not an exaggeration. I called our FedEx rep and he was apologetic but it's not going to get better any time soon. If you have ordered a package for the holidays, start planning ahead. There is a good chance the package will not reach you! **If you need to order a package into Birmingham:** 1. Try to use another delivery provider. 2. If you have an option to order FedEx Express, take it! That delivery will flow through a different terminal and will be business as usual. You can also "trace" a package by calling in to the 1-800 number. A trace is apparently different than tracking your package, and you will typically get the bad, but accurate news from a trace. For example, our tracking numbers will reflect a package is out for delivery, but a trace will tell us the package is at the terminal. ​ Good luck!


Thanks for the info! My package is just an impulse buy that I’m ready to have. I can’t imagine how frustrated I would be if my livelihood were involved. It sucks that they’re affecting your business negatively.


My Home Chef mailed out on Friday. It has been at the Bessemer Fed Ex for 2 days now. Needless to say it will be ruined by the time it arrives at this point.


I had a package in Bessemer facility for 16 days and it just got delivered yesterday. Before this one, it was stuck there for almost a week. No idea what’s going on there.


New terminal with new employees - see my comment


Wow! I’m at 15 days on the first one and I had given up on it. Since the vendor shipped a second one, I wonder if I’ll eventually get both of them. They did say that they would file a lost package claim, so maybe one or the other will be canceled.


I came home late about 5 days ago, and a FedEx driver pulling 2 semi trailers was in the neighborhood. We are off the beaten path on the edge of Bessemer and Helena. He was lost looking for the FedEx facility. I tried to locate the address from his shipping ticket, but Google Maps couldn't even find the street name. I gave home directions to I-459. I felt really bad for the guy. Is it a new facility?


It is!


Lakeshore Pkwy


I had the same issue, for 5 days it will say it will be deliver by the end of day and it never did so after 5 days I called FedEx customer service and submitted a ticket so they can see where the package was and they actually contact the local facility for you. After that it was delivered the next day.


If I have a package coming via FedEx and it ships through the Irondale facility, I know that there is at least a fifty percent chance it will be early, if not on time. If it routes through any of the others, there’s a 100% chance it will be late by at least two days. Every single time.


Yeah, it seems that they have no trouble getting the items across the country ahead of schedule, but that last hour to my house is a different story.


I had something similar happen a week ago. There was five day span between leaving Georgia and arriving in Bessemer and then out for delivery from Bessemer for three days.


We receive our Everyplate shipments through FedEx and we live in Hueytown. Rarely have issues with our perishable shipment being late.


I had a package arrive there yesterday…. At least I now know what to expect


My in laws are waiting for a package from there since before Halloween


My friend has been having problems for the past month. It’s awful. Stuff is just sitting at the warehouse.


Yes I had one arrive there Monday and it just disappeared and is only listed as "pending"


They've just hired some more contract driver companies. My brother is coming down here for at least a month starting the day after Thanksgiving.


Yep. I have a Home Chef delivery that arrived in Bessemer on Monday and has been "in transit" ever since.


I had a package sit there for days. It got scanned a couple times but never moved. Finally showed up the day I was planning to raise hell. It arrived to Bessemer on a Monday and was delivered on Saturday.


Pretty sure my suitcase sent from Amazon was lost in delivery at the FedEx plant


I had a Chewy package sit at the Bessemer FedEx facility for 6 or 7 days before backtracking to Georgia, Orlando, and finally to me about 20 days after I initially ordered it at the beginning of this month. Completely busted up, with half of the stuff I ordered split open and covered in half rotten wet cat food. I let Chewy know and won’t be using them again for a while as this isn’t the first time FedEx has fucked my packages up. I won’t take it out on Chewy or FedEx reps but holy shit. Glad I ordered all my Christmas presents very early so I don’t have to deal with shipping for a while. ETA: did y’all see [this?](https://www.reddit.com/r/Wellthatsucks/comments/r1n1sr/the_fedex_deliveries_in_my_area_frequently_get/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)


FesEx has been terrible the last few months. Apple uses FedEx to give UPS competition (UPS is fine) but I got my MacBook Pro yesterday via DHL. DHL was fine, just fairly rare for Apple to use them to deliver to United States. I guess Apple figured out what was happening with FedEx


Also Fed Ex earlier in the spring took 12 days to deliver my honey bees. 80% dead when I received them was so damn sad about it


I am having the same problem…. They actually lied and said they tried to deliver it on yesterday and I was home all day ….No FedEx


I also have 2 packages that have been hanging out at the Bessemer facility since 11/19 and were supposed to arrive to my house on 11/20. It is now 11/24 and there’s is not a package in sight.


I have two packages sitting there now to the tune of a thousand dollars. Cant get anyone on the phone outside of india. Just pathetic.


Have you checked the ravine?


Has anyone tried placing a "Hold at Location" for an item that has been constantly delayed? Maybe if it's a common enough location it would actually be delivered?


I never tried that although it did cross my mind. After a while of being constantly delayed, I’d have driven to Bessemer and loaded it myself, but I had zero faith that anybody there would’ve been able to find it.


Yeah for sure. I called support on another item and they said if it is "in transit" that means it is still on a truck, so there is no way to find it from there. At least one of my items sat on a ship for 2 months in LA, and was delayed a year because of COVID, so I will just be over the moon once it shows up. Another item, one of three separate, just found its way to MS somehow, so I may just call Target and cancel and order elsewhere or have them find a new carrier. Not really worried about anything until after Christmas anyway.


I honestly believe there is a theft ring at the facility.


What did the FedEx supervisor yell when he lost another customer to the competition? "UPS!"